Saturday, March 1, 2008

"Think Carefully"

This time next Sunday, the BN will again form the government of Malaysia. Out there on the streets, there is a lot of anger and discontent with BN but everybody knows that BN will win this election again, with their control of the media, their dirty money and tactics like phantom voters (it is right there in today's papers: 9000 dead people, two of whom have been dead 40 years and would've been 128 years old by now, are still on the voting list), threats of instability and unrest if they don't form the govt, dividing the constituencies in their favor according to racial make-up, and even the Election Comission, which is to be neutral, is arrogantly defensive of allegations of rigging and phantom voters when in fact they should be checking these serious allegations and ensuring a clean and fair election.

The main opposition parties should not be focusing on what's so bad about BN; we all know what the 'B' in BN really stands for. The opposition parties should have prepared for the election by planning and strategizing so that non-BN supporters are not split. Unlike countries with two main parties only (the UK has the Conservatives and Labor Parties, Australia has the Labor and Liberal Parties, the US the Republican and Democratic Parties), Malaysian has dozens of political parties resulting in non-BN supporters split up like a supernova.

My constituency is Api-api, the city centre. I am torn between DAP, my long-time choice, and Keadilan (PKR). However, I am hesistating to go with DAP this time because the PKR candidate has been very vocal on issues, in spite of the repressive atmosphere whereas the DAP candidate--gosh, I don't even know where they dug him up from. My wish is that DAP and PKR would get together and decide where they don't stand a chance and bow out for the other so that votes are not split. But I know this will never happen and as long as this doesn't happen, BN will continue to reign.

Many who are fed-up have decided not to vote. They say what is the point of voting in a dirty election? Man, that is exactly what they want you to think and do! These are the ones who haven't yet thought. But for those who have, is is no longer "Think carefully." We have thought carefully and we know it's time for a change but if you xxx opposition parties do not form a coalition party and have a strategy, you fail us. Yes, you fail us, and it is already too late. The die is cast.

Macam mana ubah kalau tidak bersatu??

If you go to Youtube, you'll see lots of opposition parties' clips because that is about their only media outlet. Some of them are so funny, some infuriating ('The True Colors Of UMNO') and some down right lame eg Tony Pua's Theme song for DAP. It made me cringe; it was so amateur and pathetic.


Anonymous said...

Terri, the guy they 'dug up' is the head of DAP Sabah!

Susu Kacang said...

exactly, the oppositions will have to get their act together or risk losing those sitting on the fence.

Anonymous said...

Fighting of the clam and crane benefits the fisherman." This is a profound lesson that we have learned since primary school. This story tells the importance of unity, and not infighting among comrades and friends, or else it will create an opportunity to the enemy and both will become the prey of the enemy.

There is a clam sun bathing on a river bank. A crane approaches and starts to peck on the clam’s meat using its beak. Feeling the pain, the clam closes the shell and tightly grips on to the beak of the crane. Frustrated with anger, the crane says: "If there is no rain for one or two days and you cannot return to the river, you will sure die." Likewise, the clam is also very angry and says: "If I grip tightly on you for one or two days, you think you can live? No, you will starve to death! "

Both the clam and crane stubbornly stand on their ground without giving in and waiting for the other to budge. Some time later, a fisherman passes by looking at these two angry creatures, he picks them up and put them into his bucket and happily walks away with the trophies.

Anonymous said...

鹤蚌相争:DAP and Keadilan 双方相持不下,结果两败俱伤,让第三者BN得利. How sad :(

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

anony: i read it in Daily Express b4 i posted this. what i mean is nobody seems to know of him or heard of what he has stood up for as head of DAP Sabah.

susu kacang: the PKR candidate happened to be in my church for prayers this morning. i told her what i thought but she insists it's DAP's fault. Apparently DAP n PKR did have a deal tt if one of them stands in a constituency, the other would not go in so tt the non-BN votes will not be split.This is what is done in West but in Sabah n Sarawak, both sides coudn't agree. Ms Liew claims tt PKR withdrew from Sandakan n Tawau where DAP stands a better chance, but ask tt PKR be given Api-api n DAP agreed but on nomination day, DAP did not keep their word. I told her as of last night, I was leaning towrds PKR but i suddenly realise tt it isn't the candidate who has the loudest voice or track record tt I shd vote for now. I have to support the opposition candidate tt stands the best chance of winning the seat. N tt is the billion $ guess, who has the bigger support.

anony: thanks for the story. i've never heard it b4 altho my hub said he has. Next Monday, it will be: jou je gam tin hor bit dong chor?? don't u as a voter feel let down by these ppl who asked for change but don't do their part. basically it's greed (for power, position) on both sides, like the clam n the crane.until we get leaders willing to sacrifice, no change will come.

ekeng said...

kaima,nice post..this is a funny video..haha :)

Precious Pea said...

