Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ground Zero 2

 When we finally got into the Memorial site, the place didn't feel as sad and tragic as I had feared it would be. The whole 911 thing was always there, in the air, in the emptiness of the space, but it's been nearly 11 years and the 911 Memorial beautifully remembers those who died in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center and the attack on it again in 2001.

We missed the lone tree that survived the destruction of the Twin Towers. The pear tree was nursed back to life in a nursery and has been replanted in the Memorial.



Two gaping holes in the ground where the twin towers used to stand before they collapsed in the attacks are now the memorial to those who died. The first one, nearer to the entrance, is for the victims on Flight 175 (the youngest was 2 1/2 years old) and the First Responders (the fire fighters and policemen).






The other pool is a memorial to the civilians who died in the first attack and second attack: those who died in and around the buildings, those who fell or jumped, those who died from falling debris and bodies and those in the hijacked plane.

I don't think anyone can look into the holes in the ground, see the falling beads of water, and not feel the tragedy. Anyone except a certain ex PM of Malaysia who said 911 could be a hoax. It is not religions but the basic humanity, that level of decency, inside us that makes us human or inhuman.


Anonymous said...

wow, which ex PM said that? What an idiot of a PM. Should attack the Petronas Towers for that and see what he says.

Just fressing..... said...

11yrs....but it felt just like yesterday.....was there few mths before 911,and can't believe some ppl willing to die and caused sadness to others just to satisfied themselves. Wat are they gonna do if they get the whole world? Wat are they thinking? 11yrs....still make me sad and shed tears....

Winston said...

I love reading about your US posts... On the food and especially the culture and history. Traveling to the States would really be a dream come true...! =]

terri@adailyobsession said...

anon: go to the links on the post. incredulous isn't he?

fressing: i still rmber the breaking news, how simply awful it was. hv you heard of 'The Falling Man'? check tt out:(

winston: do it, visit the states this yr. really, just plan it n it'll come true!

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