Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Shopping In NYC 1

The next time I go to NYC again, I will spend more time shopping. We left shopping to the last two days because I thought that two days would be enough but shopping is a very time consuming and tiring event. I found shopping even more tiring than sight seeing. But yes, now that I've done all the sight seeing (almost) in NYC, I will shop till I drop the next time I'm there. And I will eat too. This trip was all about buildings and places.

NYC is like Hong Kong, all streets and shopping and restaurants. The stores close late, 9:30 pm (8 pm on Sundays), unlike in Australia where they close 5:30 pm except for late night shopping on Fridays and Saturdays (correct me). Hong Kong's the best, and China too, because shopping hours are 11 am to 11 pm.

I think that NYC is the best place to shop because it's so walkable. The subway is great (USD2.50 per ride for 2 hours, can be used on buses too), the bus is good too and Yellowcabs are everywhere, only USD3 when you get on, and usually USD8 will get you around. Tip is expected, usually a dollar or two.  Manhattan isn't that big and walking is better than anywhere I've been because the streets are laid out so properly. New Yorkers are very nice, helpful and friendly. Most people who haven't been to NYC think that it is dangerous but I've found it to be very safe, very clean, very pleasant. I didn't see a single street person in NYC but I saw many in San Francisco. It also occurred to me one day, when I heard a man say the F word, that even the language has cleaned up because the last time I was in NYC, I heard the F word everywhere I went--on the bus, on the subway, on the streets. This time, I was in the States for one month, and I only heard the F word once. It's unbelievable. I think they have grown up.

Somehow Zara is different in NYC.





DSC_4129_1208x800 - Copy
Love her colors, love her jacket.

Love her colors, love how she brightens her outfit with the tip of her shoes. "They are Kate Spade, 20% off at Bloomingdale's". We went but the shoes were out of stock. Cork shoes are very in, so are bright pink and orange.

She was very fresh-faced, hardly had any makeup on. She was just breathtakingly beautiful. Very likely a model.

I'm not familiar with European brands, but I love this dress. It was out of my budget, unfortunately.


Michelle Chin said...

i love shopping in new york too. they have personal shoppers to guide you around the store. :D

shopping in australia is just meh.

terri@adailyobsession said...

michelle: oh, wow. id don't even need a personal shopper bc the sales ppl were so helpful n friendly. shopping in aus? lol! in aus, i only like shopping for kitchen utensils n even then, now tt i've seen the stuff in the states, i don't want to shop AT ALL in aus! everything is overpriced. clothes, omg, the clothes are the same every shop n there's so few brands. the best things in aus r the coffee, the brekkie restaurants (expensive tho), wineries tt are half hour away, very good lamb n a relaxed lifestyle. nice for retired folks.

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