I wonder if my late mum is still in the voting list! So sad isn't it? Next Sat is like putting up a show, results known but just for show.

wmw said...

Show or no show, we must do our bit when it's something we can't accept and have to power to change it.

NEE said...

In Sarawak, the opposition winds had been blowing strongly since our state election. almost everyone i talked to say you dont even look at candidates. just dont vote for bn. otherwise those bn buggers are still sleeping thinking they = malaysia. like we voters owe it to them that we have to vote for them. threats somemore, dont vote for us no longkang, no roads, no chinese new year display, no chinese school. To hell with them. And gosh their lies...cant believe badawi still has skin to talk about corruption they dont have story of boy crying wolves in malay meh..

In kuching i feel DAP does not even need to open their mouths or put up degatory remarks on BN, the people's words are stronger. God, really pray that BN will lost a more few seats than expected in sabah and sarawak.

Susu Kacang said...

if last last cannot decide, just throw a

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

ekeng: check youtube for comedycourt

preciousp: wonder if my dad voted in the last 2 elections..he passed on 10 years ago.

wmw: well put. i am upset at those whoi can vote but don't do it for the stupidest reasons.

nee/greg: yea, here too. i see BN billboards big as a mountain proclaiming "stability. peace. prosperity". tt is a threat, isn't it. n it really de-means the voters. i don't know about Sarawak (but i do admire tt DAP is well-supported there) but Sabah has gone to the dogs. for once, i'd like to be wrong.

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

susu kacang: i am truly torn..i'm so agonized i hope i don't spoil my vote by voting for both opp party on one ballot.

Anonymous said...

I am going for Christina for State and Parliament

Go for ... Christina
I am and so will a few others

Nobody wants Chin Teck Chin
Yee Moh Chai is losing effectiveness

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

anony: good choice. btw,BN's Chin is running for KK, not Api-api. DAP's man in Api-api is Hiew, whom I met by chance in town this morning. He just didn't seem as forward n outspoken as Christina, so I really don't know how he'll hold up against that bunch in Parliament.Chris repr.PKR, which has Anwar as head, which is good bc ultimately we still need a strong Malay opp. leader n Anwar has had 6 yrs behind bars for a crime he didn't commit yet he doesn't harp on about tt or became bitter. i think the 6 yrs changed his view, n if it did, it was a good thing to happen, the for Yee, I liken him to DAP's former front man, Lee Lam Thye. When the going got tough, Lee got DAP's enemy, BN. NOw he's like a kitten n BN, and Yee is also like tt, letting down all the Chinese who voted for him. meow people.

oh, so far almost everyone i've talked to support Christina. the older Chinese n blue-collar ppl are still for DAP. so u see, split again.

Anonymous said...

BN can say all they want about stability, peace etc.. Why no comments on the one issue that is of utmost importance? A just and fair Govt that does not look at the skin color or name?


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

righto raina. my kids can't understand why we can't all be malaysians, instead of being segregated by our race. I hope tt is how the younger generation feels, this sense of fairness and not blind partiality to their race.

BN is the one that divides n segregates the races while talking about racial unity. if it is fair and sincere in racial harmony, why have so many racial parties?? And if a govt can't even give the people a fair and clean election, can you imagine what else it can do/has been doing?

Anonymous said...

Wow Terri, didn't know u can talk politic also.

"In 2004, Dr Syed Azman and Raja Kamaruddin a.k.a Raja Komando were defeated when the voter turnout in their constituencies exceeded 125%. In many countries all over the world, voter turnout can be as low as 50%, or even less. Malaysia sees up to 75% voter turnout, sometimes more. But anything above 80% would certainly be suspect. In Malaysia, however, a 130% voter turnout is considered normal and is still not enough to get the elections declared null." from Why we are voting tomorrow? by RPK.

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