Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Yay, we are 63rd!

Shall we celebrate the news that Malaysia ranks 63 in the survey on the top best countries to live in? I heard it on the radio this morning but am not sure who did the survey. Tied for 1st place is Norway and Iceland (no kidding, Iceland??), followed by - surprise - Australia! I bet it'll get better with Kevin Rudd. But seriously, 63rd is not as bad as 64th...(you know, as in "But mom, at least I'm 49th and not 50th in class position!")

Update: For more details, go here. So to confirm the rating, it's: 1. Iceland (yes, no mistake this time) 2. Norway (must be all that klippfisk) 3. Australia (best kept secret) 4. Canada (how can my favorite country -other than Malaysia- rate lower than Oz?) 5. Ireland (so who's having the last laugh). All freeze-butts-off countries except for Oz. No. 12 : USA

I can accept Hong Kong, Singapore and Korea at 21, 25 and 26 respectively and even Cuba at 51, Mexico at 52, Saudi Arabia at 61 (ahead of us?! But did they ask the women??) but Brunei Darulsalam at 30?? China is pathetic at no. 81 but it would be interesting to see how they fare over the next 5 years. Gosh, Malaysia. Talk about that sinking feeling.


jimctang said...

never been iceland. i am sure that australia is definitely better than the rest. she's used to have a few legends such as steven irwin in the past and kevin rudd from now on. they are funny and happy guys. so do oz here.

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

jimctang: goodness, tt's fast! my ink is hardly dry n u have a comment! :) yes, i resisted going to oz bc of that pamela woman, who i thought represented all ozzies. but when i finally went there 6 yrs ago, i really like the country.except for the flies...n the salty drinking water in perth.

Hong Yi said...

And which city ranked top for 2 consecutive years as most livable??! ;)

Dee said...


The survey is done by the UN-Human Development. =)

link here -

I'm not surprise that these top 5 countries are voted best place to live in. If you really look into the public services and utilities provided by their govt, your jaw will drop (got this info from someone who's Swedish). I'm a little skeptical about Australia though. Despite the very cold weather, remember it's the best place to live in the world! =D

Pinky said...

I guess Iceland doesn't have overflowing public toilets and snatch thieves guarding their neighbourhood. These are actually some of the issues highlighted by some websites when they introduce Malaysia. Way to go. Malaysia boleh!

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

yi: only 2 yrs??

dee: thanks for giving the link. the diff in the public services in those top countries n those on the lower rungs is like heaven n hell.rmber tt next time ur car runs into a pothole, or the power gets cut off when ur cake is 1/3 baked.

pinky:and the list goes on. thing is, our authorities r in denial so how will things improve?

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