Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Milan 2012: Home-Cooked Meals

Take a guess. How much did I pay for all that? Salami, parma ham, fresh pork belly, a thick piece of steak, sausage, 4 different cheeses, veggies, pasta, anchovies, milk, soy sauce, pistachios, potato chips, 1/2 kg tippo 00 flour (only 50 euro cents), a snack and a pack of dish towels for 48.38 euros, and it lasted us a couple of meals!

Yi wanted home-cooked meals, and since she was not well and it was chilly out, I made soupy mien tiao with chard (has the flavor of beets), button mushrooms and pork belly slices. I've found that Italian pork is superior to any I've eaten. Maybe because of the breed or the freshness, there's no porky smell AT ALL. As usual, we had buffalo mozza too. Maybe because we were away from home, or that it was cold out, anything that reminded us of home was delicious?

The white tub of cheese is soft and stringy. I think it's called squacquerone (btw, do pronounce ro-ne and po-ne, not rone or pone).

Sauteed tomatoes and white button mushrooms, another yum.

This piece of steak (costata con osso) weighed 750 gm, cost 9.96 euros and only needed to be pan-fried with olive oil and then salted and peppered.

It was very flavorful, tender and juicy, but there was so much, we couldn't finish it.

Buffalo mozza,Parma ham, roma tomatoes, anchovies and pear.

On another day, Yi wanted to try carpaccio, raw slices of sweet tender beef.

The meaty pork ribs made a good soup with celery, mushrooms, carrots and tomatoes. I added home-made flour 'gnocchi'. Btw, do you pronounce "brus-chet-ta" like I did? It should be "brew-sket-ta". "Ch" is pronounced "k", not "che". Therefore, gnocchi is "nyo kee", not "nyo chee".


Most of the carpaccio went into a Chinese-style stir-fried pasta that left us literally mewing. What was missing was fresh chilies and lime...


the lunch guy said...

"Buffalo mozza,Parma ham, roma tomatoes, anchovies and pear." this sounds like an awesome combination.

still so envious ........

Blur Ting said...

I pronounce "brew-sket-ta" because that's how my Italian friends say it but when I do it in Singapore, people look at me like I'm making a big faux pas.

I see that you bought the donut shaped olive cookie. Do you like it? I quite like the plain 'soda piah' taste.

Emmie said...
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terri@adailyobsession said...

lunchguy: i'm missing italy...

blurting: yes, n ppl here insist on saying "mas-ka-pone" instead of "mas-kar-pon-ne". oh the olive cookie is yum with squacquerone, a soft mozza cheese.
can i visit your parents' garden one day??

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