Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I have a soft spot for eastern European countries, especially the smaller 'undiscovered' countries. They are so authentic, unspoilt and beautiful. Get there before they become too polished and refined. The eastern Euro country that I heard people rave about is Croatia. It sounds like the ideal country, with lush fields of green grass and pristine rivers. Another thing I like about the eastern Euro countries is that food is very affordable. I saw a poster of a whole roasted goose for 20 euros in Prague. Prague is also where you can pick up a good bottle of 'The Green Fairy'--absinthe:


 From Prague, we went to the neighboring country, Slovakia. Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is a small city/town. We arrived in the late afternoon and spent a couple of hours in the city center. Although all Euro cities are cobbled and streets are narrow with rustic buildings, each city has a different atmosphere. Bratislava is very charming and I'd love to stay there for a couple of days, just walking the narrow lanes and cobbly streets and checking out what the locals do and eat. We only had one night in Bratislava and opted for an early night in the hotel. I think I was upset because my camera went on an auto video photo mode that I couldn't get rid of so from Bratislava on, most of my photos were taken with a small Panasonic p & s. Lucky we had a back up.







Isn't Bratislava charming?


kwpang said...

Very nice write up and nice pictures series, I really hope i'll get to visit this country one day.

terri@adailyobsession said...

kwpang: get on the goeugo bus, 63 euros per day. only thing is you hardly get much time in each city.

Aminah Ambrose said...

hi Terri.. well u have brought me to places in eastern Europe (early oct this year)--- I was supposed to be touring eastern Europe for 18days but the departure date clash with the MPWK (Wanita) study tour to Beijing, hence I am a bit dissapointed having to miss travelling with some of my friends to Eastern Europe but u have taken amazing photos and made me feel that I have been there...Thanks a million.. Would love to visit Prague and neighbouring places in the near future. :) TQ for the tips..:)

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