Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Come Eat With Us: Fish & Co

We went to Warisan Square a few nights ago with the aim of eating at a new Chinese restaurant but as we passed by Fish & Co, we changed our minds when we saw the large portions and the happy customers who filled up every seat. So we had to have a piece of the action too, especially when we spied two different groups of friends eating there who gave us their enthusiastic thumbs up sign. (Btw, I used the small digita cam because I was too shy to take pics of my food in a densely-crowded place.)

Fish & chips

Frankly, this was the best out of the three orders we tried. The chips were big and meaty, almost like those we ate in Perth (that's in Australia, dears). The fish was enveloped in a crisp, fragrant batter but was a little disappointing because I think they used dory, which is about the only fish you get if you order fish and chips in KK. No cod or halibut, so sad. The portion was big, but it got a little boring after a while...fish, chips, chips, fish. Wey loved it, and proclaimed it the best fish & chips in KK and I have to agree.

Seafood platter

Blah! Hubby had this and he was so bored, he crossed over the table and grabbed a bite of my assam laksa before I could stop him. The prawns were dry and tasteless, the calamari/squid rings tasted bland and had a refrigerated smell. I think they just dotted butter over and grilled it. That's fine if the seafood is very fresh, but I can think of so many better ways to cook seafood.

Penne with mussels

I just didn't like this. It was unusually sweet and the mussels were tough and tasteless. I took a mouthful, then another, then decided I wasn't going to eat something I didn't like so I went next door and ordered a bowl of assam laksa (the great thing about these kind of restaurants is, you can eat outside food because all the tables are laid out along the shopping lane). It looked terrible, but was good enough for Hubby and me to fight over, down to the last spoonful! I think that's because we both didn't want to eat the penne or the mixed seafood.

I'd only go there for the fish and chips. If you find they have anything worth eating, tell me.


hongyi :o) said...

been eating out a lot hmmm?
what's gonna happen to Dada's physique?

Ronny said...

i have a generally low opinion of the fish and co in singapore. i find that its quality differs from branch to branch, but even then, nothing spectacular.

still, this confirms that fish and co isn't very good anywhere. madam, you could probably out cook them any day of the week and twice on sundays.

terri hong said...

ronny charming me again! is Fish & Co an American (c d flag)chain?

yi-i'm not his keeper altho in 1 Cor (4got wch verse) it does say husbands n wives do not wholly own their bodies, but tt each are accountable for the other. something like tt. so nxt time he eats too much, i can control him n quote the Bible.

meatball online said...

i like their grilled salmon the best. others seems so-so only.

really love reading ur blog.. i've been reading everyday on ur previous blog.. and will not stop til i've finished reading every single entry of urs.


Fooman said...

I still only order their fish and chips. I ordered the New York Fish & Chips last week. Big mistake. Its just some cheese slapped on the fish before frying.
Doesn't work. Ugh.
The regular fish and chips are still the best in KK as far as I know.
Given the abundence of fresh fish, some local 'western' food stall should be able to do better by now.

Western Dental said...

Hate it when the food looks better than it tastes :)

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