Thursday, May 3, 2007

Steamed Pork & Salted Eggs

This is considered a home dish so you won't find it in restaurants. It is the perfect dish if you've just come from the dentist or entertaining anyone over 75. Or in my case, when I'm too lazy or have run out of recipes, the maid can easily do this. Richard of Sibu, another egg dish for you!

Steamed Pork & Salted Egg (uncooked)

300g lean pork shoulder, chopped fine
3 salted eggs (use 3 yolks & 2 whites)
2 chicken eggs
1 T doong cai, half minced and half chopped coarsely
3/4 T light soy sauce
white pepper
1/2 T cornflour
1/3 cup water

1. Put everything except the coarsely chopped doong cai in a metal dish, cut the salted yolks into half or quarters and mix well. Level the meat patty and sprinkle the coarsely-chopped doong cai on top.

2. Steam at high heat for 20 minutes. Goes well with rice or plain congee.

Note: Doong cai is a preserved veg. Omit it if you can't find it but it does give a better flavor to the dish. Don't use all the salted egg whites because it'll be too salty. Use 1 salted egg white if the salted egg is encased in the black ash, use 2 salted whites if its fresh salted egg because those aren't as salty.


anlekgen said...

Your blog fascinating--
making me hungry even though
oredi had lunch.
How about using CENTURY EGG with steam port/egg?? Will it taste the same, I wonder??

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your generosity in sharing recipes. I tried the duck yesterday and it was a hit. I'll try this dish soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mei! So happy to get some response. Sometimes I feel i'm talking to myself...hmm..maybe tt'll be good. Y don't u try it & tell me?? You can cook a soupy veg dish with chinese spinach (bayam) or chancai (emperor sprouts?), salted eggs and century eggs and lots of chicken stock.

Raina...u cooked?? D duck?? Wah, miracles r happening!!Haha thanx 4 ur encouragmt girl!

Anonymous said...

i agree with anlek.

the recipes here are always so simple and at the same time delicious. just what the world needs more of.

this steamed pork dish will come in handy the next time i tighten my braces (rendering myself unable to chew).

thanks for this, madam.

p.s: very interesting photos from japan. i think we would all appreciate further updates.

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

ronny (whoever u r) thanx 4 ur kind words. i'm going 2 post another recipe tt'll be easy on ur teeth...

obat lemah syahwat said...

very interesting information ... i like it ..

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