Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Le Meridien

Le Blah, that's how I'd describe the food at Le Meridien. I wanted to dine at The Coast but Hub collapsed into his chair, stuck out his tongue and said, "One hour's drive?!" So a quick round of nos--Hyatt, TABH, Magellan--led us finally to Le Meridien where we attended a bank function 2 months ago and the food seemed okay. The thing about KK is, western food in small restaurants is mostly Italian and we (mainly I) didn't want to go to the same old places.

Hub, as you would guess, went for the buffet while I had the a la carte salmon with walnuts and apple. Let's just say that when we were eating, we were talking about where we should've eaten instead, and that is so pathetic for two food lovers. The only thing good was the hot and custardy bread and butter pudding, his glass of sauvignon from Argentina and my excellent chardonnay from Chile. What a bummer.






a feast, everyday said...

Happy anniversary 2 u and W, my dear. U made the food look good though.

ekeng said...

kai ma,can i know what is that? (the first picture) is it grilled salmon? Happy Anniversary

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

yes it's grilled salmon. too oily n bland. TQ dear :)

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