Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jackfruit Custard With Passionfruit Sauce


      Chilled custard with chopped jackfruit, layers of puff pastry and passionfruit sauce--what's not to like?

Yesterday's United Colors Of Jello was actually based on a reader's suggestion to make a jelly of the headgear worn by local Bajau horsemen but I was in such a hurry and couldn't wait and the jelly turned out as a big fat murky blob. Luckily, I had made an extra jelly using the leftover Jello and cream and that became the post for yesterday!

Some readers asked where the ideas for the Jelliriffic! Challenge are from. When I confirmed joining the Challenge, I made a list of the jellies I wanted to make based on the desserts I've always wanted to make and the desserts that I love. Many times, the jellies were inspired by the flora around me. I deliberately stopped reading food magazines and cookbooks so that my jellies will be original. Last week, my dear friend NC lugged back Rose Levy Beranbaum's Heavenly Cakes for me from New York and I haven't yet peeked at the book but am very tempted to. Delayed gratification is sweet. I'm so looking forward to curling up on my sofa next week with this book which I've wanted for a long time, and all those food magazines that I buy but never seem to have time to read. Next week I'll do that, and I hope it rains in the afternoons like it's been doing since the Challenge started. If so, I'll be sipping coffee and eating a piece of quiche or something. Not jelly.

I was at the once-a-week tamu (meeting place/market) in Donggongon last Thursday and there were so many local produce, some from the jungles and some from the back yards of the villagers. I came home with these goodies:

We've eaten most of what I bought except for the tamarillos and the jackfruit. While cleaning my fridge out this morning (what a lot of expired rubbish!), I found a small tub of frozen passionfruit pulp that my friend Yo had given me last year (or the year before?), organic home-grown stuff from her back yard. I usually just make a drink out of passionfruit but passionfruit reminded me of the vanilla slices I ate in small towns Australia. Why not make a Malaysian custard with the jackfruit and a passionfruit sauce to sweeten it?

Anyway, the custard turned out fabulous (do people still use this word) except for the passionfruit sauce which was too sweet and next time I make this, I'll use crushed biscuits instead of puff pastry because in our weather, the pastry becomes chewy instead of crisp. I am so relieved to eat a custard for a change because frankly, I've had too many jellies. I'm thinking hard about what to make for the remainder of the Challenge. I just hope I don't end up stuffing rice into the moulds (against my initial resolve against doing that, that's just what I'll be doing next!).


Mix egg yolks with custard powder and sugar.

Pour egg yolk mixture into the coconut milk and cream mixture.

   Cook, stirring, until smooth and thick (but this was too thick so I thinned it with extra milk).

    Mix the jackfruit into the custard.



Jackfruit Custard With Passionfruit Sauce (for 2 cones)
The custard:
1/2 cup fresh thick coconut milk + extra
1/2 cup cream
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1 tbsp butter
3 heaped tbsp Bird's Custard powder
2 egg yolks, beaten lightly
2 tbsp caster sugar (or to taste but remember the sauce is very sweet)
The biscuit layer:
5 to 6 Marie biscuits or McVitie's Digestive biscuits or Graham crackers, crushed*
3 tbsp melted butter
* or 3 small pieces of puff pastry baked at 200 C for 10 to 15 minutes until crisp
--mix well.
Passionfruit sauce:
1 tbsp passionfruit pulp
3 to 5 tbsp icing sugar
--just mix until you get the consistency you like.
4 pieces jackfruit, deseeded and chopped
extra jackfruit, sliced, to serve

1. Put the vanilla, cream and milk in a small pot. Remove from heat when just about to boil. Let it cool.
2. Mix the cornflour, sugar and about 2 tbsp milk in a small bowl and then mix in the beaten egg yolks.
3. Add the yolk mixture to the cream coconut milk mixture (can be warm) and boil over a very low fire, stirring all the time. When the custard begins to thicken, taste it to see if it has a floury taste. If so, it is undercooked so add more milk and continue to cook, stirring all the time. If the custard gets too thick, add more milk, stirring until you get a smooth, thick but not too thick custard.
4. Mix the chopped jackfruit with the custard.
5. Line two Nick Munro moulds with baking or greaseproof paper. Put a tbsp of the custard into the mould. Top that with the pastry (cut to size) or with a spoonful of crushed biscuits, pressing down firmly to level. Repeat until the mould is full, ending with a layer of pastry/buiscuit. Cover and chill at least 3 hours.
Serve with the passionfruit sauce and sliced jackfruit.


Zurin said...

MMMMM...love jackfruit! I have an idea for your next jellirific (wrong sp?) ...anyway...make a christmas tree...How? I dont know but I know you will figure it out :))

Winston said...

What a GREAT idea to add real local pieces of fruits to your custard, I love it! I don't eat a lot of desserts, but custards is one of those things I can't get enough of. That's why I love Vanilla Slices too =). Can't get enough of your creations that draw inspiration from REAL local fruits and flavours! All the best with the remainder of your challenge. You're such a star! =)

Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) said...

wow, this must be very creamy and rich!

Greg Wee said...

Wow u r posting early today. Really getting the hang of it he he...this looks seriously yummy. Nee.

Cherie Morwena Fen-Fung Voon said...

I think this is the best thus far.

Yolly said...

I really love you always used local products. You should get a medal for that. My passion fruits are fruiting very pretty by my window.

Lite Home Bake said...

Interesting combi, must taste so great!

Anonymous said...

I have a suggestion for tomorrow. Make a kolam jellyriffic as it is Deepavali.

Wendy said...

yum! I love jackfruit, maybe I should make one using the frozen jackfruit here.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What more can I say, Terri.

B.Lee, NZ

iva said...

wow, excellent looking custard dessert!looks amazingly fresh...Job well done.

Veronica Lee said...

who would have thought, pastry in jelly! Very out of the box thinking, Terri.

Veronica Lee said...

Few more days left Terri, bet you left the best ideas for last so really looking forward to the finale jellies from you. Your commitment to bringing breast awareness is really admirable and inspiring. Meanwhile I got a few ideas that your creative brain maybe interested to make something out of : 1)sphinx, pyramids 2)volcano with lava oozing (lava choc cake) 3)A rocket 4)England's crown jewels 5)Malaysia flag 6)Christmas (pine) tree or Christmas theme as Christmas is round the corner.

TEASPOON said...

Oooh! This looks fantastic, I love jackfruit. I've been having a lot of fun following your jellirific challenge, looking forward to seeing what you come up with next :)

Mr Lonely said...

yummy~ =D

http://www.lonelyreload.com (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..


yuuummmmy. Yes, I can see you've been trying to steer clear of rice.
And you certainly deserve a good long break after slaving away for a month. :P
Cheering you on Terri!!

Ann@Anncoo Journal said...

WOW! This is amazing and these are my favourite fruits. :)

Sharn said...

What's not to love, exactly! Where's my dessert?!

xl pharmacy said...

I have a suggestion for tomorrow. Make a kolam jellyriffic as it is Deepavali.

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