I'm Terri and I'm a housewife in Borneo. This blog was started after a bad meal out. That restaurant has since closed down. All food reviews are frank and not influenced by freebies. My recipes are all true and tried, collected and experimented over the last twenty years. I love sharing recipes and have been known to write them down on tissue paper for anyone who made the mistake of complimenting my cooking. This blog is about homecooking wholesome food, family, travelling and whatever that makes me sit up until 2 am.

Just in case you wondered. When he was in primary school, my youngest son Wey would say "Hunger hunger!" when I picked him up from school. This blog started out as 'A Daily Obsession' but I think that's boring and changed it to go with my blog address, www.hungerhunger.blogspot.com.

Want to contact me? Drop me some comments or write me at hungerhunger811@gmail.com. I'd love to hear from you!
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