Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kedai Kopi Lee Sheng

The noodles stall in Lee Sheng, run by a lady who calls herself Fatty, has only two items: mixed beef noodles (ngiew chap) and fish head/slices noodles. On Sundays, Fatty works a bit harder and adds to the menu an oxtail stew.

The first time I ate here, 2 months ago, the 7-star grouper slices were the freshest I've tasted in years, the soup was light without too much msg and the addition of local hum choy (pickled kale) gave the noodles a refreshing taste. However. That dreaded word, however. Just when I thought I've found my perfect little noodle shop, it turns out that Fatty is also afflicted by the same KK cooking disorder: very highly variable standards. On one occasion, Fatty gave me a very coarse fish she called ju bee which a friend said is a good fish prized for the head which has excellent gelatinous skin and cartilage, or whatever it is that makes fish heads slippery and flavorful. On a recent visit, the fish was good but the soup was very fishy in flavor.

Fatty's ngiew chap looks like it's highly flavored because it's all dark and 'stewed' looking but many times I've been surprised by how bland the soup is. However, Fatty is very generous with her toppings, and her beef tendons are very good, tender and gelatinous. I've tried her oxtail stew too, and it tasted great.

The best thing about this place is the generous portions and the prices which are about the lowest in town. Where else can you have fresh quality fish slices noodles for RM6/US$1.70 and ngiew chap for RM4/US$1.10? I've not encountered any refrigerator flavor in Fatty's fish, unlike those in famous seafood restaurants like Wan Wan (which is the King of refrigerator flavor seafood--yuks) or Lee Wong Kee. But I'd still advise that you give her a call and only venture there if she has 7-star grouper. Start on the right note. And oh, you may want to check out the same shop at night when another operator takes over. The evening operator runs Jeff's Corner, famous for its local-style western food, greasy chicken chops, lamb and even wagyu steaks at reasonable prices. I've tried the steaks and chops and found them about the same as served in other local western food restaurants but I'm told their roasted lamb on Saturdays are worth clogging your arteries for.

Chunks of grouper head with mi fun in soup, RM6/US$1.70.

Fish slices with mi fun soup, RM6/US$1.70

Mixed beef mi fun soup, RM6/US$1.70 (RM4/US$1.10 for regular meat and meat balls noodles)

Lee Sheng Coffee Shop (corner lot),
Ground Floor Lot 1, Luyang Phase 6 Shophouse (diagonally opposite Luyang Apartments)
Tel: 019 8100698


ganache-ganache said...

This sure looked healthy enough & the servings is generous, will check it out soon. What time does she open for business ?

Precious Pea said...

Same here in KL. No quality control. But it seems like people in KK are more generous with the serving..i see lots of 'liu'.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

tats plenty of ingredients..n im sure some salt n pepper may just fix it? i would, for that cheap price!

Fooman said...

Took me a while to figure out where I think it is. Haha. May be time to start a google map with all the KK makan places.

Plain Jane said...

Hey Terri, What's 'refrigerator flavour'?

worldwindows said...

Having 7-star grouper with mee hoon. What a luxury esp with the RM6 price tag and some more in Sabah. Where to find?

zurin said...

u mentioned tt there was nt much msg in teh there any other way to detect msg in food besides feeling parched?

there is this shop here wh uses so much msg that I left feeling so thirsty inspite of having 2 glasses of water. so the next time I gothere (if ever!) I mite as well order a dish of msg n request a little beef in it.. and practice my smirk b4 i go there too.. :?

Anonymous said...

Hi Terri, what should i call her? 'Fatty' or Ah Fei?


Katie said...

That looks absolutely delicious and so fresh and light. I hate the dreaded variable standards - you want to know that what you are paying for it just as good as it was the week before!

Anonymous said...

hi terri

here is a full post on somebody eating a horseshoe crab.

Anonymous said...

very nice post!!!!

terri@adailyobsession said...

ganache: ah, i think early...7am?

pp: i think it's the other way around. very little 'liu' here. except for fatty's servings.

joe: ya, tt's why i'm always there when i need a bowl of fish noodles

fooman: ai ya, so much work just for a post...

plain jane: it's a stale flavor in your food after it's been kept frozen for too long esp if not properly wrapped

terri@adailyobsession said...

worldwindows: here, at lee sheng..

zurin: other than feeling thirsty, i can feel the salty-sweetness of msg on my lips. msg is so potent i just don't know why ppl use so much of it.

katie: yes, wish there's more consistency in standards.

denny: def 'fatty' bc the sign on her stall says so. 'fatty' is an adjective but 'ah fei' is a noun so i think she won't like tt!

anon & stiliano: thnx

Fooman said...

I was bored. Haha. Did some for you already.

Fooman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hi Terri, I went with Darian this morning to try out the fish noodles. You are right, its the freshiest fish head/slices I've ever tasted. Haven't try out the beef noodles yet. Will go back again for the 7 star grouper fish slices, yummmmm..... Have a blessed week, MG

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