Monday, May 21, 2012

Madangsui, NYC


One afternoon, Yi and I arranged to meet at a yakitori place that was highly recommended but when we got there, it was closed. We went next door and Yi had a Korean fish soup but I decided I wanted Korean bbq, and I wanted the best so we went to Madangsui, which is rated one of the top Korean bbq restaurants in NYC.

The banchan.

A soup and steamed egg custard that came with the order of bbq meat. The steamed egg came very puffed and it was very tender. It wasn't salted to balance the salty banchan; delicious, and reminded me that I don't have to always salt my steamed egg custard.

The onion salad was superb and I wish I have the recipe.

The soup was the real star of the meal and I wish I asked what soup this was. The best Korean soup I'v ever had in my life.

Beef tongue, cut too thinly as usual. A slightly thicker cut would give a good bite and taste. Still, the flavor was good especially when grilled just slightly underdone.

The marinated kalbi or short ribs were cut and placed on the grill.

The beef was very tender and delicious but I didn't like the sweet taste of sugar in my beef.

35 West 35th Street, NY

Madangsui is like most authentic Korean restaurants, not fancy in decor, but the food is SO good. Prices maybe on the higher side (our bill was USD65) compared to American food such as ribs and burgers but with the refill of banchan, what we ordered was too much for two persons. I'd go back to Madangsui just for the bean paste beef soup. With rice. Awesome. Can't stop thinking about it.


Michelle Chin said...

there are lots of good korean eateries in ny to be honest. i went to han bat and cho dang gol, and as a korean food lover, i was blown away! plus, it's not super pricey.

melbourne serves pricey korean food and the quality is meh. :(


terri, i am so envious - you seem to having a fine time there trying out stuff I think I will never in my life time get to do. sigh.


terri@adailyobsession said...

michelle: ah but one thing melbourne wins hands down is coffee! and according to my daughter, brekkies altho she doesnt really qualify to make tt statemt bc she never woke up in time for breakfast.

brook: YOU WILL, one day, when your kids are older, YOU WILL.

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