Thursday, August 28, 2008

HK: Day 2

What a terrible day. Hub's 6th Auntie (his mom's younger sis) and her husband took us out for dim sum in a new building ("Li Ka Shing's youngest son's office is here") near Tai Koo Mansions where they live and while walking out of the building, she missed a step (the steps were all grey granite, same color as the floor) and fell. A whole bunch of blue-uniformed men with the words "Swire Properties" on their shirt pockets swarmed around us, and within 10 minutes an ambulance came. A lady complained to the Swire people (management or owner of the building I guess) that the same thing happened to her a few months ago. As I rushed down the escalators with some ice I took from a restaurant, another lady came to tell the people in the building what happened and could they please do something aout the situation and the steps. One thing about HK, the people are very informed, literate and civic-conscious.

Story short, 6th Auntie' right ankle is broken (I saw the sharp protrusion of her ankle bone; if her skin had opened, the bone would've stuck out) and she's in hospital waiting for the swelling to go down before they operate on her. Hub and I are nearly in tears thinking of her. We feel so bad that this happened because we came to visit. We both lost our appetite.

But I still managed to shop tonight, in Causeway Bay, the shopping heart of HK island (we are staying on the island, not mainland); it's theraputic. And if you read my posts on my visit last year to HK, I mentioned that each time I come I seem to run into a celebrity, didn't I?

We were at Festival Walk (not the building, the area behind it) when we saw some commotion. It was a catwalk party thrown by one of my favorite brands, Max & Co, for their fall collection. You'd think people will crowd around this star whom I think is Joey Yung:


Is this her? I've always loved her eyes but today she looked tired. Bad hair day too. Hub whispered "Face too big".



Who is this??

Most people however were crowding around this angelic being:



Who is she I asked a Max & Co girl? "Angela Baby" Oh no, a go-go girl, a lap-dancer? I mean, the name sounds..."She's a Hong Kong model!"


When she passed by, she was only my height (5' 5" + 1" flats but she was wearing 4 " heels). I thought you have to be tall to be a model. I said so to Hub, and a man nearby said"She's tall!" to his gf. I looked at his gf, she's up to my ears only. I guess height is relative. Plus in HK, short people abound.

Why do models have to be so thin? Angela has no hips, no boobs, spindly arms and legs. Yet why did I suddenly think "Right, nothing will go into my stomach for the next 2 days, not even a carrot stick". The green-eyed monster lurks, even in someone old enough to be Angela Baby's grandma.

Lovely. Breathtaking beauty. I couldn't take my eyes off her. I wanted to take her home too. Not in that way ok, just to put her on a shelf I suppose. Now I know why rich men have trophy wives.The Chinese saying "One mountain higher than the other" comes to mind.

p.s. I told you Panasonic Lumix's FZ 50 has powerful zoom lenses. We are shopping for Nikon cameras, one for me and one for Yi. I was thinking D300 for Yi and D80 for myslef (martyr mom) until James told me D300 is real heavy. And tonight I got a message from CK that Nikon as announced the Nikon D90, a well-kept secret that nobody except CK seems to know because he told me this a week or so ago. So far the reviews are great, but the camera will only be available end of Sept.


Hazza said...

Is it still happenning today, where the supposedly best loooking girls in east asia still have caucasian features? It somehow gives the impression of low esteem towards oriental features.

Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

He! D80 is my dream cam too! so ex here in kk , dad says D50 la since i m only a kid ! "ROAR"

Anonymous said...

she's got a blog

Precious Pea said...

Lucky you. I have never ever bump into any celebrity in HK! :(

Food!! Where are the food pics???

Oh, by the way, i hope your 6th aunt will get well soon.

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

hazza, she didn't look caucasian or mixed in person. i think ther dyed hair n brown contacts show up more on camera. really, she was very sweet oriental. about the pan-caucasian look, malaysia n singapore r very guilty of tt crime but here in hk, most posters r of chinese home-grown boys n girls. i fully agree with you.

denise: i actually prefer the d40 n d60 size but the reviews about these 2 cams rn't good. how come u not whining foe a canon? it's very popular with younger no-professional photographers n price really value for money.

anon, oh. i stand guilty of ignorance.thanx, wil check it out.

pea: she's going to be operated on 2mrw mrng. am so sorry about it. i would stay beack to take care of her f they let me!

i find it hard to update bc i come back late (after shops all close; serious shopper bah) n w/o a mouse, i am slower..

jC said...

aunty terri, your blog ah, FOod is good, now adding pretty girls.. i am so close to putting it as my homepage.

Fooman said...

Hope your aunt gets well soon.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your aunt. Hope she is better.

Precious Pea said...

Don't be too upset dear, this is an accident, not your fault. I always believe that everything happen for a reason. Probably something 'minor' to avoid something 'major'. Hope she get well soon.

Jackson said...

wow... Yong Zou Yi is so beautiful

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

jc: yes, keep tuning in for more surprises..

fooman(chu) & r: thanx!she's ok after d surgery, now praying tt she'll walk soon.

pea: thank u dear.

jackson: hmm, tt's what one of my hk friends just said but i find her too "goo den"/classic china beauty.

Anonymous said...

yi's so lucky to get camera.

i want camera too :(

oh wel, gotta save.

bryan said...

Terri, she definitely have caucasian features, look at her nose and the overall shape of her face. I'm sure she's well aware of this and is leveraging it by wearing those colored contacts. I'm sure her look is intentional.

Anyway she looks like a pretty beanpole I like my women with a bit more meat on them. :)

hongyi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
hongyi said...

bryan: that's what i like to hear - liking a bit of meat on women. makes me feel so much better from eating so much cake tonight. *pats belly

Anonymous said...

whereas in the west, so-called 'oriental features' such as slanted eyes are highly prized and seen on the high fashion runway models.
so dear hazza, what does this say abt the uppity western attitude then?

bryan said...

I think hazza has a better point, because high fashion models get given little regard to the common people such as yourself and me. I myself think most of them are not very much to look at.

Anonymous said...

conclusion: ppl want what they can't have.

to anony above: yes, asians def want to hv caucasian many asians would be happy with their slanty eyes/flat noses?

lily said...

she is butiful...

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

ok, everybody, listen up. i am told tt angela babe has a caucasian (german) father , chinese mom PLUS it is a known fact tt she has been made over. i think her surgeon is way better than dawn yang's don't u think.she is also known as an 'mk girl' referring to mongkok, the area in kowloon where young ppl with dyed hair shop for cheap clothing.

about asian/caucasian features, my humble opinion is much as we asians/chinese wish to have bigger eyes n higher noses (I was trying sunglasses out 2day n nothing sits on my flat nose--d glasses sit on my cheeks), caucasians most want small noses. if u look at cover girls, only those with the smallest noses are the most wanted cosmetic surgery to caucasians is nose surgery. i think our slant eyes r a joke as much as i think big prominent noses on caucasians r a joke too. so it's right, we want what we don't have.

irene-serenity said...

talking abt features n looks, i remember reading a book, Siberian Dream, a true story n sensual memoir of Irina Pantaeva's struggle to become a successful model in New York... she described herself as a tall girl with beautiful legs, shapely body and a dinner-plate face..... i think something like wat ur hub described joey's face too big...

bryan said...

Her nose looks very made over but I didn't want to level that accusation at her without any facts. Though I actually have no problem with plastic surgery. It does no one any harm after all.

Interesting about that mk girl thing, never knew that.

Anonymous said...

"Though I actually have no problem with plastic surgery. It does no one any harm after all."

hmm...i'd rethink that.

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