Sunday, May 31, 2009

Vietnam Calling

We're planning this big trip to Europe in the late summer because our friends L & J and C & S are going to London, again. Because of the H1N1, airfares are on sale, with return trip to London about RM1600/US$440 (Airasia) and RM2400/660 (MAS), ex-KK. But Wey is sitting for his government exams (PMR) and instead of September, this year the exams are delayed until October because of the Ramadan month. I don't go anywhere cold, no way, after the Canadian Prairie Experience. After getting his report card last Friday, it looks like we have to stay put until his exams are over. Darn darn darn. The things we give up for our kids.

But we need a short break. Hub is thinking Tianjin, near Beijing but we can only be away about 5 days so that's not enough time. We are keeping Taipei for a whole family trip (hard to do now that both kids are in Australia) in December because that's one place where winter's not cold. China would be freezing by then. I'm rooting to go to Vietnam because 1) I love Vietnamese food 2) I want to visit Vietnam before it becomes another big slick Asian country 3) that's the place for a short getaway 4) the fare's only RM220 ex KL, return! That's truly cheaper than a meal.

I need to know from those who've been to Hanoi and HCMC (this is what I love about blogging--so much info available). Should I go to Hanoi or HCMC??? I have a friend in HCMC who's been telling me to visit, no one in Hanoi. I also am not interested in doing Halong Bay and those tourists -beaten tracks. I just want to visit a place I've never been before, enjoy and learn the history and culture of the country and eat. E-A-T.

Where to eat, where to sleep, where to go? Must know within the next two days!


Anonymous said...
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Jasmine said...

Hi Terri,

He blogs about food and life in Hanoi. The photos are stunning!

Enjoy your trip, whether its HCMC or Hanoi!


J2Kfm said...

Terri, I've only been to Hanoi, and glad to say the experience was worthwhile. do hop over for a look.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wanted to go to vietnam too, decided that krabi will b a more relaxing trip..

mayb my mind might change after looking at ur trip pics?

Alvin said...

I don't think its a great idea. Apparently there really isn't a lot to do there. My friend went there because he liked the food too. But really nothing to see. They are still recovering from war and their public fascilities are really disgusting. It was a real turn off.

terri@adailyobsession said...

jasmine: thnx, will check it out.

j2kfm: i did go thru ur posts, ur photos are beautiful, n the food looks good. but the question still remains: hanoi or ho chi min??

joe: ah, ur choice of krabi is bc of ivy's trip. sure looked like food heaven

alvin: thnx for telling me. hmmm. now i am completely confused.

Precious Pea said...

Hanoi and Taipei is in my list but guess that would have to wait till next year. I just love planning for holidays, don't you too?? Hehehe...i shall be waiting for your tips on Taipei.

Anonymous said...

Terri dearest,

What does it take to entice you to come visit Sgp again? Whatever food you want, we have it here. And i have been longing for so so so lonnnng to meet you! Oh, my love, when doth can we meet? I was completely heartbroken when u said you are not coming in June. Will you change your mind, now that i have declare my love for you openly :)))
Look out for my email.
Cheers :P

Nghi said...

Hi , I am a chinese vietnamese lady born in south Vietnam and living now in France for 35 years , I think it's regretful if you don't know Halong bay ( Hanoi ) ; I have visited it 3 years ago and I had loved it

Anonymous said...

Hi, hope this comes not too late. I've been to both Hanoi and HCM. There's quite a different feel to each city. The Hanoi architecture has a more French influence while HCM looks like a typical bustling Asian city. Shopping is great in both, lots of art galleries too. Foodwise I think we had better in HCM (lots of pho!) but Hanoi has lovely French-style houses which have been converted into restaurants.

cheers, lil

worldwindows said...

I have been to Vietnam 70X since 1995. But only the South + - 400km radius of HCMC, therefore I will not comment on Hanoi. The food in HCMC is fantastic. You may want to day tour to lots of places which is very cheap. Check-out my 10-part mostly food write-up on HCMC.

Ally ML said...

Hi Terri,

I have been 7 times in Vietnam. I would prefer Saigon (HCMC), cause the food there is soooo good! And I would go to the beaches (Nha Trang), too.

Enjoy your trip!

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