Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Shenzhen Day 1

We decided to take the bus instead of the recommended train from Zhuhai to Shenzhen because we wanted to see the countryside. That's fine if you have four hours (because it was a Sunday and traffic was horrific) instead of two and you think banana plantations are scenic. Plus if you decided the scenery looked like that in Malaysia and decided to doze off. And you don't mind paying RMB95 instead of RMB30.

My bro has a son and DIL in Shenzhen. Two other kids decided to bring their spouse and kids from Guangzhou and made a 3-hour drive to meet up with us. A cousin-nephew came along too. We felt very honored, to say the least. And they treated us to such scrumptious meals we felt like kings. And to think some of us never met till last December. Blood is thicker than water.

While waiting for the kids to arrive, we went to this super high class mall. Yi tried on a red dress that looked like it was made for her. Super. Then I saw the tag: Ungaro. So I asked the lady the price and she said,'It's not expensive, just RMB4,080'. We left, me feeling incredulous that a short 7 years ago there were hardly any designer names in China and now the Chinese are so rich.

Shopping in Dongmen

I didn't like it. Things were not only cheap, they were downright cheap-looking. Plus it was very hot. People were nice and polite though, unlike those Shanghainese.


Hub's a gem; didn't mind us off-loading our heavy bags on him. He knew what he was there for, other than eat.

Eating time again:

Suckling pig (poor thing)

Stuffed lotus root

Chestnuts with lamb

Veg with pig tendons

Meicai pork

Celery in superior stock

What was this??

Frogs legs

Looked so fresh and yummy, but I just couldn't make myself eat it.

This cutie is my grand-neice!

Dad should've been there


Longans (sweet, crunchy, thick) on the left and huang pe meaning 'yellow skin' (sour, soft, juicy) on the right. Looked the same but totally different in taste. The huang pe skin and stems smell like curry leaves.


Never seen this kind of pear before. Nothing to tell about except its crunchy, bland and juicy.


Anonymous said...

wow aunt terry i had not been up your blog for a while. was in kl for some stuff for quite a while..my my you have done a lot and been to a few places eh....will go through them..

good blogging..been telling my hubby about it and some other frens who want to visit japan and china..TQ.Nee

Terri @ hungerhunger said...

hey nee, do u have a good recipe for honeycomb cake? mine doesn't turn out comby.

Anonymous said...

the best honeycomb cake i taste is hubby's relis bought from Indonesia..the comb is not only nice, they are sooooo even...like they are almost the same mm in diameter.. heard her say something like they use cast iron pans.

also another tip i have is you only add bicarbonate soda rite before you bake them or steam them. and use either the top or bottom fire first then one the both later...let me find out. only did once...comb does not turn out very even ~ Nee

Cheeyan said...

Greetings from Manhattan!

Hey... how much did you have to pay for those succulent longans in Shenzhen?

Fresh longans on the streets of Chinatown in Manhattan sell for USD$7/lb, lychees at USD$4/lb and fresh guava at USD$8/lb... sorry about the Imperial weight measurement. We, americans are rudimentary and still living in the dark ages when it comes to using the metric system. FYI, we are the only nation on this planet that is still using "miles and degree F". What is all that about?? I think it is sheer arrogance and pure stupidity!

I wonder if those tropical fruits in Manahttan are air-flown overnight from Thailand. They are very fresh but vely vely vely expensive! On the bright side, cherries sells for USD$1/lb, peaches USD$1/lb and a new york hot dog still costs $1... but a scalped ticket for Broadway's Jersey Boys goes for USD$150. Some Broadway plays are sold out until 2008! Now, again... what did we come to New York for...?

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