Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Home-made Fresh Sausages

Home-made fresh Italian sausages

You'll never find me buying wieners/franks for my kids. Well, maybe once in 2 years. And because of that, Wey can't get enough of wieners. The worst things to eat, as far as I'm concerned, are locally made burger patties which are orange on color. I will dig them from his mouth if I catch him eating them. Whenever I see mothers feeding their kids wieners (which is a popular birthday party food here) or buying them in supermarkets, I have to control myself from telling them off. Please, please, do not feed your kids wieners like it's a health product!

When I was pregnant with Yi, I read a newspaper report (in the Daily Express, from some reputable source, not National Enquirer or the like) about this woman in England or the US who miscarried her baby because she had been eating wieners daily for sometime. Researchers warned that the sodium nitrite (a proven carcinogen) used in preserving and giving cured meats a pink color were to blame (if the sausages are brown after cooking and not pink, you know there's no nitrite in them). I never liked wieners from the supermarket anyway (but I do love those from the deli...) so it was easy for me to give them up.

Fresh sausages are a different thing. JW Marriot in KL used to have a deli in the basement floor and the sausages were just YUMMY. In KK we only get fresh sausages (sausages are divided into 3 types: fresh uncooked sausages such as Italian and fresh pork sausages which do not contain nitrite so they must be consumed within 3 days, cooked sausages like wieners and cooked bratwurst and fermented sausages like pepperoni, stick-jerky sausages, hard salami etc) in Tong Hing or Consfood and these brands are either Primo from Australia (expensive and not very good) or KL-made Gourmet, which just don't make my standard.

Last weekend, a friend, M, gave me some sausages he'd made. He not only omitted nitrite but also the fat traditionally added to make sausages smoother, juicier and tastier. He has an Austrian neighbour (bless all neighbours who teach us their home-cooking) who has shown him how to make fresh sausages.

Home-made American sausages

M's home-made sausages were tasty and flavorful (esp. the Italian sausages) but the texture was coarse because it was so low in fat. I always choose health over taste so it's okay. The boys are so deprived they didn't mind too.

M said he's willing to take orders. Call him at 088-244 918.


bryan said...

Thanks for the heads up - I love sausages but don't make a habit out of eating them for the same concerns as yours.

Shan said...

Yay, thanks for the info! I love good sausages and will be calling your friend at some point. I just stay away from the supermarket ones here because they don't taste very good - usually generic and gross.

Anonymous said...

NEE: I made the soy chicken again hehe...this time w a wok and 2 kg chai yuan chicken. results turn up much better. minimal skin torn. cook 15 min on each side. then 5 each and left it soaking in sauce, turn once til before cutting. enhance the colour more. very nice. thanks for your recipe.

those sausage looks so yummy..i m on a diet so must cut down on visiting your blog at inappropriate time.

i did some chinese sausage a while ago and i need to wash those intestines myself. horrible experience because after i cook it, i keep on remembering the smell n end up not touching them at all. think something a better left to professional. but heard in kk you can actually buy those ready casing for sausages. so would be nice to add your own fillings.

Anonymous said...

NEE: oh ya. bought some mint, parsley and rockets seeds. any thing to note on how to plant them?...i am such a lousy gardener. with some help from my MIL the basil seed you gave me grew so well and so pretty and i have some local basil growing but was in kl for 2 weeks and bugs attack...breaks my heart. dont want to put pesticides. any tips to salvage?

Terri @ hungerhunger said...

bryan: I'm impressed! i thought most guys just don't know/care about what they put into food. do educate ur guy friends man, these days consumers must be more savvy!

shan: :D gross is d word! but do rmber-commercial sausages hae fats, skin, trimmings etc while M uses pure meat so d texture may need getting used to.

nee: aiya, i'm on low carb diet too. yuks, i can imagine tt awful stink washing those pig strings urself. i do have a recipe for chinese sausages but since d sausages need 'winter wind' to cure them i can't make them here.

i wrote such a long comment on d herbs tt i've decided to do a post on them instead, so look out for it>

Terri @ hungerhunger said...

Nee: looks like my garden needs re-haul so i can't do tt post.

check out d bugs. if they r snails, just stay up a couple of nites n catch them! n put some salt around, but not near, d plants. trim off d affected parts; new shoots will come out. but if its white flies tts attacking them, u just have to pull out d plants, d flies r very tenacious...u must pinch out d tips of basil plants to prevent them from flowering (unless u want seeds) b/c they'll grow old n die if they flower, last longer if they don't. so just trim it n fertilize.

mint need direct sunlight and regular trimming even if you don't harvest. n plenty of organic fertilzer (small quantity regularly)n water.

The Drool Team said...

wow! this looks really very very yum!

Hong Yi said...

I've never liked sausages. As far as I can remember, I used to not turn up for breakfast whenever Na prepares them, back when we stayed at her place. Maybe it's the smell, maybe it's because you brainwashed us since we were kids.

Howeverrr...I do like Bradwursts!! The ones in Germany were sooo yum (plus good bread), there's a stall in Vic Market that sells yummy Bradwurst with Saurkraut, let's get some when you come over!

and no, i have not downloaded skype yet, coz i haven't gotten a microphone. plus, when i do get back home, it's pretty late...say 10-ish, and my roommate's usually asleep by then...

Terri @ hungerhunger said...

yi: r tim's parents here cos we can pass them a mike n speakers for u.um, bratwursts R sausages. it's like saying i don't like dogs but i like terriers.yea, tt's one thing i'm happy about, tt u guys don't eat packaged wieners.

Hong Yi said...

okok. Two errors:

1. Bratwurst, not bradwurst

2. Never liked any type of sausages, instead of bratwursts.

I'm not sure. I'll ask when I see him. Oh, I can get it from ebay for a very good price actually.

Terri @ hungerhunger said...

yi: bradwursts!i know u hate brad for what he did to jen, but no need to call him names.hey, cheap air fares coming up again week after. got d dates for us? is tt hse in d subs still available. we'll rent it.

Hong Yi said...

let's dont get started on brad. pretty face but he annoys me.

Shan said...

Terri you coming to dinner tonight? If I had your hp no I would have called or smsed. Lil Italy at 7:30. Hope you can make it :)

adam k. said...

i really enjoyed this informative post.thanks :)

guys care about what they eat too! well i do anyways haha :D

ganache-ganache said...

hey, I tried to call yr friend M on the number listed in your post but seems like it has been disconnected, any idea how do I get hold of those home-made sausages ?

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