Thursday, September 6, 2007

Salmon-Bacon Quiche


It doesn't pour here when it rains, it...lashes. Just when I had the craving for Dotts' egg tarts yesterday at 4pm, the lashes of rain came whipping everywhere. I still got out of the car, grabbed 6 tarts, came home, showered and sat down to a cuppa and last night's salmon quiche. And the egg tarts. Dotts' egg tarts are SO GOOD, perfectly sweet (which means hardly sweet), the egg custard not too soft or firm and the pastry wonderfully 'short'. I usually peel half the pastry away, because I know all commercial pastry is made with that weird laboratory-produced wax called pastry margarine which never melts at room temp, making your every pastry attempt a success (but clogs your arteries). But yesterday I ate it all, sat back contently and rainy days.

Quiches are not so in now, probably due to that '80s book 'Real Men Don't Eat Quiche'? (Don't tell Wey that, he likes quiches). I read somewhere that these so called real men stay away from anything they can't pronounce. I suppose that would be dishes like coq au vin ("I'd like a chicken chop.") Fillet mignon ("Sirloin, medium rare, thank you.") And yes, quiche ("Er, I'll have the pie.")

Linguistics struggles aside, quiches are easy to cook for a hungry family. You can use so many other ingredients such as ham, spinach, peppers, anything you like really. I've made mine extra rich, with cream (use only milk if like but won't be as nice) and loads of meat and veg. Chickyegg, you'd like this eggy dish.


This recipe makes two substantial quiches:

The Pastry

2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
2 pinches of salt
180g cold butter, cut into small cubes (add 50g more if you dare-will give crumbier pastry)
2 eggs, beaten
2 - 3 T water (or lemon juice)

1. Get two flan pans (or a glass dish like I did) of 9"/23 cm diameter and grease them lightly. Oven at 200 C.

2. Sift flour and salt into a mixing bowl, add butter and mix well using your fingertips until mixture is like fine breadcrumbs. Add the beaten eggs and water/lemon juice, and extra water if necessary but not too much or pastry will be tough when baked. Knead lightly to mix well.

3. Roll dough out on a lightly floured surface. You may not be able to get a nice whole piece but never mind, the pastry can be patched up using several pieces of dough. Flip the pastry over the rolling pin so that it's easier tranfer to the pan. Press pastry firmly onto pan bottom and sides. Trim the top to get a neat edge.

4. Pop the pan into the oven for 10-15 min. to dry pastry out a bit. Remove from oven.

The Filling

1 14oz can salmon*, flaked & liquid retained
80 -100g streaky bacon, in thin strips
1 brown onion, finely sliced
50g fresh mushrooms (button or shiitake), finely sliced
2 cups heavy cream (or 1 cup)
1 cup milk (or 2 cups)
6 eggs
1/2 to 3/4 t salt (I go with 1/2; low-salt diet ...)
1/4 t pepper
1 t paprika
2 T freshly grated parmesan
2 T fresh parsley, chopped finely

* or use tuna or omit fish and increase amount of bacon and veg

1.Put bacon into frying pan w/o oil, fry over low heat till tranparent, then add the onions and mushrooms and fry two min. Let it cool. Mix in the flaked salmon.

2. Crack eggs into a bowl, whisk well,then add the cream, milk, salt, pepper, paprika, parsley, parmesan and the reserved salmon liquid. Give it all a good whip to blend well.

3. Scatter the fried ingredients evenly over pastry, and use a ladle to spoon the egg-cream mixture over the fried ingredients carefully so they don't get pushed to the sides. Use a fork to lightly stir and even out the salmon mixture.

4. Bake in the middle of the oven for 30 to 40 min or till the middle filling has set.


bryan said...

Oh I love quiche. I like the one at San Francisco Coffee.

Anonymous said...

NEE: very very hungry now...

btw any yum yum sinful recipe like butter prawn hehehe...did i just say tat i m on a diet..

MeatballOnline said...

i love quiche too! looks so delicious...

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

DottsEggTart: VERY MUCH AGREE with u. I like their Eggtarts! hhaaha, I only like HK-style eggtart.

OMG OMG OMG... after screen thru the Quiche recipe, I was like, to bake or not to bake... Then I start saying to myself I BETTER BAN myself from reading ur blog =p HAhahahha... too much of temptations.. * SLURPP *

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

bryan: yes we like SF's quiche too.:)

nee:just did garlic butter prawns for some guests day before but 4got to take u mean the chinese-style butter prawns with egg yolk strands?

meatball: make one n tell me how it turned out...

denise:great mouths eat alike. i think i have to ban myself too; am putting too much weight on myself.

Anonymous said...

NEE: hi hi...yeah those that looks like got floss (def got eggs in it). it is not easy to cook til the taste really goes into the prawns. mum just help me buy some really big nice prawns straight from fishing boat. so would like to try butter prawn out. garlic butter is it the same?

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

nee: d floss is seasoned egg yolks stirred in very hot melted butter. i wasn't successful d one time i tried it n haven't bothered to do it again. also, tt tasty floss is PURE egg yolk.goes straight to ur heart.
garlic butter prawns so very simple n good served with garlic bread. big green prawns are best for this. just marinade prawns(shelled but tails on) w salt n pepper. melt some butter and fry minced garlic, some minced chilies, add d prawns, some chpped parsley,dish out n garnish again w parsley n wedges of lemon. in d restaurants, they make it fancier by putting prawns in individual oven-proof bowls, melt d butter in d bowls in d oven, then add the prawns, parsley n garlic, cook till done.

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

garlic butter prawns in individual bowls: not 'cook' but 'bake' till well done

Anonymous said...

NEE: Thanks for the tips. will try out the garlic ones over weekend. so we can make it baked prawns huh..sounds simple and nice.

Anonymous said...

Hi Terri

May i know what is the temperature of the oven to bake this quiche?

Also when you bake the pastry for 5 mins to dry it a little, what should be the temperature of oven?
Thk you very much :)

terri@adailyobsession said...

anon: ha, u are not reading the recipe carefully. step 1 says oven at 200 C. that means 200 degrees celsius. all the way through.

Anonymous said...

hi guys

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