Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Talk The Wok

I've been deprived of the internet for a week! The Telekom people have been great, calling me 5-6 times a day, sending their technicians over, checking and changing cables but not being able to solve the problems and in the end it was a simple case of me deleting a huge file of games my son and his friend had downloaded. I hope Telekom doesn't read this; I've been rather assertive and they've been very accomodating.

Two different readers wrote me today (1 hour apart too) about woks, and asked what type of wok I use, and can I please do a post on it. I am surprised, because according to the stats on my site meter, How To Season A Wok is the most often google-searched post on this blog. Obviously Veronica and James haven't read it.

Now as far as what woks to get, I stick with the carbon steel type. They are lighter than iron woks and the more you use them, the better they get. I don't use anything non-stick although I admit that on my last visit to Singapore a few months back, I picked up a Green Pan. Side-tracking here, but I've found the Green Pan to be not very non-stick. I 've always been suspicious of non-stick utensils especially when heated up so if Green Pan is gas emission friendly, I can bear the reduced non-stickiness. I have a Buffalo stainless steel wok that cost half a grand (and that was bought years ago) but fry fish in it and it sticks like Crazy Glue so I only use it for steaming and boiling. Remember when it comes to wok, you want something that heats up and cools down fast (carbon steel), is light (carbon steel), gets better with use (carbon steel) and is cheap (carbon steel). Have I made myself clear?

Compare the wok in the post How To Season A Wok with, say, Ma's Shanghainese Lion Heads and you'll see the same wok, beautifully seasoned with use.


Anonymous said...

yeah, wok and internet all are used for stirring up stuff to make life colorful and tasteful just like yours.

terri@adailyobsession said...

anon: :) thnx u

veronica: sorry, i wasn't upset when i said u obviously didn't read the post on seasoning the wok.u know how i talk smtimes :) hey, my comp is still not running at full speed so i'll reply ur mail when comp is fixed.

no, i'm not writing this in a cyber cafe. lol.

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