Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hola America!

In the last week, my readership has suddenly surged and a check at my site meter showed that slightly over 50% of the readers of this blog now are from the US whereas Australians and Malaysians used to be the majority.(On the humorous side, I get the odd reader from Hungary who comes on and goes out quickly and it tickles me because I know they probably meant to check on 'Hungary' and not 'HungerHunger'.) The first time there was a surge in readership was when this website was featured in our local paper, Sabah Times. Readership surged again when Epicurious mentioned a post I did on this blog. I wonder what happened this time. I wouldn't be surprised if the surge was due to my (unwitting) article on one of India's minority groups, the Mizos, but it is not. It is quite laborious to shift through all the referrals on my site meter to see where readers got my website now that readership is more sizeable than last year. Can anyone tell me, or share with me on how to check these things? Also, please tell me, if you know, what Google Alerts are. I forgot to ask Mizo readers when they mentioned it on my post A Place Called Mizoram.

p.s. Okay, I know what Google Alerts are because I just googled it. Wow, I'm learning new things.


Shan said...

Interestingly enough, I get the most referrals to my blog from yours on a daily basis :)

Tengkiu. Heh.

Precious Pea said...

I got a fair share of readers coming from your blog too ;) You are up and rising celebrity food blogger in KK now! Bravo Bravo Bravo!!

Pamela said...

I've been reading your blog for over a year or maybe little bit more. I love it !! I think where I saw your blog first, was on Food Porn or maybe I Google'd it hahaha
not 100% sure,but I am a faithul reader. One of the main reasons I read it is because you write from the heart and make this blog a joy to read.
You also take awesome photos,have great recipes and discribe places you have been .
Pamela in the USA :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Terri! I'm also a long time reader but I've a silent 'fan'.
I think the same as Pamela, but I also want to tell you this: Your English is way above most bloggers in Malyasia. In fact, you not only write very well, you make it fun to read. And another thing, my kid is reading your blog too because I told her that's where she can learn good English and cooking :)

KT Wong

Hong Yi said...

hey mama,
i read abt dimsims in a popular food blog in melb called tummy rumbles. u might wanna read about it. forgot to get u guys to try the famous south melb market dimsims when u were here :D

Hong Yi said...

they affectionately call them 'dimmies' here for short.


and the dude sounded like he was holding a ball of gold. :) i really wonder what kind of meat's in those things

triShie said...

another Msian reader here. saw ur link on another's blog and from the mo i read the first post, i've been coming back...i enjoy ur pictures!! [what cam do you use? sorry ah...u must have gotten this question countless times]

ur writing is so captivating. and like, the mood here is special concentrated not only on food, but family as well.

keep it up and God bless!!

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

shan: really? it all started with ur article so i shd thank u!tengkiu 2 :)oh, i will send u my rec this weekend.

preciousp: tt's surprising news bc u r so much 'bigger' than me. n i do get traffic frm u too so thanks!hey, i'm glad we 'met'.

pam: hi pam :) yes, i did do a check and many were frm google search so they prolly come n go. thanks so much for ur comments whch made me drive around with a smile.nothing like some encouragemt to keep me going :) about writing frm my heart, sometimes i am too candid when i shd be more careful...

anony: i couldn't sleep, bc d thot of a little girl being punished by having to read my blog..hey, my english has gone downhill ever since i left school so pls refer to "The Practical Stylist" (a book i recommend for anyone who likes to refine their writing) instead :) but thanks, i am so encouraged by ur words!

yi: i will check it out but until i eat one good dimmy, i'll still consider them yuks. dimmies for dummies.

u still haven't given me Betty's email, n u don't reply my msg now. last nite i dreamt u quit & came home.

trishie: Hi! i do get asked, n it surprises me, bc i'm always asking other ppl the same Q too. in my old pics (taken in shanghai& sichuan) i used a p & s Canon. around June last year i started using a Panasonic FZ50 (but there r better new versions now) which is like in between a dslr and a p & s. while i can't change the lenses, i can fiddle with the aperture and manual buttons n d cam is light, whch i like. the only setback is i can't get very 'bokeh' shots.

i see u r frm kuching. u shd get in touch with wombok n ck on my links;they r frm cat town too n they r good photographers like u :)

triShie said...

hi terri!!
like u wrote once, it's not so much the camera, but the person behind it. and i agree. i have friends on P&S cams and they take amazing pics!! all about the lighting and framing, dun cha think?
yours pics are great, lah!!

i know Greg&Nee from ur links. in fact, Mr. Greg is my!! thats how i got the link to urs...and i've checked out wombok & ck's blogs. i agree, they're amazing photographers as well!!

Susu Kacang said...

hi terri. this will be my second comment after the hokkien mee post. i only found your blog when i set google alert to sabah election. you can use google alert to alert you on various subjects. it's easy, once you try.

i think in your recent post, you mentioned something abt US election, so probably you got more American readers. anyway, great blog and keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Hi Terri! My sister who lives in the States gave me your link. Am so glad she did. We have this habit of exchanging blog links which merits a place in our 'Favourites'. Hehe.

In turn, I intro'ed your link and another favourite link (Greg&Nee)to my daughter's visiting Sarawakian bf. What a small world! The other link happen to be his neighbour whom he said, always send food over. Needless to say, he was thrilled cos' he never knew that both of them were food and travel bloggers. He said, he wants to email them. Hah!

Absolutely love everything about your blog. Thank you for letting us peep into your kitchen. Keep it up!

Sorry for being so long winded.

A Malaysian Sabahan in KL.

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

trishie: thanks (bows) lah!

susu kacang: i think this is the answer, yes, it must've been the mention of the US election. :) must do tt more often! but hey, thanks :D.pls keep in touch.where do u live btw?

anony: what a small world! thanks for ur encouragement. would be nice if u leave ur name so i know wch anony u r n no, u were not long-winded :)

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