Monday, May 28, 2012

New Museum

This is a  post about where not to go in NYC.

The New Museum (235 Bowery) has patrons like Yoko Ono and all those old and new money people but unless you are a true art fart, don't go. It only costs USD7 but do you really want to go to a small museum filled half-filled with nonsense? Then again, it could just be me because I heard some people say on their way down "That was awesome!"

The building is very modern and sleek outside and the view from the uppermost floor is great too but the inside of the building is very small and feels rather cheap and flimsy. Maybe that's how it's meant to feel.



An installation made of Zimbawee currency. Other contenders: Asian currency.

Sticks on the walls.

A bucket with cut-out bottom.

Nail clippings; journey of drug money.

Not such what this is. Basic necessities of life--coffee, rice and flour/drugs?

A drawerful of DVDs is art too, remember that next time the kids don't put the DVDs back neatly.


By the time we got to the next one, I was begging my daughter to go. We laughed our way out of the New Museum.



I think it's me. I need to take a basic English course and an art appreciation course. But seriously, I think the best thing about modern art is how it evokes my feelings about it, how you have to think about what the artist is trying to say.

Two more posts and we'll move on to San Francisco.


Michelle Chin said...

It's not just you, terry.

I don't get it too.

This is one of those postmodernist stuff that some people dig into.

Unfortunately, I prefer the monet and botticelli sort of stuff.

the lunch guy said...

cut them some slack ... not everyone can be as talented an artist as Hong Yi.

"unless you see the crappy stuff, you can't appreciate the better work" ... my Dad always said that ...

terri@adailyobsession said...

michelle: oh i do like modern bc they make me think n wonder and sometimes fume. straightforward apples and nude women art are too no brainers smthimes:0

lunchguy: oh no, i nvr tt of tt! yi isn't even on their level or she'll be making $ putting up sticks!

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