Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Salak: Smelly Feet Fruit

Snakeskin fruit. Everytime I touch one of these, I have to control my urge to shriek and run. Look at that, isn't it like the skin of a snake?


The reddish-brown scaly skin even peels like a snake, breaking along the scales.

Smelly feet. That's what I thought when I passed by my dining table just now, where a bowl of salak, given by my neighbor, was placed. It smells like somebody's feet after a long day wearing boots. No wonder Wey asked me if these strange fruits are rotten.

Salak is a fruit (related to the oil palm) that has only recently (last 10 to 15 years) appeared in KK. When I was growing up, I never saw this fruit. I'm told it's from Indonesia. I've never bought them because they look so...reptilian, but I do eat them although I wish someone would peel them for me. They are really quite good and fun to eat. My girl likes them (and I think of her whenever I eat salak) because they taste tarty-sweet and crunchy (they are more of a girl's fruit) and when opened, they don't smell like smelly feet. They just smell like...salak.



ekeng said...

i never eat this fruit before..always saw it at Pasar and Supermarket..I called it "snake skin fruit"..hehe :)

Anonymous said...

Smelly feet? lol, I have never notice it. It is called snakeskin fruit too. It is my favorite. There are 2 kinds: Salak Pondok from central java, it is dry and crumbly. And Salak Bali is moist and crunchy. In Indonesia there are pickles salak in syrup...something like pickled mango.

Precious Pea said...

I tried this during one of my trip to KK. I didn't notice of the smell though but yes, like you, i feel 'geli' touching the skin.

wmw said...

The taste is like a cross between a jackfruit and apple! Couldn't decide whether I like it or not :o)

Anonymous said...

Yes the skin of this fruit looks like a snake skin. You run with a cry that's sweet.

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