Monday, December 13, 2010

Sai Gong Restaurant, Kepong

Sai Gong is the typical air-conditioned family budget restaurant: harsh fluorescent lights, plastic chairs, white tablecloth and unfriendly waitresses. Families with noisy small children. Groups of men binging on beers. Not exactly very convincing setting for a restaurant my friend said was "probably the best in Kepong". And then the food came and all my misgivings disappeared.

Look at that. Moist, savory-sweet and flavorful plain-boiled chicken. I could eat it all by myself.

This was divine, clams in wine and superior soup. Another dish that I wanted all to myself.

Our host liked the plump juicy clams so much that he ordered it fried in a hot sauce but I thought the sauce over-powered the delicate clams.

Stir-fried sweet potato leaves with blacan (shrimp paste). Delicious.

This claypot of greasy lamb stew was a big mistake. Have you ever eaten lamb skin? Yes, it was gross.

Deep-fried tilapia. I didn't like this at all. Give me steamed fish anytime. This could've been fried anything; it just tasted fried, that's all.

I'll love to return to Sai Gong to checked out their other dishes. Only this time, I'll do the ordering.

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