Monday, September 10, 2012

Terrific Cooks

What a day it was yesterday! Murphy sent the wrong dining table the day before the event, messed up the socket where my new KitchenAid mixer was plugged, not letting any current through (thank God I checked the day before and the electrician came after work hours), messed up the fridge too because it got warmer and warmer...basically everything went wrong. Even my carrot cake, which I've made hundreds of times but this time made a mistake of measuring by weight rather than volume. Oil is lighter than water and the resulting cake was so soggy it broke apart when turned out. I threw it out and started on another one early in the morning, after a sleepness night when I realised that the reason why my jellies gelled so quickly--and messed up the cherry mousse--was that I had mistaken agar powder for gelatine. Begone, Murphy!

But nobody seemed to notice the flaws and I am so happy and thankful for the 40 specially invited readers and friends who came for the opening. I am especially happy to meet some of you who have written to me through the years, either by email or to this blog, and by so many of you who came to tell me about the success you had using recipes from this blog. Do leave comments because I want a relationship with readers. I don't want this to be a monologue blog; it's lonely.

Anyway, here are some of the photos Eric (5 guys confirmed their attendance and 3 backed out last minute)  took of the party. I am not putting our group photos here (although you can find them on Facebook--hungerhunger) because I don't have all your permission but there's a photo where everybody turned away so yeah, that should be okay to post.

I'm going to call my classes 'Terrific Cooks'. Those who come will all be terrific cooks:) Btw, I sincerely apologize for not replying some of you, and even omitting some friends from the list--inadvertently--because I was so busy getting the new place ready. My hub is in Shanghai and it would have been tons easier with him around but I decided that I must start because it's already September, and the holidays are dawning.

Another thing. Sorry we totally forgot about milk and sugar for the coffee and tea. I didn't even leave coffee cups out because the store where I ordered the cups weeks ago did not tell me that they couldn't source the cups anymore. It's great to live on Borneo Island, but I can't even get 50 good tea cups.

Devilled eggs made by my son Wey. Everybody liked it. I think the yolks could be piped fuller.

This was a surprise hit. I just thought I'd make crostinis using the same ingredients that I'd use for pizzas. There were toasted baguette slices, assembled by Eric, Francis and whoever wanted to help, spread with anchovies-infused oil ( a great tip from my reader-friend, David, who's a chef in Bangkok), sliced cherry roma tomatoes, toasted pine nuts, Thai basil and shaved parmesan. After the crostinis were gone, I realised that I completely left out the balsamic glaze which would have made the crostinis beyond excellent!

The serimuka was made about 4 hours before the class, which meant they had hardly cooled down, let alone set firm. I also had to hand-blend the custard because they turned lumpy when cooked too quickly, and the blending made the custard foamy.

Green tea swiss roll with white chocolate (Valhorna) ganache filling. This was my demo cake.

Sakura jellies. Not everybody liked this because of the saltish taste and dried plum flavor but I thought it would be interesting to serve as dried sakura is rare and not many people have tasted it.


Carrot cake with flowers (chrysanthemums, someone said) made from pineapple.

My friend Elaine makes the best scones so I had her make lots of mini scones. They were great I heard--gone so fast.


I know, but this is the only photo I have of the curry puffs that my friend Tina brought. And nobody took photos of my name cards...



I want my classes to be enjoyable and interactive. I will gladly teach and share my cooking experience (aka mistakes). The home setting (although I don't live there) is more comfortable and personal than a shoplot and I hope will be a place where you relax, have fun, meet new and old friends and eat great food.


Julie said...

Sign me up for your next one!!

Food so delicious! said...

well done!! well done! I wish I could join. Next round.. now I am very determine to make a trip to East Malaysia....

Anonymous said...

Me envy.............. Wish I were there.......


gerrie said...

Had a terrific time! I think it went really great, even with Murphy's antics. Carrot cake, swiss roll, devilled eggs....oh yumssss!
Love the home setting..well done!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the invitation. Glad I was there. Had a good time.
Waiting for your class to start.


Terri said...

Congratulations Terri! Sounds and looks like a great time was had by all! Anchovy-infused oil???? Yum!!! Making some today!

Anonymous said...

Dear Terri,
What a wonderful, wonderful that I will never forget...What Murphy..I didnt notice him at all. You did a good job and if you didnt say that the dining table was not what you wanted, we would not have noticed. I think its a good size. Maybe if there was a table-cloth over it, it might have been more acceptable to you...Anyway, the space, the crowd and of course the food was fabulous. I am glad I get to see so many friends. I also enjoyed cutting the kueh..truly Terri, thats the best kueh I had in years.
Btw, sorry, its not curry puffs that I brought, but kaya puffs. I bought it as I wanted you to try it. What do you think of it? So far, I think its the best I have eaten..though it paled away from all the homecook goodies on the table and was left as it was from the beginning till the end..
Anyway, thanks so, so much for having us and waiting for your next one...but please dont get too tired and hope there will be no more sleepless nights and Mr Murphy will not visit you ever!

