Friday, October 3, 2008

5 Food You Must Eat In Hong Kong: No 1, Part 2

So right after the dim sum breakfast, we were on the bus to Kowloon's famous Nathan Rd to meet up with Hub's high-flying cousin J and his famous high profile wife S (high enough to carry the Olympic torch for HK) in Shamrock Seafood Restaurant.

If you are from Sabah, you'll know Shamrock Hotel, next to the restaurant, which every Sabahan loved to stay in in the 80s. Shamrock Seafood Restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants for locals. It is one of those traditional dim sum places I told you about, all noisy and busy and the dim sum, if it's good enough for locals, should be good enough for tourists.

Hub, Jungjung and I had just eaten a heavy breakfast. It is not polite to not eat if you are the guests, so we ate. And ate. We were amazing. Where did we find room to put all that food?

Clockwise: ha gow (prawn dumplings), choy gow (veg dumplings), ngoe yuk yuen (beef balls) and ngoe cheong fun (beef rice flour rolls). All were excellent, even in my bloated state.

Clockwise: ngoe bak yip (stewed beef tripe), chung yau bang (spring onions pancake), fung jow or 'pheonix claws' (steamed chicken feet) & ka lei yau yee (curry cuttlefish).

The beef tripe was exceptional--tender and well-seasoned. Trust it to the Cantonese to make good use of every part of the animal.


I'm not sure about the names here but these are the sweet dim sum. To be honest, I had a tiny pinch of each but the others said these were very good, especially the jin dui (sesame seed puffs) and the polo buns. And when I was on the brink of a food-induced death, S ordered this, "One of Shamrock's best dishes, ngoe nam mien, jen hei jang ga."

Ngoe nam meen (beef skirt flat rice noodles).

Looks deceptively ordinary but THIS WAS SERIOUSLY GOOD. Jen hei hoe jang (truly excellent). I could only eat half a rice bowl then. Seriously a case of "The spirit was willing but the body was not."

Glutinous rice in lotus leaf.

Only HK chefs can do this so well. Every grain of rice was flavorful with the ingredients (pork, egg, mushrooms, seasoning) AND the aroma of the fresh, not dried, lotus leaf.

Now, don't you agree that dim sum is the No 1 thing you must eat in HK?

Note: Shamrock Seafood Restaurant is at 223 Nathan Rd. in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, next to the Jordan MTR station. Open everyday of the week, dim sum from 7 am until mid-afternoon, a la carte dinner at night.


nee said...

I have no idea how you can down all these stuffs after that sumptuous breakfast. i want to kow tow to you.

btw, i did not manage to send the green plants through my bro this time because greg's 96 year old grandma passed away a few days ago and i dont want to bug my FIL. next time.

ganache-ganache said...

I tried the beef tripe @ WK rest, went there after reading your post on it, it was good, not heavy on MSG & oil, we like the dim sum there ! look at that polo bun, I like the HK style, stuffed with a thick slab of real butter, not the KK type with filling in it !!

backstreetgluttons said...

Looking delicious !
great HK presentation

a feast, everyday said...

Oh, u bad girl. After ur 2 posts on dimsum I don't think i eat any of the KK dimsum anymore.

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

nee: i kow tow to myself. oh dear. but 96 is a blessed long life.

ganache: jo (frm a feast) n i were there after our hk trips n we both thought the dim sum in wk was not as good as b4! *sigh*

bsg: yes, i shd be done with hk. too cheong hei.

afeast: it isn't my post. it was u going there n spoiling ur tastebuds. don't u think tt having food blogs makes it harder to find good food?? our tastebuds just get more n more discerning.look at wey n leanne.

TeaLady said...

Oh!! Wow!!! These meals sound incredible. Wow!!!

triShie said...

hey there, terri!!

i just nominated you for this Brilliante Weblog prize!! go to my blog to read more. thanks for this friendship and the sharing of ur blog!!


Agnes aka Ric3y said...

Ooh!! Yummylicious DimSums!!! :D I wanna drool on my keyboard soon!!!! The Ngoe nam meen and Lotus Glutinous Rice looks yummy!!!

Johnathan said...

Ahh.... Useful posting! Now this is one of the place that I would try. But then again, appreciate if the price is also given :p

Sorry Terri, too much request heheh... perhaps I should supply u the info when l go this time round ;)

sole! said...

i love this pictures and your food!

Precious Pea said...

I am so gonna drown myself with dim sum in my next visit.

Max mickle said...

It would be a crime if you don’t eat dim sum in HK!It’s like not eating pho in Vietnam, baguette & pastries in Paris, curry in India, satay in Malaysia…We had two consecutive dim sum meals on the Saturday that we were in HK. First it was dim sum breakfast in Tsuen Wan, the most western MTR stop on the Kowloon side of HK. Do you know more please us

emily.t said...

Hey Terri,
Is the dim sum here expensive?
I'll be going HK in April and I know I must try their dim sum, I'm torn between this and Dao Hiang Dim Sum in London Restaurant.
Which would you recommend?
Erm, I'm on a budget. =)

terri@adailyobsession said...

emilyt: this is not an expensive dim sum place. this is where hk families get together to eat. there are newer, fancier & more expensive places like super star seafood restaurants (see my hk 2008 posts).i've not been to the other place u mentioned so i can't tell u which is better...maybe u can try tt place n tell me! if u r on a budget, tai wing wah is really really good, but u need to make a reservation. have fun!

emily.t said...

Thanks Terri,
I think I'll give this Shamrock a try! Tai Wing Wah is in Yuen Long leh..!! This plc is much nearer, I'm stayin in Largos Hotel. =)
Just to confirm, this restaurant is inside Shamrock Hotel, correct?
Do they serve "Zhar Leung" here?

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