Friday, August 24, 2007

Mt Kinabalu-Kundasang

On the way up the mountain, you'll find little stalls with some jungle or home-grown produce. Sometimes nobody tends the stall and there's just an old tin for you to place whatever amount of money you feel you should pay although these days it's rare to find these stalls.

Roadside Stall

A stall selling glutinous corn, yams, sweet potatoes, ginger, hill padi (rice), bananas, canned soft drinks and pickles.


The light yellow jars are pickled unripe bambangans (a fruit) and the red jars contain fiery hot chilies. I took a closer look at the brown jars and stepped back in horror! Tiny river fish pickled in garlic, salt and uncooked hill rice! Two of the bottles definitely looked long gone, decayed and dissolved. How old are they, I asked and the lady said they were 3 weeks old and that they taste great with rice. No thank you, I'd rather drink drainwater.

Fruit Stalls at Kundasang

Look at that amazing spread of tropical fruits! I bought that whole bag of wild durians (lower left) and the 2 1/2 hour journey home was dizzying. Most of us passed out except for Hub who had his window down.


The only place for a decent meal in Mt. K, as far as we're concerned, is at the Fairy Garden Hotel/Resort. But be warned, don't order that lemon chicken.


Coketai said...

It don;t order the lemon chicken, what else to order??? (by judging from the number of plate on your table!!)Ha! Ha!

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

incl. a corn soup, d 4 of us couldn't finish d chicken. it was bland, even d lemon sauce was bland. d menu is quite extensive tho.

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