Thursday, August 25, 2011

Spiral Mooncakes With Taro & Salted Egg Filling




Four in a box, RM30/USD10 per box, delivered. Home made, no preservatives or coloring. Low sugar and the crust is crisp and very thin. 

A friend gave me one of these mooncakes to try and the whole family loved it so much that I ordered 2 boxes from Doris (012 802 1388/088 387 338) straightaway. I found the recipe for these mooncakes here but the whole town is out of taro so I'll just have to keep ordering the cakes from Doris until I find some taro. I think people are making kiew nyuk for the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2 week's time and the vendors are hoarding taro so that they can hike the price up before the festival. At RM7.50 per mooncake, it's better to order than to make the cakes myself especially since the cakes are not made with any preservatives or coloring. I know Doris and she makes quality home-made cakes so you can ask her about birthday cakes and stuff. The mooncakes are also very low-sugar and oil so you can taste the real flavor of the taro. If you love taro (and I do), you'll love these mooncakes.

Doris makes them when she gets the orders so the mooncakes are always fresh. Pop them in the oven to crisp the crust. Enjoy with a light Chinese tea while gazing at the moon. Wish I have some now.


red | hongyi said...

these are mooncakes? are you sure? they're sold all year round here. i see a lot of them sold in bakeries in the subway station. bought them a few times for da popo the past few months, each time different flavour and she loves them! she loves her sweets. I've bought her taro, green-tea, pine nut and chocolate flavoured ones. i've never tried them before though. see, i've been good to my waist. and pancreas.

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

If i can get some taro, i must make this..It is too far for me to order for her. Thanks for sharing.

Shu Han said...

aw, I saw the photo and thought it was a recipe ): thanks for the heads-up though, it really looks very yummy!

Winston said...

oh wow i loved this!! i remember the time when i used to bring it to sch to share with friends... i think mum got it from the same lady as you cz it was from a private seller too and homemade, or was it given to us every yr. not sure but yeah really good... though a bit heaty after a while but that's why the chinese tea is so perfect with this.

times like these when i wish i was back in kk with the fam. the atmosphere for this festive occasion in melb is not as "warm". though, i think it was 2 yrs ago that me, your son, and a bunch of other kk ppl went for a szechuan dinner, before going to a park to have mooncake and played with lanterns under the moonlight haha. that was fun. happy mooncake festival! =)

jjcht said...

Where is Doris located?

terri@adailyobsession said...

red: i was just told tt they are taiwanese-style mooncakes.

sonia:make them, make them!

shuhan: haha, click on the link for the recipe.

winston: yes it must be the same lady. she has a very beautiful daughter, yes? you can celebrate mid-autumn fest with my son this year. mooncakes, pomelo (or grapefruits to sub, chinese tea...this yr the fest is on 12th sept:)

hope ur excavation project is going well...:D

jjcth: in kingfisher park.

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