Monday, October 3, 2011

Green Butter

"Green and butter it"

Basil pesto reinvented: Pesto made with butter on toasted baguette. Sweet basil and cherry tomatoes from my garden.

In Europe last year, my hub embarrassed me frequently by requesting for butter everytime we had bread. For this Chinaman, dinner rolls and bread are to be eaten with butter, not oil and vinegar. When we finally got to London, he was thrilled to be served butter with bread without having to request for it and I was too, because good bread with good butter is one of the most delicious and comforting things to eat, especially when you are watching your diet.

Sweet basil grow so fast in our tropical sun that I often give them away to restaurants. This most distinctly Italian herb needs to be trimmed frequently or it goes to seed and die. I was getting a loaf of baguette last Sunday when it came to me: pesto with butter instead of olive oil and the Royal Selangor Pewter Nick Munro jelly moulds for the Jellyriffic Challenge would be perfect for that. And that's how today's green butter recipe came about. Spread on freshly toasted baguette and eaten with a  chicken stew, we think green butter is divine! If you are making a batch of pesto, try frying up some green eggs too. Yummy.

p.s. I used the pesto butter to fry eggs and bread for breakfast and they tasted wow. Pesto never fails and butter just makes it even better!

Green Butter
3 Tbsp of home-made pesto (recipe here)
100 gm softened but firm salted butter (use the best butter)
a small handful of toasted pinenuts

1. Whisk the butter with an electric hand mixer until light and fluffy.

2. Drop the pinenuts and 3 tablespoons of pesto into the whipped butter and fold to mix well.

3. Scoop into the RSP Nick Munro jelly moulds, packing the butter in firmly. Cover with wrap and chill until firm.

Nick Munro designer jelly moulds from Royal Selangor Pewter. Yes, that's me reflected on the mould.


Yolly said...

Woh! it looked very yummy! you always have something everybody can do.

Kimberley c. said...

Those are very very beautiful pictures...I applaud your creativity! Now I want to buy that pewter 2

Zurin said...

I want to get those moulds creative.

Jayne said...

I like this new look for the blog, simpler, bigger!

malaymui said...

i just realize that you have to do this for the whole month i.e. 31 days!! I give you all my respect Terri, that requires lot of energy, creativity and commitment...

Anonymous said...

I'm curious where in Europe you had to specifically request butter? I've travelled extensively in Europe and while some countries do offer oil and vinegar, butter is always available on the table, with bread.

Pesto butter sounds delicious!

MM said...

Simple yet creative and, like Yolly said, doable. Butter and pesto on bread sounds to die for! I look forward to more posts like this!


Go Terry go!! I will support you all the way. Be checking in everyday too.
Btw, like the newly redesigned header or whatever you call the part with the words Hunger Hunger. looks really nice and simple yet chic.

Sharon said...

Hi Terri, your creations for RSP are not only beautiful but believable. They are so delectable and REAL.

Kang said...

This is one way I can get my son to eat any green vegetable is your green butter with bread. He loves bread with butter.

Great and creative way to eat bread with pesto butter spread in the shape of the pewter mould!

Anonymous said...

That looks lovely

Jacks said...

O! Yum yum!

ng said...

I had chives butter in Amsterdam recently and it was the most amazing taste. The butter there is great to begin with, the chives really added an extra dimension, just like this pesto butter recipe.

Jun said...

Great idea! I am yet to try flavored butter. This Indo girl thinks bread belongs to Nutella and Nutella only. :D

Lite Home Bake said...

Green butter sounds so refreshing! Love all your creations so far :)

Andrewk said...

I love olive oil on bread but this looks yummo

terri@adailyobsession said...

yolly: yoland is it?? thank you, u are great!

kimberlyc: really? tt's great. just make sure you vote for me! lol. but seriously, the mould is beautiful n the money'll be going to a good cause

zurin: hi dear! hugs!

jayne: me too. i like a simple n elegant look:)

mm: el, i didn't know it was to be 31 recipes! aiya, it's a mistake to join esp when there are so many professional/semi-pro ppl in it too!

anon: actually, everywhere except england! honestly, my hub wondered how come butter is never served. italy, hungary, even france. spain of course too but he wasn't with me there. i'm surprised your butter experiences are diff than mine:)

mm: will do sir!

runningbrook: love you for tt!

sharon: i really really appreciate the encouragement!

terri@adailyobsession said...

kang: hi!thanks so much for writing! ha, wey is worst than soon. in everything:(

anon: thnk u thnk u

jacks: yum yum

ng: oh tt's what i'll do then bc i hv lots of chinese chives in my garden. thanks for the idea!

jun: it really is delicious!

lite home bake:thanks!

andrew: it is. u must make it soon!

Mabel said...

This must be so yummay. What a creative idea!

Shu Han said...

i make lots of flavoured butter too, but never in such a beautiful mould! i'm jealous!

Sharn said...

What a wonderful and simple idea! :)

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