Monday, May 28, 2007

Come Eat With Us: Welcome Seafood Restaurant

We come here whenever we want crabs. Their crabs are the cheapest in town (RM18/kg or US$5.50/kg) but lately its always sold out (as is the case tonight) even when we get there at 7:30pm, or what's left is too small. The food's pretty good (for KK standard) and prices very reasonable. It's casual, and most people prefer to sit out under the stars. But be warned; they are always full and its a long wait for the food. Tonight, being a Sunday night, we waited ONE hour.


The restaurant is at the far corner of the row of shophouses behind the well-known Supertanker Restaurant in Penampang.

Mongolian Pork

I doubt you'll find this anywhere in Mongolia. It's fried pork with a yummy heavy cream sauce that's slightly hot.

Steamed fish

We brought this to the restaurant (Hubby's friend caught it today in Kudat, north of KK) and it was GREAT! My favorite part of any fish is the dorsal fin and the surrounding flesh, which is especially smooth and flavorful.

Baby geoduck clams

I always find baby geoduck clams bland, unlike the bigger ones. So much shell and so little meat. It almost makes me guilty eating it.

Teppan tofu

Wey's favorite. I didn't even get a bite. He said to make sure I get the omelette in the picture-other places usually don't show off the heat of the cast-iron plate this way.

Sabah veg

This veg, known locally as sayur manis ('sweet veg') in Malay or sujaicai in Chinese, is native only to Sabah and is a must-eat for all locals and tourists. We love it simply fried with garlic. Crunchy and sweet with a mild, unique flavor.

Butter prawns

For those on Lipitor, the fine shreds are egg yolks cooked in butter! Yummy, especially with the crunchy fried curry leaves but a little too oily.

Sea snails

I wouldn't touch escargots (once was enough, especially with blue cheese) but these are from the sea...quite tasteless actually but they're fun to eat. Gives a good chew (not much meat though) and the fermented bean curd (yes, Chinese blue cheese) dip was very salty but sooo good!


You get them out with a toothpick.

The total bill for 9 people came to RM167 only! That includes a small charge for cooking our fish. Definitely reasonable. I'd say its 8/10.


Raina said...

A gem of a restaurant and I didn't know it exists. Thanks Terri. Do you have their phone number? Do bill them for advertising exp.

terri Hong said...

Ha! Yea, I don't know why I'm advertising FOC. Do try it. Like I said, its reasonably priced n good for KK standards.

joannahiew said...

hello auntie terri..!

i think ur blog has done me more harm than good.. make me can't wait for summer so that i can go back kk n try those yummy food.. hehe.. but it does help me plan for my "food trip in kk".. so thanks!

God bless

hongyi :o) said...


It's 2.55AM in freezing cold Melbourne and all I want is some hokkien mee in a kopitiam in kk!

ur photography has improved so much!!!

Terri Hong said...

hey, i have a young reader all the way frm London! I hope you aren't just salivating at the pics but trying out the recipes too! My regards to your parents, n all of u!
hey Yi, we're counting down to hugging u again...

hongyi :o) said...

awww so sweet :)
i miss u guys and im so blessed with Dada and u...and the two boys, too :)

Anonymous said...

will have to tell hubby about this place..everytime go kk only try only gaya sports...thanks for recommending..all the food looks yummy..

you take good sure it s taken with those small digi cam ah?

terri hong said...

hi nee! at last u've made a comment! no lah, d good pics were taken with the panasonic lumix, a DSLR. it has lots of features but i get confused all d time. its easier to take pics of food cos it doesn't move! ur auntie linda loves Welome Res. too.

Bryan said...

I been to this place once for the fish noodles, quite good. Didn't know they had such a good dinner menu. That tofu looks absolutely delicious.

Western Dental said...

Looks good, too bad no crabs though!

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