Baby Sumo said...

Congrats Terri. Wishing u all the best with your cooking classes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Terri,

Had a lovely time...except for that time the jelly glass slipped from my plate and dropped to the floor...thank goodness without clumsy of me...sorry again! Thanks for a fun time...btw my daughter loved the kueh I tapau'ed for her...can't wait for yr classes to start. Loved the crostini especially...yums!

Rachel (Rae)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the invite. had a wonderful time and can't wait for classes to start!


Anonymous said...

love the beautiful setup of the place..cozy and clean looking!

Jo Tay said...

Know just how tired you must be doing so much....great home, beautiful food, lovely kitchen *drool envy green* and I enjoyed your Mom's company tremendously. She is still as sweet and kind.

wvfy said...

Hi Terri,
Nice meeting you! I have a great time and really got some tips from you that day. Will you be posting the recipe for white chocolate ganache? I have tried making last nite with 2 :1 ratio (whipped cream to white chocolate). And while whipping it separated! Needs your advice here. thanks!

Anonymous said...

As for me and rest of your guests, it's perfecto!!! You fed us well, great demo,you're a lovely hostess, good fellowship and cosy place, no complains at all. You worry too much.


Anonymous said...

I can see it now....Terrific Cakes for your homemade cakes, Terrific Cooks for your baking classes and later Terrific Recipes for your recipe book.

Had a good time at your opening. I loved your Murphy's Law joke and crostini.

Can't wait for your baking classes. Post your schedule when you are ready.



Hi Terri

So tat's what u have been up to. Missing from ur blog for an unusual amount of time. heh heh. Wish I could be there. Glad u finally did it though!

Fenn said...

'Terrific cooks' - two thumbs up! I really enjoyed the session n thanks for inviting me! Looking forward to ur next class n wish to learn some helpful herb gardening tips from u too ;)

Blur Ting said...

Wish I were there.

Blur Ting said...

Love the play of your name! Brilliant.

Terri @ a daily obsession said...

Julie: you hv to sign up, I can't sign in for you by I don't know who u r!

Food: come visit soon but not end of oct, I'll be away. Best to tell me early:)

Hueybing: there's always next time:)

Gerri's: you r like a friend I've known a long time:) I don't want the sourdough starter; just bake me a loaf of sourdough bread!

See: soon, when I work out the recipes...thinks for coming

Terri: yes, make some now!

Tina: thnk u for all ur help n the kaya puffs...u r such a good friend, appreciate you heaps!

Terri@a daily obsession said...

Baby sumo: thnk u dear:)

Rae: no worries, I was more concerned about your feet. My son n hub asked who the hot girl was:)

Anon: so happy u liked it.

Jo: u can hv her! Haha, she's really what u say, I'm more like my dad...hey, thnks for coming, let's do dinner soon.

Wary: the white chic ratio is 3 parts cream to 1 part choc. I was talking to Francis who also hs a kitchen aid n what he said about the wet unwhipped cream or egg whites at the side of the bowl made me realize tt tt's the reason why I over whipped the cream. U need to whip at high speed but for short while to prevent the cream frm what I call seizing.

Mg: thnk u dear

Maureen: haha exactly, tt's the idea. When hub made the cards weeks ago, I just thought ' terrific cakes' but later like you, I thought why not terrific bakes, cooks, whatever. I'll put up the schedule soon. Nice meeting u!

Terri@a daily obsession said...

Onalia: me too, let's hv tea again haha!

Running rook: D visit kk soon!

Fenn: so happy u enjoyed ur self. Check on the classes soon, think I can get the schedule out today.

Blurting: haha n your name too, I suspect there's a story to it tell me!

tina said...

Terri, wish I was there. Looked like everyone had a fantastic time!

Penny Ho said...

where is this place located?

The Real Mother Hen said...

Oh how cool! I will attend your class if I go to KK :) You're so talented!!!

curiositykills said...

thank u so for much for the invitation Aunty Terri! despite your short demo, i learned new things! i didnt know we have to/can use hands to mix the batter.

anyway, i would love to join your classes in oct but maybe not this year. will be busy until CNY, with many events coming up almost every weekend! gosh. anyway, bet you are too since u are away now with Hongyi.
i look forward to receive your timetable for next year, maybe after CNY? *wink*

im a rather new mom so I'm truly excited to pick up cooking tips, be it baking or cooking from the Terrific Cook! =)

thanks! happy holiday!

curiositykills said...

oh yea, the sakura jelly indeed tasted a little strange because i did not expect it to be salty! :) but definitely interesting :) thank u for sharing with us your gem (u cant get it here).

the lunch guy said...

late to the party again ... very ambitious of you, wish i could attend some time but so far away ...

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