Monday, April 9, 2012

Mei Loong Jen, Shanghai

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Another day, another meal. This was lunch in a long-established Shanghainese restaurant, Mei Loong Jen (translation: plum dragon village restaurant) on Nanjing Xi Lu.


Remember Cousin H's grandson Luke? He's 1 1/2 now and an obedient little emperor who sits quietly without fuss as long as he's fed. It always amazes me when I see kids sitting nicely on their high chairs because my kids were always squirming and trying to get off their chairs. One of them loved to squeal and bang the table (especially when we're in restaurants) with her spoon. Oops.

A cold dish of bean noodles (liang fen) and shredded chicken. Tasty and fun to eat. The noodles are el dente, smooth and cold.

Sween yu, fried fish marinaded in a sweet sauce of sugar, soy sauce and spices and served cold. Nice, lots of flavors.

Deep fried salt pepper and chili prawns.

Delicious tofu and crab roe--hey, this is that expensive tofu dish we ate at Old Jesse.

Slices of cold pork in vinegar and chili oil dressing--yum.

Another common cold Shanghainese dish--flavored pork and tofu I think.

Baby snakes eels. Everybody was telling I was missing out big time and I thought, ok, I eat a bite of unagi once in a while so I shouldn't discriminate against Chinese eels so I took a small piece, bit into it and immediately spat it out. I just couldn't eat it. Ew.

Gan si tang ('shredded firm beancurd soup'), one of my Hub's favorite Shanghainese soups, is made with pork stock, firm beancurd shreds, dried Chinese mushrooms and Chinese ham.

Beef fillet in bean sauce.

Stir-fried greens.

Tea-smoked duck, another Shanghainese specialty but I prefer Cantonese roasted duck.

When in Shanghai, you must eat xiaolong baos, gou tie, SH wontons and shengjian baos.

A SHnese take on twice-cooked pork, hui gou ro ('return to the pot').

I gorged on this because it was tasty and because I love noodles.

Shanghai pancakes with red bean paste.

Warm, full and ready for his nap.


katCL said...

Ahh.. was wondering how to cook those beancurd shreds. I usually just do a simple stirfry with Sichuan vegetable.

missyblurkit said...

The liang fen looks so delightful! I wonder if there I could find it here in Malaysia.

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