Monday, July 2, 2012

SF: Tartine & Bi-Rite

18th April 2012

I've had someone recover some of my lost photos but I'm unable to re-size them. It's unfortunate because I'd love to show you around Pixar, even if I can't show you the photos taken inside. So let's skip to the next day, 18th April.

Hub had left for home on 17th April and Yi and I went back to stay with CY in Oaklands after staying two days with K and FC in Saratoga. The next day, Yi and I got into the city and unfortunately again, I can't show you the video I took of her dancing in the subway station to "Stand By Me" played by a guy on his saxophone. It was a silly dance, but it was great to me because she was so happy and so was I. We also felt totally relieved as the conference was over and we were now free to do anything.

Yi's friend N suggested late lunch at Tartine Bakery (600 Guerrero St), one of San Francisco's most famous bakeries. The place was fully packed and it was hard to even stand in there because there was only room for the queue. The only available table was outside and even though it was chilly, we spent about 2 hours just catching up and watching people go by.


I think this was Tartine's croque monsieur, USD9.75

Tartine's owners previously ran a bread bakery and were judged the best pastry chefs (James Beard Awards) in 2008. I didn't know then that I was eating one of the best artisan breads in SF, and I guess it adds to the rusticness but as N had observed, the sandwich and quiche were a bit too burnt. I wasn't impressed with the sandwich.

Ham quiche, USD4.95.

Lettuce wedges.  I found the dressing too acidic.

A seriously good banana cream tart, USD7.

And a seriously yummy toasted coconut cream tart, USD7.

Passion fruit lime Bavarian slice.

The coffee came in a bowl (no handle) bigger than regular rice bowls and it was perfect for warming up our hands.

Tartine is more rustic and 'homemade' (but whose mama bakes as good as they?) than any bakeries I've been to in recent years. The next time I'm in San Francisco, I will definitely go back to Tartine for their famous bread pudding, scones, croissants...and maybe even their sandwiches. And I will not leave without getting a copy each of their cookbooks, 'Tartine' and 'Tartine Bread'.

Right after lunch, N took us to her favorite ice cream place, Bi-rite Creamery & Bakeshop at 3692, 18th St in the Mission District, a short walk from Tartine. After all the cream pies we had at Tartine, we still had room for ice cream, and on a cold day!

Bi-Rite's salted caramel ice cream is AWESOME!

3692, 18th St in the Mission District



When I was little, I adored everything about the States. It was for me the best place in the world (of course I didn't know what else was in the world then...)

But then lots of people around me had rather unsavoury things to say. When I grew older, it became more apparent that what they were against were government policies, not the people and the place. Reading all your posts about US has rekindled the flame a little, the one I had with all my child-like innocence. Perhaps, I will find the way to go there someday. :P

Michelle Chin said...

The ice cream looks good. I want ice cream.

But i can't have ice cream.:(

terri@adailyobsession said...

running brook: yes time to visit the states. the states' the place to SHOP n eat. things are the cheapest there than anywhere else.

michelle: why not?

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