Sunday, July 15, 2007

Zhuhai, China

Are we happy to be home! Seems like we've been away a long time. I swear Wey has grown taller and last night when we got in, I really loved KK's low buildings and my house looked big and beautiful (after all those cramped cities). This morning when I woke up, I felt restless. I think it's Shopping Withdrawal Syndrome. Not being able to pound the streets from 11 am to 12 midnight will be hard on me. And the thought of shopping in Wisma Merdeka depresses me.

We arrived in Macau last Friday and crossed over (you just take a short bus ride to Luohu immigration center and walk through the Macau immigration and then the China immigration) to Zhuhai, China. We chose the worst time to go--a weekend. Armies of gamblers were crossing over from China into Macau for the weekend and thousands of Macauians were crossing over to China to spend the weekend home so the center, which handles the most number of people in China, was crazily busy. It took us one and a half hours to get through immigration.


My half-bro, whom I first met 4 years ago, and a cousin and their families took us to the outskirts of Zhuhai for an oysters meal when I told him that's what I wanted to eat. Brother Ming ordered BBQ oysters (not half as good as Guangzhou's) and a seafood steamboat. That's when I understood the phrase 'too much of a good thing' because they must've loaded my bowl with 3 dozens boiled oysters throughout the meal. Oysters are good BBQ/grilled or battered and deep-fried but try eating that many boiled oysters, size of a big walnut, and not feel nauseated. But I'm a glut, and I ate so much I had to press my lips with my fingers when I burped...The steamboat fish slices were simply excellent in flavor, taste and texture. I think they were from the 'big-head fish'.



'Indian Cakes'

Yummy. These are actually roti canai with different kinds of fillings, some are sweet while some are savory. I like the ones with fruit cocktail. That small glass of jiu is 52% alcohol! It evaporated when it touched my lips.


The Cantonese, as everybody knows, are not only very gutsy when it comes to food, they are very creative too. I had to keep reminding my dear relatives that we don't want anything exotic. I remember a friend telling me years ago that when he visit his Chinese relatives, they treated him to a grand banquet and one memorable dish was 'pheonix with dragon'. When they opened the silver dish cover, he nearly passed out. In the dish was a big snake (the dragon), curled around a chicken (the phoenix)! What could he do, he said, but eat it! I think that was the tale that hindered me from venturing into China until 1999.

Proceed to the next pic only if you can take it. Many times Yi and I screamed when we scanned through our pics and come to this pic. One time, in the Macau airport, I threw the camera away and was lucky it landed on Yi's big bag. But Yi has challenged me to put this pic on my blog, and I think its good to see what other people are eating...I'm told that these members of the Annelida family are turned inside out with a chopstick to wash off the slime and dirt, then cut up and they make a sweet, delicious soup while giving a good crunch at the same time. Presenting .....


The Sandworms!

Note: The sandworms have brought a couple of interesting comments. I'd love to get more comments about your thinking/experience/love for exotic food. Tell me what's the most unusual thing you've eaten!


ronny said...

madam. i hope you enjoyed your holiday.

my mother who is cantonese always says cantonese people eat anything that has "its back facing the sky".

undoubtedly that is meant to discount humans only and is something which (for my mom's side of the family at least) i have found to be 100% completely true.

this is probably because they were quite poor back then and had to eat basically anything. they even ate CATS before.

personally i have been tricked into eaten porcupine, pigs brain and turtle meat.

and its funny because among my friends i'm known to be the least picky with food ("Ronny eats ANYTHING") but when i'm with family, i'm regarded as the most picky with food. its all relative. literally.

and someone is going to have to dare me to eat a sand worm because i have to say there is no way i would willingly put a sand worm in my mouth.

Shan said...

Hmm I don't know how...I think I would sooner try a little slice of sand worm than snake meat.
Bleh. Snakes. Have you tried it yet?

Terri @ hungerhunger said...

123456ronnie: u poor thing! i think d only weird thing i've ever eaten was dog meat, n i didn't ingest it. A neighbor would give us a small plate whenever he cooked dog, n my Dad n bro would devour it like food from heaven. One time I complained so much at dinner, becoz it was so revolting to have a plate of dogmeat on d table, my bro chased me around d hse with a piece of it n when he gt me into a corner, he grounded it against my tightly pursed lips. I hated him for that for years!!

shan: my no. 1 fear all my life is snakes!! Then flying (friends can't understand tt, coz I do travel quite a bit), n then dark blue murky water.

i would sooner die than eat snake. i've been imagining chewing on the sandworms becoz i like a good crunch in my food. really, everytime i see tt pic of the worms, i think, 'am i missing something??!'haha, no lah, i couldn't even eat frog on this trip, let alone some worm!

raina said...

First of all, Welcome Home and hope you had a great holiday!!

Secondly, please take out that horrible pic of sand worm. I could feel them crawling all over my skin. Yuks!! and Double Yuks!!

Bryan said...

I've eaten snake, flying fox, turtle (don't hate me it was only once!, AND dog meat, very much to my disgust. I would seriously rather eat those sand worms than dog meat.

And hey I like my food crunchy too! :D

Hong Yi said...


Of all the photos you just had to upload the one of me looking extremely puffy!

Hmf! >:)

Terri @ hungerhunger said...

raina: had a great holiday but u know, HK is SO EXPENSIVE! 3 yrs ago u rmber my infamous Imelda moment when i bought X pairs of shoes, most of them from Lane Crawford and Inniu, but this year only 3 pairs n 2 r from (cheaper) Nine West bcoz d cheapest pair of shoes in LC costs HK$900, the average pair HK$1500 n above n this is after 50% discount!!very soon we cannot shop anywhere...not even China.

bryan:....i hope u still get kissed after exposing this...

yi: u ARE puffy.

Shan said...

Hi Terri - I'm just double checking to see if you got my email yesterday? Let me know if you didn't. Cheers :)

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