Sunday, March 11, 2012

SH, 5th day

We get sunshine everyday in KK and I love rainy cloudy days but yesterday I was so happy that the sun came out. Best of all, there was no wind and that makes a lot of difference. Cousin H took us out for lunch and then tricked coaxed us into getting into the sauna. I am very conscious about my body and have never been in a sauna before. It turned out to be a pleasant experience. I think I like saunas now. I was pleased to see more lumpy ladies than me. After a shower and rub down with body lotion, we enjoyed a nap in a comfy room overlooking the city. When we walked on Nanjing Xi Lu after that, we felt wonderful. Cousin H said we should  go to the hotel club everyday but I'm happy to just not shower until next Wed when I fly home.

Today's Sunday and we passed up Cousin H's invitation to a scrumptious "very special and fine" lunch buffet because we prefer to be at Yi's office, to help her with her next project. The office heater is off and my fingers are stiff. I have a sort of heat pack on my back and it feels so weird because my back is hot while my fingers and toes are cold and numb. It's not a good day out because there's a wind. But I'm not complaining because sunshine is forecasted for the next few days and the rain will start just when we leave.

We were at the fabric market this morning, 10 minutes' walk away from Yi's office. You can have a dress made for RMB180/RM90/USD30 in one day! Many gweilos were having their bodies measured, as suits cost only RMB700 (before discount). Shanghai is well known for its barbers, tailors and skilled construction workers.

Zaijian for now as Yi has decided that she can spare some time to take us to some of her favorite places. Shanghai is so different when you have a local to take you around. If you are on a tour, it's a totally different city and you'd go away thinking that all Chinese cities are alike. We can see the difference now.

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Beau Lotus 涟 said...

The first time I went to a sauna it was in Germany and it was a mixed one where all men and women were naked. It was scary one moment and liberating the next.

Do you speak mandarin with the family or Shanghainese (can you speak the language)?

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