Thursday, January 31, 2008

Queen Victoria Market

Queen Victoria Market is in the city and definitely one of the must-visit places in Melbourne. There are meat and seafood sections, deli section (love this), fresh fruits and veggies section (the biggest section), handicrafts section, florists, food stalls and maybe more that I've missed. This is where you can get oysters freshly shucked for you, live lobsters and Moreton Bay bugs, the freshest salmon, best meat, nuts of all kinds, and on and on. The most popular section is the veg and fruits section which is awesome. SO many fruits and veggies, so fresh and at such low prices! If you go there around 2 pm (they close 3), the sellers will be shouting out their give-away prices of A$3 per kg of very fresh white mushrooms, A$3 per box of big avocados, A$5 a box of big's crazy. I went to Vic Mart 4 times during the 2 weeks I was there. Vic Mart is open from 6 am till 3 pm everyday except Mondays and Wednesdays.

Vic Mart is the biggest market in Melbourne but there are many others such as Prahran (smaller, classier), Footscray (another must-go. Mostly Vietnamese stores, so prices are cheapest here)and many more others. After going to these markets, I just felt the awful disparity. There's so much food in Australia. If they share half of it with Africa, they'll still have more than enough...

Oz mangoes are meaty, juicy and sweet but the flavor is too mild. Very unsatisfying. If you have eaten a good Luzon mango you'll know what I mean.


Oh! The grapes were throat-hurting sweet and crunchy-crisp.

You think this is an odd one out?

A whole box of them!
Fresh olives

'Moonlight' mushrooms, I was told. These 2 weighed 1/2 kg, and were excellent - sweet & meaty - but Ming finds them too meaty. I could grill and eat one like a steak although we pan-fried one only and that was enough for all of us.

These big avocados were going for A$3/RM9 per box!


ekeng said...

the special thing really look special wor..haha..and the moonlight mushroom are giant size..i think we can't find such thing in Malaysia :)

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

ekeng: hey, still up so late ah?? good nite!

Hazza said...

I have had aussie mangoes, flown into the UK.. Kensington variety. I agree with the mild taste, but the fragrant is strong and much better than a lot of other sout american and african varieties we get here.

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

mango , 3 for A$ 5
hawlo!! What is this!
here, so-called Aust Mango sell in market..1 for RM 18
I just fall in luv with the skin colour & the sizes,
who knows, mum commented " NOT NICE " ! I feel sad with my 18 bucks

The eggplant, makes me go wilD!

yer I hate ur Vic Market I & II !
I'm a Market lover! I been seeing it again & again

Precious Pea said...

I usually BBQ the mushrooms but here in KL, very very very expensive. I think cheaper if i eat steak.

Hehe..the eggplant look so weird.

Christina Kim said...

Moonlight mushrooms? Now that's unique!
And I love grapes!!:D

All the vegetables and fruits are so colorful!!;)

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

hazza: i think most commercial fruits give tt same bland taste. i had a super yummy mango in Brisbane, home grown. makes all the diff.

denise:mangoes went for A$5 a BOX, Denise, at closing time!HAHAHA, the eggplant!

preciousp: yes, me too, i love bbq mushrooms, esp swiss browns! the eggplant don't look familiar meh??( no, don't tell me!)

christy: i think those moonlight m/rooms are overgrown white button m/rooms, just like portobellos r overgrown swiss browns.

Anonymous said...

Some of the eggplants showing up in the organic isle of the market have been amazing, to look at anyway – some have been a little bitter to eat:

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