Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Shenzhen Day 2


Shenzhen is located only an hour by train from Hong Kong. As the first Special Economic Zone, Shenzhen attracts workers from all over China so you get to hear many different dialects spoken here, including Hakka. Shenzhen together with Guangzhou are the major centers of manufacturing in China. With a population of about 17 million, the city is notoriously crime-riddened. We saw a lady running after a snatch thief right outside our hotel. Shenzhen also has the infamous reputation for all kinds of faked and cloned goods, from handbags to ipods and one of the best deals, pirated CDs/VCDs, for only RMB5.00 each (MR2.50/US$0.70).


Wawa (doll) fashion is so ugly! We just couldn't buy anything even though there were lots of cheap clothing.

Roadside kebabs

My HK friends tell me these are very unhygenic. Hardly looks appetising too.

Spicy ducks' heads

This shop sells the tops and tails of ducks (or geese?), plus the insides such as hearts, intestines...

For dinner, we had the best vegetarian meal ever. In KK, we avoid vegetarian restaurants because so much msg is used, and every dish is a gluten imitation of some meat. This restaurant, however, uses very fresh ingredients and the food is light, tasty and refreshing. Totally different from any veg restaurant we've ever tried. Only thing is at the end of the meal I knew for sure that I'm a full-blooded carnivore.

Lily bulbs (baihe) and mixed veg

Delightful, you could taste the sweetness of each ingredient because the seasoning was so light.

Young bamboo and preserved veg

Yi loved this. But then she loves any bamboo dishes.

Tofu, mushrooms and other veg

How come we don't get silky soft, soya bean-fragrant tofu in KK?

Spicy imitation snails

This was very tasty and crunchy, heck, it was better than the real thing!

Black sticky rice cakes

Simple but yummy, just like all the dishes we tried.

tealeaves seeds
Roasted pumpkin seeds with tea leaves

The recipe for this snack is created by the restaurant's chefs and the seeds are very addictive, especially over a cup of tea.

Note: If your pic turns out blur, it is good to have a daughter who can photoshop it, artistically, for you!

Chinese tea ceremony

This is another restaurant that banned photo-taking. We were lucky because our hosts, Nancy and Yangmeng, know the owner (guy in yellow). After dinner, guests can choose to relax in the tea lounge and sip Chinese teas. We were treated to a precious pu er tea that gets better and sweeter with each pouring. All Chinese dinners should end like this!


Shan said...

I know what you mean about staying away from vegetarian food here. If I was craving vegetarian I'd probably go with north indian or something

Terri @ hungerhunger said...

Tt's a great idea! would tt be Choice? i like the indian res. in Waterfront. d butter chicken is heavenly!

Shan said...

Yes Kohinoor's is the only place I'd go to for a good indian feed.
Another restaurant I really enjoy is Naans in Rasa Ria but the idea of driving back at night on that dark road makes me think twice about the trip

Terri @ hungerhunger said...

shan: yes, we love Naans at Rasa Ria too! i'm told Rasa Ria also does a great middle-eastern buffet on mondays.

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