Saturday, November 3, 2007

In The New Sabah Times!


Had a late night and was still in bed when Hub came and gave me a copy of The New Sabah Times this morning. I took a look and sat straight up, shouting in horror and delight. Horrors first:

1. Shan had quoted me word for word! I started wishing I had written a better reply to her e-mail in which she asked for info such as why I'm into food blogging and my fam's response to my new hobby. There were things I left out, things I shouldn't have left in...

2. Pity the food pics were so blurrr.

3. Some mention of my family...I just have to be less candid next time!


1. The article was well-written (as usual with SS) and enjoyable.

2. To be featured alongside the beautiful and talented RasaMalaysia and the eating experts behind eatingasia is an honor and I'm very encouraged.

3. I asked that the pic of me be small. It came out big but so blur you can't tell it's me, so I'm happy! (Shan, I don't think people can tell those are prawns in the other pic.) Bee of RasaMalayisa is amazing ("Hot!" said Ming) - she looks good even with four eyes, blur nose and two mouths!

Thanks to Shan again for considering this blog article-worthy. In the past few months I have made many new friends, picked up a little on my photo skills, learnt new recipes, packed on 5 kgs of belly roll and point-of-no-return eyebags. I want to thank all of you for dropping by, for your comments and e-mails without which I wouldn't enjoy blogging. Really, thanks for considering this blog read-worthy! Please continue to give feedback; no fun talking to myself! Muah!!


Bento Pet said...

Congratulations!! I want a copy to read too!!!

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

haha..u cannot get it *in teasing tone*

kerf said...


i randomly discovered your blog, student in melbourne. now i got a place to get my recipes =)

do you take your own pictures?

they are perfect!!

Danny Ng said...

congrats :)

yi tells me you're very happy. seems like the new website guy has taken over my role now, hehe.

WoMbOk™♂ said...

Aiseh~ Congratulations Terri! Well deserved

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

Bento : I can get a copy & courier for u!* giggle *
Terri: Wahh... Hot Mummy O!! Hahaha GOng Xi Gong Xi ar~~;D

Rasa Malaysia said...

Thanks for telling me, I can't wait to read it. :)

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

kerf:tq. now i have another blog to check at 1 am :)
danny: tq.happy about what bc she's been so busy i haven't talked to her. no i need ur help but u r busy so.. still busy?how did thesis/theta/thete/whatever go?heard u'll be visiting m'sia?
wombok:tq. n ur photos r getting better n better. u do the trials n experimenting, n we learn fm u ok.
denise: no, don't! hot is for people under 39...
ms malaysia:too little info about u in tt piece...u still in penang? penang has all the best food in malaysia!i didn't like the nyonya food in malacca except for the kuehs, but i love all the food in penang (except for tt sweet-salty cookie)!

Shan said...

Hehe don't stress too much about it. I think the answers you gave showed a fun personality which I felt was important especially since you are the first Sabahan food blogger featured in a newspaper. Wanted to convey that light tone across :)

Had no imput on the photos though. Editors handiwork :p

Danny Ng said...

yeah, i handed in my thesis last friday. only have a presentation and a work experience report left to do before finishing my degree requirements.

will be flying to msia on the 25th of nov. possibly my friends and i might be visiting sabah, but not sure yet.

Anonymous said...

hi aunty terri!

i think i gained 10 pounds just LOOKING at the food here. :(

which brings up just one question-
when am i invited over for dinner?

see you in december!

Mandy said...

congrats!!!! I hope I have a copy to read here. :)

CK Ng said...

Wow! You have made a mark already. What a milestone. Congrats! :)

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

nadia: u're welcome everyday u know tt!
mandy:love ur pics!
ck: no lah, just lucky shan found me

^ViVi+YuKiKiGirL^ said...

Congratulation Ah YI!! That means you are a GREAT COok!!

Anonymous said...

I thk the journalist had chosen the rite bloger..
Well,not only a great cook,but a great writer,photographer,adviser n listener too..

I admire u so much..U r the best role model for me(my 1st choice to write about on my passed SPM english exam(essay),the title wan us to write about who i wanna be,if thr a chance i could chose to be someone else..") Mayb i touched the examiner so tat scored a good marks on it even i did not manage to finish up the ending.. ^-^

love those recipes u bloged,i will try the recipes after my STPM exam ended..n hope to learn more from u too ^-^

Whn ever i talk about u wit my frens,i feel PROUD!

Congrate,aunty..Love u..

red | hongyi said...

Shove over, Kenny Sia!! :P

Kuching's got Kenny, KK's got Terri! :D

red | hongyi said...

wah Mona, even ur comment's very touching lar~!

Vivi, u keep a blog? :P Let us read!

Hehe, Mama I wonder when u're gonna appear on TV. Hmm...

Anonymous said...

Will be on tv soon..muahaha

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