Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Union Sq Greenmarket

My daughter and I arrived in NYC within an hour of each other, she from LA and I from SF. The shuttle bus (a van actually) ride cost only USD34 for the two of us (and another USD3 for tips; I didn't know how much to give and the driver just took that amount) from JFK to our doorstep in the middle of Manhattan.

Our dinner was in Chinatown, in a restaurant called, cryptically, 102 Noodles Town. Well, maybe 102 is the address but Noodles Town? Anyway, we were so lucky to have my sister's SIL bring us there. The food was yummy.

Sampan congee, done just like they do in Hong Kong, USD5.

One lobster cooked with scallions and ginger for USD12 (two for USD20!). The sweet pea sprouts were a little bit tough. We ate some awesome sweet pea sprouts at Grant Place in SF's Chinatown.

I can't remember how much the roasted duck and chicken were, but I happily fought to pay because it was  so darn cheap AND delicious. The meal cost USD43 excluding service charge and this was NYC, supposedly one of the most expensive cities in the world. Where else but the US and Canada can you eat such a meal?

One morning when I passed by the same restaurant again, I took this photo of the sign promoting the lobsters. A tropical 'lobster' (crayfish really) back home would cost at least USD100. Why are lobsters so cheap in America, so expensive in Asia? Can you blame me for loving the place?

The next morning, our first day in NYC, we walked out our apartment, had coffee and a bacon muffin sandwich and then strolled from 8th Ave towards 5th Ave and found ourselves right in the middle of the Union Square Greenmarket. What a wonderful surprise!



Ramps are wild leeks and both the bulbs and leaves can be eaten.


Asparagus were plentiful and these purple-tipped ones were so pretty.



How cheap is that?! Food prices have not gone up much in 15 years, that's what I noticed. Americans should really count their blessings because it is the land of milk, honey and everything.




Lilacs, a flower I've not noticed before. So fragrant and pretty. Love them.


Union Square Greenmarket, located next to Union Square Park, is open every Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat. Over 140 stalls sell artisan breads, fresh meat and seafood, wine, pickles, flowers and more. Among the many programs are cooking demostrations by famous chefs.


ck said...

Whoa... need to know this inexpensive shuttle. Can you share the contact info please? Do they make multiple stops? Thanks Terri! Love the noodle town, my favorite hole in the wall.

Michelle Chin said...

i ate at congee village when i was in new york. :) tastes like something from home. keke

ooh food prices hasn't gone up? but the problem in the states is that some cities don't have access to fresh food! :(

kelly said...

It is crazy how cheap the lobsters in NYC are. In Hong Kong, it costs $75USD per Australian Lobster so I gave that up. My parents had the flower crab in Hong Kong and it costs $75USD as well. They were pretty shocked at the prices of seafood. The only thing that is sort of a bargain in Hong Kong seafood wise is Star East Garoupa which costs the same price in NYC. The Star East Garoupa is the best fish I have ever tasted, the prettiest too.

I love Union Square market, everything is fresh and reasonably priced for such high quality food.

Btw, I realized that I did not write down the name of my favorite Mexican place in NYC, it is Chipotle. It is considered "fake Mexican" but so delicious. It is also one of the most successful chains of all time!

Anonymous said...

Hi Terri!
I really love watching your pictures and knowing that you enjoyed yourself in NY!
...and it's always so interesting watching what you've been eating!

ck said...

Sometimes I wonder how can Terri eat so much and not gaining weight. What's the real secret here especially for woman over 50??? Please please share the secret.

Anonymous said...

Terri, you are so good to find all this good places.My next trip, I will make sure I visit all this places instead of shopping in Macy in Union square . One good Chinese restaurant that was famous . Joe Shanghai in Chinatown , you need to Q up even at 9.30pm. No credit card only cash. After you finish your meal, the bill will be sent to your table, you need to share table. Best for their siaw lun poh. everybody order at least 2 orders.

the lunch guy said...

the year i spent as a personal chef this is where i would do my shopping for all things not Asian. on one of the street that border this market area is a Whole Foods Store. did you happen to see it and go in?

the lobsters are so cheap in NYC because they come from only a few hours away and are delivered by truck. actually, compared to what they cost a decade ago, they are now expensive.

the best thing about Atlantic lobsters is that the water is frigid cold and this makes the meat firm and the texture to die for. also, the sea water in them is fresh when they are only a day or two out of the ocean, this is a major plus also. the best ones come packed in fresh seaweed.

above the asparagus pic is a pic of fiddle head ferns. these are only available in the spring and it seems yo were there at just the right time. they are great simply steamed, sauteed or incorporated into French style onion soup.

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