Monday, April 14, 2008

Buffet Lunch At Hyatt

Hub took his staff to Hyatt for buffet lunch on Saturday and we tagged along too. I don't like buffets, especially Hyatt's or Promenade's because the main dishes are mostly local Malay curries (how many curries can you eat in one meal??) and the cakes are just regrettable. However, since halal food is religiously correct for one of the staff, Hyatt buffet it was.

Saturday buffet lunch at Hyatt is RM45++/US$14 plus 15% and that entitles you to the spread in their Japanese restaurant Nagisa and the western restaurant on the lobby floor. As usual, we didn't bother with the western/local buffet and sat ourselves in the Jap restaurant. I'll just spare you all a long report and go straight to whatever I ate:

Thumbs up. Teppanyaki beef was tender (especially if slightly under done) and flavorful. The only thing worth eating so I ate a plateful.

Thumbs down. Some kind of grilled fish. I'm guessing it was tuna because it tasted dry. Won on presentation though. Simple. Sparingly elegant. Absolutely unimpressive in taste.

Maguro sushi was soggy and bland (that's nothing new about Hyatt's sushi and sashimi) while the maki sushi were okay. No sake (salmon) on Saturdays because the locals swoop down on salmon like polar bears (but the Jap prefer maguro to salmon) but it is available in their Sunday buffet which is priced higher.

A nice mitzutaki with teeny weeny bits of cod (mostly bones).

Besides the above, there were soba, fried udon and veg, some stewed dishes, veg tempura (cheapskate), cawan mushi and other teppanyaki items.

Kids are into Jap anime and cosplay but in my time these dolls were the in thing. I still have the Jap doll my cousins bought for me when I visited them in Singapore when I was 12.

The western and local buffet was quite a big spread but nothing caught my stomach because it's all quantity and no quality. Ming said these lamb ribs were super sweet.

I actually liked this. It was tasty and smelly.

None of these cakes tasted good, not even their honeycomb cake which used to be very good. The macaron was an imposter. It was colored meringue, so sweet I thought I was going into a diabetic shock. The black rice with coconut milk was okay.

Halfway through this rubbish, I suddenly remembered that I had a dinner date with Ekeng and Denise and I wanted to whack myself. Wey said Hyatt buffet "sucks". I couldn't agree more.

P.S. Okay, maybe I was too harsh, but I expected an international hotel like Hyatt to serve more quality food. I had buffet at Hyatt HK and it was pretty good, especially the dessert spread.

Of all the restaurants in Hyatt KK, Mosaic as recommended by Shan is the best. They are having a wagyu promotion which ends end of this month so you better hurry. Despite my review, I'm going to Nagisa for lunch in 10 minutes because Hub has arranged to meet a friend there. See you there?


Hong Yi said...

finally a post! GOSH that took you yonks!

I'm feeling hungry now. I feel like a nice tender pan-fried ribeye steak. or authentic chaw kui teow. someone save me.

Hong Yi said...

with a bit of salt and lots of freshly ground black pepper please.

AHhhhAEGHRGH! da hunger pangs!

oh yes. i realised i broke from the subject of this post. where were we? Oh yes, buffet at hyatt. A no-go zone when i go back. and same goes for Jing Hu as long havent u been to that place for?

oh now I feel like a nice hot bowl of xian chai rou shi mien (direct translation = salty veg & shredded meat with noodles) at Hua Yuan. OH!

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

why r u still uP?????

Hong Yi said...

u're ONLINE!??

and yes im obviously up :D

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

yi: where got xien cai rou shi mien at hua yuan?? u've been away too long or r u sleep-typing? go to bed! now!

Hong Yi said...

oops. i misread ur question! I thought u said, "r u still up???"

now. to answer ur question. I look at the time. I gotta go now. okbyegoodnight!:D

Hong Yi said...

got lah! Where don't have!?

It's like the one they have in Foh Sang!

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

yi: was at gym earlier. i'm still 58kg! what the ...should i just give up n become a fat auntie??

Hong Yi said...

btw why didnt u call me back just now when the line got cut off :(

just when u were abt to tell me something interesting. if thats really true, there's another reason to go back home soon.

haha jk!

