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April 20, 2012

I had a very good dinner at Daimo Chinese Restaurant at #1456, E 14th St, San Leandro, SF. I didn't bring my camera, unfortunately. CY and I had the boiled chicken (very good), salted fish tofu (again, very good), a house soup and a mixed veggie. Not a lot of dishes to base my review on but since what we ate was very pleasing, I would go back. Definitely.

CY drove me around Castro one morning. You can tell you are in the LGBT district by the rainbow flags everywhere. The best time to check the place out is at night because that's when the place really swings.



We had lunch at Ike's, a place CY had heard much about but never went. She said Ike's is said to serve the best sandwiches in SF. I must say I wasn't impressed. At all. The sandwiches were soggy and dripping with melted dressing even though it was a cold day. Maybe it was because it took the kitchen so long time to get our order out. It took about 40 minutes I think. The final straw was I couldn't tell the difference between the two sandwiches we ordered because they just tasted the same--wet, heavy, ordinary and bleh. The only impressive thing about the sandwiches were that they weighed like a kg each although they were not supersized. I couldn't finish half of my sandwich. CY stubbornly maintained that it was good sandwich.

3489 16th St, SF.

Very interesting names.

I had the Hollywood SF Cheesesteak with extra mushrooms.

CY had the menage a trios.

With each sandwich order, we can choose a bag of chips. I had the jalapeno heat and found it too salty.

At least the free caramel pops were good.

CY was invited to a company dinner last year at SF's City Hall and she was so impressed that she insisted that I go check out the place while she waited in her car. I could imagine what CY experienced. The place  must've been jaw-droppingly beautiful with an orchestra playing on the grand staircase and people dressed in their best dancing around.


Two more posts on SF and I will be back to cooking posts, promise.


Agnes said...

You are not in bed yet! lol I don't mind reading your travel posts. (: They were so good makes me feel like going there asap

Jasmine said...

Hi Terri,
I was married at SF City Hall one November afternoon 6 years ago, so seeing your photos bring back many happy memories. We said our vows under the beautiful rotunda and posed for pictures on the grand staircase, including one with my husband on bended knee! :P It was dusk when we came out and the silhouette of the City Hall with its dome and lights was really breathtaking. After that, we had a lovely intimate dinner with our friends and bridal party and went home really happy. It was a great, great day!


Chocolate, Cookies & Candies said...

Wow, I've just gone through your last 3-4 posts. I can't believe how cheap food is in the US. The quality is incredible too from the sounds of it. No wonder you want to move to the US.

terri@adailyobsession said...

agnes: most times i schedule my posts. oh good bc i was thinking nobody's reading anymore...

jasmine: your wedding sounds beautiful. send me a pic of your hub on bended knees!

ccc: i've concluded tt everything is cheapest in the US. was watching this Chinese program and the three talkshow hosts were all complaining about how expensive China is now and how cheap things are in America! but no, i don't want to move to America. i just like to visit but am too old to move there. if i was younger, i'd do tt but not america. maybe canada. but wait. canada's too cold. i dunno.

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