Monday, June 1, 2009

SIA, Strong $ & Now Their Police

I've been following news about Manohara ever since one of our local dailies reported it in April. Since then there has been a media black out on Manohara. Then today I read about her amazing escape (kudos to the Singaporean police, who acted without fear or favor) and I felt joy, just like how I felt three years ago when the Australian woman (I only remember her last name was Gillespie, because it reminded me of Pinocchio's maker, Guiseppe) finally was reunited with her now-grown kids after her Malaysian prince ex-hub abducted them in the 80s.

I am especially happy because the truth is out. I do not trust our mainstream papers, not even their reports on the economy. Wait, make that most of all their reports on the economy. They are too oppressed to report the truth.

I am especially happy for Manohara 's family, because Manohara escaped alive. Her story reminds us that the truth will prevail, eventually.

Anybody for Mongolian Hot Pot tonight?


Johnathan Oh said...

Hi Terri, yes, it is truly a happy day for not only Manohara but for those of us living in Singapore having the assurance of the world class security of the country.

Manohara's claim that "No one could force me against my will in Singapore" is exactly the type of statement that I have made many times to my fellow malaysian friends regarding Singapore. How many even dare to say that about Malaysia and truly belives in it?

Singapore is not a perfect country but it is definitely a good country as far as I am concerned. Praise the Lord that amidst all the agony Manohara has experienced, she is now free to live her life and to tell the story without oppression. Kudos to Singapore's best!

Anonymously me said...

I share your exact sentiments! It never fails to amaze me how some people in the country can believe what they are told by the media, knowing that they are controlled by the govt. And even more hilarious to see how the some politicians shoot themselves on their foot and not even ashamed by their disgusting deeds.

Talking about Mongolian Hot Pot, how come it is not 'hot' these days?? ;)

terri@adailyobsession said...

johnathan: wah, ain't u guys lucky. n i can understand ur pride. heck, i don't trust our police even tho i'm a citizen. did u read about the young courting couple who were brought to the police station n the girl was raped by the police? i wonder what happened to tt case, but in msia, cases disappear.

yes, singapore deserves to be praised because it has a clean n efficient govt.just look at what they achieved compared to us, their black sheep twin brother. recently i heard tt singapore is the only asian country tt made it to the list of best 20 cities to live in. but i wonder if singapore police will act if it their 'royal family' commits a crime?? frankly, i think not. in all of asia, hk is the true democratic country (despite their communist big bros) but then again the hk ppl will disagree with me.

many say tt mano deserves it bc she married for $ but i think tt's beside the point here. it's like those idiots who say sexy women asked for it.the point is you have no right to treat a person, much less your wife, this way, whether she married you for $ or disgusting n crazy.

terri@adailyobsession said...

anon me: high 5. yeah, did u read the DPM's comments today about the penanti win? how thick skin is tt?? the fact is ppl don't come out to vote bc they know the results, tt pkr will win hands n feet down. so brains or not our politicians.

ah, tt's bc the very word scares the s--- out of certain ppl but the truth will always prevail, history will judge them, the miserable c-----.

Johnathan Oh said...

Hi Terri, hmmm... not sure abt the young couple case, but I have read abt the police head raping a girl that was brought to the police station and Lim Guan Eng stoof for the girl but was ISAed. Its so deplorable that makes me wanting to convert my citizenship. Felt ashamed to be called Malaysian.

Well, Singapore ain't the only Asian country but it is the only ASEAN country that made it to the list of 5 safest city and 25 best cities to live in. Malaysia made it to the list too, but only that it is the 5 riskiest and 25 worse cities to live in. Amazing, no? Besides, Shanghai and Beijing made it to the best 25 cities to live in too. You may want to read

Mano does NOT deserve that. Heck, no one does, not even the corrupt politicians. Two wrong does not make one right and the end just does not justify the means! What is wrong with woman marrying a man for financial security? Does Manohara plotred to kill the husband and inherit the whole lot? She just wanted to live the type of live that she dreamt of with a royalty and there is nothing wrong with that as far as l am concerned.

There are just ppl who are the I-told-you-so and you-reap-what-you-sow type. They are equally sick.

Johnathan Oh said...

I tell you Terri, this is the height of shamelesness

terri@adailyobsession said...

johnathan: guan eng was isaed for using classified info while defending a young girl who was raped by a cm of melaka, an old case tt is covered up. as usual, instead of getting the culprit, the whole thing turned onto the innocent party, in this case the defending lawyer who happened to be the son of the opposition leader. convenient smokescreen.

mano's case is so crystal clear there's no need to give the prince the benefit of a doubt. 1) she had run away a couple of months into her marriage (why, if she was loved & happy?) 2) her mom n sis were left stranded at the airport while they whisked mano off in a private jet w/o warning (why kidnap the girl if she's willing to reconcile?) 3) after that, she was inaccessible (why wasn't she allowed to communicate with her family if everything was ok?) 4) the mom was denied entry into malaysia when she couldn't get in touch with her daughter (why was she persona non grata? did she have a criminal record, pose a security threat to the country?) 5) our pm didn't allow indo reporters to ask him anything regarding an indo citizen while he was on an official visit to indo (shouldn't he be concerned for a 17 yr old girl whose mom hasn't heard from for months?) 6) mano had to grab the chance to escape while in a 'neutral' country (if she was free to go, she can just fly off from kelantan airport).

i rest my case.

Homosapian said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymously me said...

Aiyoh! Isn't it such an open fact that people from that particular congregation called umno (seriously not deserving any CAPITALS) are so known for empty promises and thick-face-seizing-of-credits to gain popularity from the plain, stupid, non-pork-eating citizens!

As for Mano, it's all said here:

Hmmm... pig trotters, stomp them flat! :D

Anonymously me said...

Ohh... Strangely, I always have that suddenly urge to to hurl a brick into that shiny glass building in Karamunsing area whenever I am in your state! ;)

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