Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kedai Kopi Jia Xiang

One of these nights when you had a light dinner because you want to loose those stubborn 2 kgs before Chinese New Year, and it is 10 pm and your stomach is acting like it is possessed, head out to Kedai Kopi Jia Xiang in Lintas, behind Brass Monkey Cafe N Bar. In my (humble) opinion, this is one of the best places for sang yuk mien (fresh pork noodles) in KK. I know I've told you that Kedai Kopi Kah Hing in Taman Mesra, Penampang is the best, and it still is very very good, but ? is equally good. The place is open for breakfast and lunch too but somehow the soup's not as good as at dinner. I'm told the mom runs the place in the day while the daughter takes over at night, and somehow daughter seems to cook better than mom. Another plus about eating there at night is that parking is easy whereas in the day--well, you know the parking situation in Lintas. Plus it always feels like an oven there in the day.

The best time to go is after 9pm, when the soup's concentrated after all the previous orders are cooked in the same huge cauldron of soup.

We had a rare supper there recently and you can see we are keeping to our dieting because for once we didn't have any offal. Wey also ordered pork belly in herbal soup (bak kut teh) from another stall in the same shop.

Soup sang yuk mee fun/fresh pork fine rice noodles. You have to ask for the pork crackling mince. I think they are a bit stingy on the meat toppings compared with Kah Hing.

Soy sauce-tossed wheat noodles with sang yuk soup.

Pork belly bak kut teh. I didn't find this very good but I only had one piece, in keeping with my diet control.

I will loose those 2 kgs. Then I can eat all I want again, especially in 2 1/2 weeks' time (CNY). But wait, my stomach is rippling and it's only 8:57 pm. Maybe I'll see you there tonight.


Precious Pea said...

Is that wat they call the noodle in KK? We call it G-Yuk Fan (pork meat noodle) here and usually they will throw in pork balls and if you request, liver and intestine.

Hope you will lose your 2kgs soon.

ekeng said...

let see...I think the name of the shop is Jia Siang if not mistake. I also got the picture. Let me blog it later.

ekeng said...

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ganache-ganache said...

this shop is packed from morning to night, you know, the shop uses 5kg of MSG a week, accordingly to hubby's nephew (his friend knows the owner) !!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

sigh..i wan to lose that 2 kgs too!!! been working out 3 times this week..hope i dont blow the effort out by pigging this weekend!

Jessica said...

if not mistaken, the name is Jia Siang 家香生肉 (in chinese)... yeah! my son loves it too, he calls it "black noodle" !

terri@adailyobsession said...

pp: i think kl is more apt bc sang yuk means raw meat ya?

i am on the way, i lost 1/2 kg since wed but i think it's just water.

ekeng: really? hmm, i'm still going to drive there later. not sure yet.let me check my schedule with my secretary :D

ganache: u know, once we went for dinner (b4 8pm) n soup was very light n i was telling my fam tt they didn't add much msg..aiya, no wonder my hair's dropping like autumn leaves...

joe: next time u r tempted, think of me. think of me with a big ladle ready to whack u! just hold on, i always tell my kids: "little pain now, big gain later" think of all the yummy food u can eat in cny n still looks good:DD!

jessica: hm. u r the second person to say it's jia siang. thnx!

val said...

Hi Terri,

ehh Salim in lintas do sell pork noodle ahh? or do mean the Chinese restaurant besides it? I go there quite often (especially when I got hang over - then I lazy to cook :P)

For Salim, yup I quite agree with (it's one of the best place to hang out for supper). My fav food there would be the crispy deep fried Bitter gourd and roti tisu.

The pork soup in the Chinese restaurant is really tasty! For a change, I would suggest another restaurant at 'Fuk koi' (nearby to KK High school area). They also provide a very tasty pork soup/pork noodle soup in generous amount!

Cheers Terri!

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

hA! I like this shop! I always go eat with my darl after 11pm!
hey, R u using d90 to take the pic? or may be i m wrong

Agnes aka Ric3y said...

Was the shop near to the Salim's??? There is two coffee shops selling Shang Nyuk Mee there if I'm not mistaken and there is one called something Sinsuran (Sinsuran has a coffee shop selling Shang Nyuk Mee) and another coffee shop not really knowing the name...

Hardly went to Lintas already, its always jammed!!!

terri@adailyobsession said...

val: no not salim, but the shop across the street. i'm going to check out 'Fuk Koi'(r u pulling my leg on this one??never noticed a coffeeshop by this ridiculous name in tt area. is it near pick n pay?

denise: no i'm not using the d90. it's too sophisticated 4 me. i'll wait till yi is good at it n show me how to use it.

agnes: ok, i really have to go check the name n update this post.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I miss the pork noodle so much! I will first visit the noodle house everytime i go back to KK. KL pork noodle is so much different..

Anonymous said...

The restaurant name is Jia Siang.. its at the corner of the block, behind brass monkey right? if yes, then its the one.. btw, the indian restaurant opposite it is not Restaurant Salim, its Restoran Arifah or something, but definitely not Salim :D

Saint said...

oh my.. the last time i had this was like in JULY when i was back for a holiday!!!!
missing it badly... *drools...

use to blog alto..think my blog i pretty dead now. cant find the time to update it.
anyway, interesting blog!

btw, im from KK, but working in Dubai now! cheers

Chicken Recipes said...

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San Nyuk Mian Lover said...

How come nobody blog about the Original San Nyuk Mian in Sinsuran? It was started in 1982, and still in operation until today.

All the other shops are just imitating the original recipe, kinda sad to think about it.

Kedai Kopi Kim Hing Lee
Blk F, Lot 7, Sinsuran Complex, Sinsuran

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