Monday, March 19, 2012

Spicy Moment, Shanghai

spicy moment
(Photo above and below grabbed from Sugared & Spiced)

spicy moment 1
We were seated at the high table which was half a tree trunk. So cool.

With Cousin H busy with prior appointments, we were free to eat where I we wanted. The last time we were in SH, Cousin H and other relatives arranged every single meal. It saved us a lot of money so I shouldn't complain.

For this trip, I looked to Sugared & Spiced for my SH culinary adventures. I like the blog for the photos and write up but I do take note of the fact that many of the meals are on the restaurant. The first place I went to that was recommended by Sugared & Spiced left me very disappointed but I gave the anonymous blogger another chance with Spicy Moment, a Hunanese restaurant.

We didn't make a booking and when we got to the restaurant, it was full, with lots of young working adults and expats. It was International Women's Day and there was a long table of young ladies having fun--and drinking lots of red wine--and the atmosphere was hip and lively. The waitress was super nice, apologizing over and over for not being able to give us a table but promised us one if we get back there in an hour.

We took off and walked around the area which has lovely quaint renovated shops. Nearby was a grocers that sells western foodstuff, some locally made and grown, some imported. Yi bought me a locally-made mozzarella (RMB15 for one small ball) that tasted quite okay but was too firm. We passed a street stall that sold bbqed stuff on sticks and next to it, deep fried spicy pork fingers. Hub, ever the careful traveller, has never allowed me to eat street food in China because his relatives told him that it's unhygenic but I was ready to risk my life. The pork (or chicken?) fingers were awesome and so were the bbqed stuff. Very greasy food.



Squid mouths, nice and crunchy.


By the time we got to the restaurant, we were full but the others let me order anyway, knowing that my company will be better when I get my way.

For starters, we had spicy liang fen, a jelly made of bean.RMB18/MYR9/USD3.

We also had the spicy baby wood ears, a tree fungus. Tasty and fun to eat, with a light crunch. RMB16/MYR8/USD2.70.

Salted veg. croaker (I think) and Hunan noodles. It was a 7/10, okay but not something I'd crave for. The fish was not meaty and those pickled green chilies are deceptively fiery! RMB58/MYR29/USD9.70.

The noodles look similar to soba but the texture is unusual, like no noodles I've tasted before.

Cabbage with pork, RMB28/MYR14/USD4.70. Very salty and ordinary.

A beautiful dessert of pumpkin with fermented glutinous rice and rice balls. I liked this, and think that this is a brilliant dessert. Chinese are not big on desserts after a heavy meal and something this simple and elegant is perfect. RMB28/MYR14/USD4.70.

We loved the restaurant straightaway. It was modern and chic and the food was good without being too pricey for such places. I only wish that I had ordered the spicy fish head instead of the salted veg fish noodles. Next time, there will be a next time because there are so many other dishes I want to try. The service was good, and the waitress was the most friendly and courteous (in a nice, natural way) one I encountered in a long time.

Spicy Moment
71 Wuyuan Lu, near Changshu Lu
Tel:  5403 0775


Michelle Chin said...

Most courteous in a nice natural way?

gosh, people must hate their waitressing jobs so much that they had to force out daily niceties... :(

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

michelle: she was really nice and accomodating so i think she was prolly one of the owners.

Sugared & Spiced said...

Thanks for the link, and I'm glad to know that you enjoyed spicy moment. Can you remind me again which other restaurant you tried but didn't like? Thank you :)

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