Hong Yi said...

u're disclosing ur weight HERE?! i wouldn't do that if i had that many readers a day!

Well i think u're a beautiful mama :) just maintain, don't need to lose lah!

maybe its fluid retention? Cut down on soy sauce?

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

yi: bc u said u were sleepy. n now i find u r still up. its 2.30 there!! no wonder u get pimples. SLEEP NOW!!!!

Hong Yi said...

gosh we're bumpin up the comments arent we ;)

pioneerwoman just posted a too-simple recipe on goat cheese coated with dill. yes to dill, but...goat cheese?!?

u think it's as good as she says it is?

Hong Yi said...

aiya i was sleepy just now
okgoodnight yawn bye!

ps: im going to the gym tmr. are YOU?

Hong Yi said...


-end of convo-

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

i'm not eating 2mrw; r YOU??

Hong Yi said...

(this is hongyi's spirit speaking. hy's physically on her bed now)

HA! u're lying!
The trick is to eat more but in smaller portions!

not one mountain-load of food like u do in buffets!


Hong Yi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hong Yi said...

i really gotta sleep now odawise R wont be happy tmr :(

gdnite and give daddy a big sloppy smooch on da cheeks for me please

love u muah

Moodie Foodie said...

Omigosh, hiiiiiii.....sorry to be so enthusiastic, but it's rare to find a foodie from KK!! Im from there too! But studying in Melbourne...I wonder if I know you or any of your family. That would be weird. Anyway, I've bookmarked your page and hopefully will be able to reminisce about KK whenever I miss home.

<3 Jess

ekeng said...

hey Terri...i think u better change the header of this should be like...ermmm..A Conversation between Mom and Daughther...hahaha..Kidding ya..I never been to Hyatt for buffet..But looks like i have to avoid this place :p

Anonymous said...

to my surprise, a post at 11pm last nite cud give 20 comments! I was like, wow, Y on earth ppl so into Hyatt's post? haha! can compete with " A Place called Mizoram"
yi, dont ur mum use skype or MSN ?
Terri, u 58KG??? U SURE? i m 61~ HHHAHAH, but u look SO THIN! may be is the 'height' issue here

p.s better x reveal myself, since I put my weight here! HA!

Precious Pea said...

Haha...interesting mother and daughter conversation. I agree with you, i seldom go for buffet anymore, especially when they offer local spread cos you will find the same classic stuffs like curry, rendang, satay, and the thought of stuffing myself to death (just to make my money worth) is so so horrible when there are people out there who doesn't even have anything to eat. So now i avoid buffet if possible.

bryan said...

Terri, you look gorgeous.

Hyatt's a no-go zone for me as well, the last time I went the only thing I liked was the pizza. And it was more a case of the least worse of all the food. At least I didn't have to pay.

Moodie Foodie said...

Sorry to interupt the mother-daughter conversation. But let's get back to the topic of buffets though....i used to love Hyatt buffet coz they serve lots of 'ma lai chan' (malay meals) and coz my mum have like the gift vouchers to eat for free. But rarely ever go there coz the quality is quite bad. The Japanese restaurant has some hit-&-miss too. The Chinese restaurant I've only been to once...okok lah. Nothing to brag about. One buffet place I like is the one at Shangri-La. Lots of choices, especially the dessert =]~~

Another crappy buffet is at the Le Meridien? The hotel opp. Filipino market - quite embarassing for a supposedly 5-star hotel....

Shan said...

Hyatt's usually an option due to the fact that it's right in town and convenient (cept for when there's bad traffic).
I still kinda like mosaic though but give it a go Terri and let us know your thoughts.

Hong Yi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hong Yi said...

The Jap buffet in Hyatt used to be not bad actually. But the last time I went there, the standard went down a fair bit. And as for the western buffet...i'd rather go to the food court in wisma merdeka and order a plate of hainanese chicken rice. with chopped giblets on top, please :D

i think the best buffet i've ever had is the one in Five Sails, Sutera Harbour. Who's been there before?? ; )

Hong Yi said...

ma. i got ur msg. im outta credit, cant reply. call me anytime after 8pm ur time. ttys

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