Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Milan 2012: Day 8 & 9

It was a rainy Sunday, cold and wet. It was my turn to get conjunctivitis so we both woke up very late, went to the supermarket, ate lunch and--true to our slothful nature, slept again. At 4 pm, we walked 15 minutes to the Navigli area for the flea market which is held every last Sunday of the month and immediately wished we had gone there earlier. Both sides of the canal were lined with stalls but some of them were packing up, maybe because of the rain. I didn't bring my camera and Yi's phone didn't have much battery left and I wish I can show you the jewellery, the leather handbags (some branded, some no name), the plates and ceramics.





The next day, a Monday, I went downtown to the Etihad Airways office to change the date of my flight. I had called last week and they said the change can be made through the phone but I thought it would be better if I went in person. However, when I got to the office, the lady said they are strictly an office and all dealings regarding tickets have to be made through their call center.

This is the street around the corner from our apartment on a chilly morning.

One of the big wooden doors on the street was open and what I saw surprised me. Behind the door was a cobbled courtyard with 2-storey residential buildings covered in vines. I asked the lady who was sweeping the courtyard if I could take some photos and she waved me in. Who would have imagined that behind the streets and buildings are rustic country-like residences? It sort of reminded me of the longtangs in Shanghai which are also hidden behind busy streets.

It was a rather chilly day but I was in a nice area (where the Salewa store is) so I walked around a bit. Just love the cobbled streets although one day we saw a lady, an American tourist I think, sitting on the sidewalk in pain; she had sprained her ankle. Cobblestone streets are not slippery but the uneven surface can cause serious sprains and falls.





Lunch for me was two panzerotti at Luini's. Look at the crowd waiting outside. Cioccolat Italiani is always packed too. 

2.70 euros for the salami picante panzerotti and 1.60 euros for the sweet one with peach filling but I had to eat them sitting on a sidewalk.

On the way back, I passed by the Duomo. There is a modern museum (The Twentieth Century Museum) to the left of the Duomo if you are looking out from the Duomo. The museum was designed by the  talented Milanese architect Italo Rota (who Yi met on a previous trip) and I planned to visit it but never did.


Blur Ting said...

Wow, I love the house with the courtyard. It seems that they have their back doors facing the street.

Food so delicious! said...

Oh.. all your write ups and photos makes me wanna go visit! I enjoy reading all your posting and the photos on food and places are simply AWESOME! Thanks so much!

terri@adailyobsession said...

blurting: i think it's front doors bc i've seen cars going out?

food: thank you dear!

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