Thursday, January 3, 2013

Season's Fried Chicken



A new year! Like new clothes, a new year gives new chances to improve, to change and to be different. I wish all readers a best new year of possible impossibles!

I was craving for something deep fried such as salt and pepper squid a few days ago because I've been dieting and my body was screaming for something, anything, other than veggies and steamed fish. Couldn't get really fresh squid (hate the frozen ones) so I used chicken instead. My favorite part of the chicken is the drumstick and S & P drumstick seemed too bland. What could I season the drumsticks with that's not too spicy yet not too bland? This is not a sponsored post (you'd have noticed that I never do sponsored offers because I want to stay unbiased) for Season's seasoning mix, a product from Hong Kong.

Although Season's seasoning mix is called 'Spicy Bake Mix', it isn't spicy at all. I think the Chinese words 'salt baked chicken' was lost in translation The seasoning mix smells of Chinese 5-spice powder, a smell that always reminds me of Chinese grocers shops in Canada's Chinatowns. I know there's msg in the stuff, but life's too short to always eat right. The seasoning mix (there are five packets inside one box of mix, I think) is also good rubbed all over and inside a whole chicken (about 1.5 kg) which is then baked at 180 C for an hour and a half. Chop the baked chicken to serve a la Chinese style.

Although it's just simple Chinese shake and bake chicken, my jaded family was impressed, so I thought maybe you would be too. Great for times when you don't know what to cook when the family has eaten all your dishes too many times.

Season's Fried Chicken (serves 3 to 4)
3 chicken legs
1 1/2 pkts (or more, to taste) Season's 'Spicy Bake Mix'
1/2 t fine salt (optional)
1 1/2 cups plain flour (or an equal mixture of cornstarch and plain flour, or just cornstarch for a crispier and stronger crunch)
veggie oil for deep frying

1. Trim thick fat off the chicken thigh but try to leave as much skin on as possible. Joint the legs, chop the drumsticks into half if like ( I prefer them whole) and the thighs into 3 parts, making 12 pieces altogether.
2. Season the chicken pieces with 1/2 to 3/4 packet of the seasoning mix and the salt. Add an egg white and massage into the chicken. Cover and leave in fridge for an hour.
3. Put the flour(s) and one packet of seasoning mix into a clean plastic bag and shake to mix well.
4. Put a piece of chicken into the bag of flour and shake well to coat. Coat all the chicken pieces likewise.
5. Deep fry the chicken in 3 to 4 batches in medium-hot oil for about 10 minutes or more until well-cooked. Drain on paper towels. When all the chicken is fried, return them to the hot oil (careful!) in one batch and fry for one to two minutes. Re-frying makes the chicken crispier. Remove with slotted ladle, drain on paper towels and serve immediately.


Blur Ting said...

Happy new year and thanks for your daily updates. Reading your blog has become a daily obsession for me!

I know what you mean about the cravings. I am normally not a meat lover but on some days, my body just craves for meat. I would then buy a chicken wing from Old Chang Kee to satisfy my cravings. Their seasoning is somewhat similar, with a hint of five spice powder. It's fried until crispy and best when it is just out of the fryer. Best part is, I don't have to do the frying myself!

Food so delicious! said...

Happy New Year Terry!! Your season's Fried Chicken look so yummmy but unfortunately, I wont be able to make it. Hehehehe.. over here in KL, there is no season's seasoning. Do you know if it's available in Singapore?

TheOtherJN said...

Opened up your blog, saw the picture, and I think my mind went somewhere else for *just* one second.

Crunchy exterior... succulent interior... *Drools*

terri@adailyobsession said...

blurting: happy new year to you!

food: give me your add, write to my email. i'll send you a packet.

otherjn: tt's right, crispy crunchy skin n coating and succulent meat. i think i need to make this again!

jops said...

Is it available in KL?

jackie said...

Hi Terri,

Just wanted to let you know that I tried out your recipe for a family dinner last night and it turned out wonderful. Just the right balance of salt and 5 spice powder. I couldn't find the "Season" brand in KL but settled for something quite similar (from China - package was with Mandarin characters only). It is also supposed to be a spicy bake mix - so I figured it would be the same in taste (esp the use of MSG). It was a lucky guess as it turned out to be one of the best fried chicken I have ever made (according to fussy/discerning family members).

Thanks again for your wonderful recipes... really appreciate it.

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