Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Dogs Of NYC

Right next to our favorite coffee place, Koffee Korner on 8th Ave and 17th Street, is a pet shop. It's really a puppy shop because that's all they have, puppies. You can choose any of them and play with it in a play pen, to 'bond' and see if that's your puppy.  It's impossible to not fall in love with them.

We nearly got a beagle two months ago but my oldest two kids were opposed to beagles.  All three however unanimously want a corgi which I think is cute but rather odd looking when grown.




I would've taken you home...





My favorite, a Chi-Schnauzer.

This Maltese was being prepared for her new owner.

The puppies were priced at USD1300 to 1700, less than half the price of the pedigrees we get here (no conversion of currency).

The Europeans love dogs too but I've not seen as many dogs as I have in NYC. In Europe, there's dog poo everywhere but not in the States because people have the civic sense to clean up their dogs' mess. After 9 days in NYC, I miss walking. There's not much walking here because of the heat and the unfriendly pavements. It occurred to me as I write this post that the dogs here are also deprived of walks.




When we first saw one of these, we had no idea what kind of dog it was. Then we saw more and more of these giant poodles and the owner of this dog told us that it's a "labradoodle", cross between an labrador and a poodle. Labradoodles are SO cute! They have that sad, blur, tame face and they look like they feel awkward about their unusual size.



DSC_5656_1208x800 - Copy

(photo taken from

(photo taken from

We missed the Strawberry Fields stop (the John Lennon memorial) and got off at the next and cut across Central Park one early morning. There were a couple of joggers and many dogs, walked by Hispanic maids.



I'd like to work as a dog walker in NYC.

DSC_5670_1208x800 - Copy
The Guggenheim Museum is next to Central Park. We went in but didn't do the tour because it was our last day in NY and we needed to shop.


(for D, to prove that I did go into the Guggenheim)

These cuties were walked by their maid on the upper west side but the maid didn't do a good job. She let the dogs pee on the streets. That was really bad.

Look at his expression!


Michelle Chin said...

Makes me miss saikung at hong kong! lots of dogs there on a sunday too!

Pets Central said...

Looking adorable images! I have so exited to see all dogs at one place...

hilda dada said...

Very informative post. Thanks for taking the time to share your view with us.

Dr. Sinkin said...

Thank you for this post! It comes at a difficult time for me as I lost my aging golden retriever last weekend. Makes me think I may have to check out this puppy shop you mention!

If you're interested in reading about Willy's last day of bliss, here's a link to my cathartic post:

Come visit us again soon!

Michael Sinkin

Pureglutton said...

I love this post...LOVE all the dogs there!

Blur Ting said...

I love looking at dogs and I love how well the dogs are treated there.

timjaymom said...

Haha.. Love your description of the labradoodle. Spot on!

terri@adailyobsession said...

miche: i've nvr checked saikung out. i will next time i'm in hk

pets: :)

pureglutton, blurting: me too:))))

timjaymom: haha..they really are so cute .

the lunch guy said...

you wrote: The Guggenheim Museum is next to Central Park. We went in but didn't do the tour because it was our last day in NY and we needed to shop."

LMAO instead of crying ...

shame on you! you chose to go shopping? you can do that almost anywhere.

my mother took me to the opening of the Guggenheim, i was 7 years old at the time. she wanted me to not only experience a once in a lifetime event, but the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright.

the exhibits are great, but just being inside that building is an experience unto itself. 50 years later and it is still a masterpiece.

you're going to have to do a lot of blogging for me to forgive you this faux pas!

terri@adailyobsession said...

lunchguy: lolll! we did go in, the guards were super rude n wouldn't let us take photos if we don't line up for the tickets (but i wanted to shop n yi had a lunch appoinmt) so i took a quick snap. i'll post the photo just to show you i went in lol. ok, i know it's FLW and all tt, but to be honest, the building is rather dated by now. maybe if it was bigger it'll be more impressive? size does matter? i think when it was built it was a big deal n if i say tt it's kind of dated i think many ppl (u included) will howl but tt's how it looked to me. i've seen hotels in singapore tt look just like the inside of the guggenheim.

terri@adailyobsession said...

lunchguy: talking about FLW, we were supposed to check out his Falling Water House! what happened to tt? we totally forgot to do it!
your mom was an amazing woman. truly truly amazing, and you have been so blessed:)

the lunch guy said...

most museums do not allow photos to be taken, too many flashes going off damages the art work:
that said, FLW is a god, similar to the goddess status that Yi is currently achieving.

so as not to offend the god(dess) i retract my rebuke. all is forgiven, after all, any one who saw as much as you guys did, ate as much, and shopped as much, should get a medal.

so, i must ask you, is Gaudi dated? or is their no view by date on the weird, unusual and surreal buildings of the world?


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