Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Garden Seafood Restaurant

The Cari Makan In PJ boy aka Ekeng came to KK to visit his family and he arranged to meet Denise Chicky Egg and I at Garden Seafood Restaurant last Saturday. Now the three of us have never met before except online in each other's blog. It turned out that Denise lives very near my house (3 minutes if I drive fast) so I picked her up. It was like meeting somebody I know yet not know. Denise's a pretty fresh-faced girl who looks like she just finished high school (but she's not), and like Ekeng was saying, she can cook some mean meals, at least from what we see on her blog.

Denise had hinted for me to bring the family sniffer along, and I had to butter him up a few days before before he agreed. He said he was nervous. But you know, like meeting Shan and Louis and Ivy of Precious Pea, it didn't feel awkward at all for me and I really enjoyed the dinner with them all. Ekeng's parents, brother and his (Ekeng's) friend Oliver joined us too as the family seemed to have some control in the restaurant.

Ekeng is very friendly and likeable and the fact that he was so loving to his parents and vice versa so impressed me that I must nominate him for the title of Most Eligible Blogger that is if he's still eligible. And on top of that, he was so generous too. Look what he feed us:

Fish maw soup

Steamed 7-star grouper. Ekeng's asking whose skin is smoother. Actually I asked him to show how big the fish is.

Yummy saucy tiger prawns. These were huge and after tucking in one, I was full especially since I had had a buffet lunch just 5 hours before that. What a waste, because more food was to come and I couldn't do justice to them.

Kam heong crabs, one of the best ways to cook crabs. These were good.

Prawn paste boneless chicken, Wey's fav--he doesn't like seafood.

Stewed venison brisket and veg. I hardly tasted this, stuffed to the hairline was I.

Thai-style mango grouper. The sweet and sour sauce was very good but I didn't eat the fish .
All that food for the 5 of us! Ekeng's family came in and out and hardly ate. I didn't eat as much as I would like to as I was too full. I found the seafood better than the meat dishes and was told that their prices are reasonable compared to Port View and Ocean Seafood restaurants.

These were delicious coffee hazelnut macarons from Big Boys Oven Sunny and Sid and they were very good, full of coffee flavor, crisp outside chewy inside. Denise and Wey ate more than one each I think. I however found it a bit too sweet. Now isn't Ekeng the nicest person ever, to bring back these special treats for us? He actually ordered some jelly cakes too but I shall not reveal what happened because I don't want to get Ekeng into trouble with BBO.

We had a great time sharing our common interest, blogging and photography, and Ekeng also shared about the KL bloggers when they meet (very nice, friendly people who let their food get cold because they are so serious about their photos). Thanks Ekeng for the scrumptious meal and thanks also for your wonderful company Denise, Oliver, Ekeng and family!


Mandy said...

Terri, I am so envious! All the food!!!! And the chance to catch up with fellow food bloggers. Please, we must meet up the next time I go home. :)

Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

HA! I'm not sure is either the soup is good or Wey is hungry !he finished his bowl of rich within few seconds ! and I remember he told U the chicken is good! hahahahahah, and It's prettie impressed he eats prawns + crab + fish !
I think, again, either the food are really good OR, he's a good boy, he respect ekeng+parents ! *wink*

Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

RICE * , not RICH

ekeng said...

Hey Terri, it's so nice to meeting you and Wey...I'm so happy for meeting food blogger from KK..It was a special night for me :)

Woohuu~~~Thanks for awarded me as The Most Eligible Blogger :)

Ehh...Hope BBO didn't read this..if not, die la me..hahaha :)

meatball online said...

wah... all the food. It is always fun when meeting blogger friends up. Wish to meet up with u and denise one day.

Precious Pea said...

Just the other day, Hubby mentioned that we should make another trip to KK cos he just love the place.

Such a lovely meal and companion. :) Do let me know when you are coming to KL as am sure lots of people here in KL would love to meet you too.

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

mandy: yes, i'd love to meet up with u n other bloggers over a live-to-eat meal :)

denise: u know, he never eats fish maw soup, never. i think he was really trying to impress u all. now, do u take boarders? can u do me a favor..?

ekeng: thanks to u for arranging the meeting:)

meatball: i would love to arrange a food bloggers meet, where we cook and eat. next year when i move into my dream house?

preciousP: u must come again n stay longer! i would love to meet up with all u celebrities!

Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

Ha! sure quick !
your wish is my command ;D

Big Boys Oven said...

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm .. . . .. . .

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