Friday, July 6, 2007

China & HK, Yes!

I'm off to shop and eat and I've stocked my fridge up with these:


1. Home-made meat pies by Jenny (tel: 088 712181/016 8193820). This is the first time I've ordered pies from Jenny and they are a hit with my kids! Freshly made with no refrigerated smell and very delicious. The beef pie has a beef stew kind of filling instead of minced beef (I prefer the latter). I find the filling a tad too wet but the kids out-vote me and said they hate dry pies. Last week I tried the Four and Twenty pies from Australia available at Tong Hing's and was very disappointed. Worst, they cost RM12.90 each while Jenny's pies are only RM3.00 each! I decided to pitch for her when she told me she only uses FarmCow butter, no margarine or transfat!

2. Zhongxi from Kedai Kopi 10, in front of the Lintas Supermarket parking lot. Have tried many zhongs and found these to be the best, although recently they seemed too salty. RM3.50 each for the everything-zhong.



While taking the pics of the zhongs, the shop-owner urged me to feature her bread too. Indeed her baked charsiew buns were good but like buns from most places, there's only 2 or 3 pieces of charsiew in each bun.

3. Delicious baos from Chakitiam, Damai (a few doors from Dr Alex Lo, the cute dental surgeon). (Now I'm distracted-should I blog about the doc instead?? No,no, on with my mission...). I used to buy my baos from that famous shop in Kepayan Ridge. Until one day I choked on first bite of my preserved veg-pork bao. They used ammonia, yikes! Never went back again.

Chakitiam's baos are RM1.20 (US$0.35) for meat baos and RM1.00 for red bean baos. The only bao I don't like from Chakitiam is the charsiew bao, which is unbearably sweet.

And now that the boys won't starve, I'm flying off at noon with my daughter and Hub on a foodaholic-shopaholic holiday to Macau, Zuhai, Shenzen and Hongkong till 14th July. If we're not tired from shopping (the annual HK Summer Sale is wild!) or eating, I'll have some posts up. Cheers everyone!


Shan said...

Thanks for the recommendation on the pies! I love nice meaty pies and I have to agree with your kids on the wet filling issue.
Have taken the phone number down. How many days notice would be required and is there a minimum order etc?
Have a good holiday. Looking forward to seeing more great travel and foodie photos

Rasa Malaysia said...

I just came back from Beijing and Hong Kong...wishing you a good trip there in China and HK.

Terri @ hungerhunger said...

Shan: am back n ready to share my tales. hope u like the pies n tt u r feeling better. seems like a rough week.
rasa malaysia: hi!don't u just love the food in HK n Beijing?!btw, congrats on ur pic award--i am choosy about d food blogs n i visit ur site to just marvel at ur pics.

Shan said...

Hi Terri - yes it was an interesting week to say the least. Am feeling a lot better now thanks.

BTW what is your email address? Mine is

Could you contact me when you're free? I have an upcoming project that I'm working on and I'd like to talk to you about your blog and your interests in all things food related.

Terri @ hungerhunger said...

Shan:Hi! i had guessed tt u r a journalist or free-lance writer; am i right? u can contact me at i hope i can help but i must tell u i'm just someone who likes to cook n eat.

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