Saturday, July 28, 2007

Day 3 HK

My post on ginger milk custard is to be corrected. In Chinese, the dessert is called shuang pi nai meaning double-skin milk. I asked for it in Zhuhai, Shenzhen and HK, and the answer was the same: the best shuang pi nai can only be had in Guangzhou. So imagine my joy when we found that one street up from our hotel there was a restaurant called Yee Shun Milk Company(63 Pilkem St, Jordan, Kowloon. This is what we had for breakfast:

Shuang pi nai in three flavors: coffee, ginger and plain

Disappointing compared to what we ate in Guangzhou. I'd rather have tofufa (tofu custard). And what's the big deal about that piece of 'skin' on the top (see right bowl)?

(The next day we found that along this street were at least 5 other shuang pi nai restaurants. Did we go to the wrong one? My friend Cindy confirmed that Yee Shun is the one and I've googled it too. In doing that I've stumbled upon an interesting food blogger--'eating in translation' and added him to my list. Funny to see he'd already done that 'portugese egg tart against the ruins of St Paul' shot before Hub did.)

Undeterred, we crossed over to the HK side by subway to Causeway Bay, a busy shopping area, in search of a noodle place recommended by H called Ho Hung Kee.

Hanging loose in front of Times Square

I don't why but I find Times Sq in Causeway Bay the least interesting place to shop. However, around it are lots of little shops if you have the time and can take the heat. If you were facing Times Sq, on the left and the back is Ho Hung Kee, the place for good wontons and other dishes:

Ho Hung Kee

Soup noodles with stewed beef

I was out-voted as the others insisted on trying this. Didn't want to eat a bowl of wonton noodles by myself because after this I was going to check out that famous mango dessert place.
Anyway, this was good but price is twice that of Tsim Jai Kee.

Beef congee

Congee in HK is like nasi lemak in Malaysia, a favorite breakfast food. I've always found HK congee too gummy but this time I liked it. In KK, the place for congee is the two shops in Foh San. Lately their congee just aren't upto standard. There's always lumps of cold rice/congee because the Malaysian restaurant way of cooking congee is just plain lazy and shoddy. Rice is cooked to a soft-rice stage and set aside until customers make an order. The congee is then re-cooked by adding water. The Cantonese/HK way is to start off with uncooked rice and water and cook all the way until the rice becomes a liquidy gruel. Apparently you cannot add water halfway because that'll spoil the smoothness and texture. Another thing is I always go away with my lips smacking of msg. But never in HK.

Yaw tew (you ja kwey)

Isn't it beautiful, these light golden yaw tew instead of the tough brown sticks we get in KK?

The others groaned but I insisted it's a mission that had to be accomplished. Despite feeling full, we crossed the street over to a shop in front of Times Sq for these:


Doesn't have an English signboard but this shop has been blogged about by just about every food blogger. I couldn't eat here the last trip because of a long queue.

Mango pudding with pomelo and mango ice-cream

This is thick, rich, scattered with chunks of mango and so yummy esp. on a hot day.

Curry jumble

There's squid, fish balls, beef tripe and Chinese carrot
(lobak). I could eat all that myself!


We stumbled out, and Yi threatened to kill me if I mention "eat" again.


bryan said...

How the heck do you stay so slim?

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

if u have 2 sons like mine, u'll never put on weight. seriously, i'm just lucky now but when i was young i was a stick insect, so..

red | hongyi said...

bryan: i've stayed with her for 18 years and i still wonder how she does that.

ma: yes how do u stay slim
how come i didnt get ur genes hmm

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

yi: win some loose some, u know what i mean!

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