Tuesday, May 13, 2008


What in the world does 'upperstar' * mean? Please somebody put me out of my lexicon misery.


Every time we pass by Upperstar at Damai, the place is packed, from the ground floor to the second floor, to the sidewalk. It looked so hip and happening it made me feel that if I don't check it out, I must be missing out big time. So last Thursday, when the replacement help got a flu, I declared the kitchen closed. We got there 7:30 but the place was already packed so we were seated upstairs. It was cool to be in a happening place with so many young people around. I thought aloud that we should come to these places more often. Hub started calling a friend to arrange lunch for the next day.

The laminated menu came and we oohhed and aahhed over it. So many sides and mains and drinks, all in pictures and best of all, the prices were very reasonable. Spaghetti bolognese for RM6.90/US$2.10, lamb chops for RM12.90/US$4, nasi lemak RM4.90/US$1.50...wow, we better eat there everynight I suggested. On top of the hip surrounding (which is a copy of American chains like TGIF, complete with guitars on walls), there were free computers at the side tables. Free! Another bonus was that the waiters spoke good English. They really had everything covered.

And then the food came. First was the mushroom soup with a pastry top, like a soup pie. The lighting was very dim (in line with the hipness) and most of my pics didn't make it. Before Ming could dig in, I warned them not to eat the pastry because I smelt pastry margarine, that wax-like industrial shortening which doesn't melt in the Sahara and so makes pastry-making a cinch. The boys went straight for the pastry, declaring it "super yummy!" I told you defiance is a family trait. I couldn't try Ming's soup because he was having a sore throat.


Next came the Upperstar special pizza, thick crust for a change. The boys gobbled, then stopped and looked at me and said "No way comparable to your pizzas, mom." Hub took a bite and shook his head. Now that's rare for Hub who eats anything we leave behind. Then it was my turn as they all waited for my verdict. I sputtered and shook my head as I chewed on it, then turned it upside down, and saw that the bottom was white. White! Sign of a pizza baked in a small home-type oven. Fail, fail, fail! Besides the soft crust, the tomato passata was distinctly sweet-ketchupy, a no-no. We were beyond despair as the carbonara fettucine, Wey's favorite order anywhere, came. By the looks of it (with peas, horrors), I knew it would taste worse than any pasta carbonara we have eaten this year and sure enough it was. I can't even tell you how bad it was. Let's just say it was like the cook had no idea what he was cooking, like a white guy cooking chicken rice or something.



Then came Hub's nasi lemak, causing him to shake his head again and that's pretty serious.

Upperstar's nasi lemak, although bad, was still better than AirAsia's.

Next was Ming's sirloin, Wey's lamb chops and my salmon. All fit for the dogs, so I guess we were dogs that night. But some dogs learn fast, and we scrambled out agreeing that it was one of the worst meals ever. It is still a mystery why the place is packed. Are they serving something we don't know of? Or are we the only ones who can't eat Malaysian Italian food? I truly don't know what to make of KKlites' taste. If they love Little Italy, which is one of the better Italian restaurants, then how can they love Upperstar?? Then again, there are people who love Pizza Hut. The wonders of tastebuds diversity. The only thing that was palatable, according to Wey, was the mushroom soup. And I bet it was Campbell's. I am rating this place 4/10, all the 4 points for the setup, ambience and friendly waiters.

I asked for rice in place of the fries. What can I say about this? It was hard to swallow. I imagined this being my last meal, and that did the trick.

Wey said the fries were the worst he has ever ever tasted, and named 3 things wrong with them: soft, 'meatless' and stale oil flavor. I tried one, and was so pleased the boy is good enough to take over my food reviews. The lamb chops? Thin, bland, bland, thin..

Sirloin. What a disgrace. The meat was tasteless, the sauce just salt and pepper.
* Wey asked recently "What does Starbucks mean anyway??" Okay...


a feast, everyday said...

Tq. You saved me a trip.

Anonymous said...

I have always wondered what is so good about that place. The food didn't even look enticing. Tq for saving me a trip too!

Fooman said...

The name Upperstar? We have a cinema called Growball? Hahahah.

bryan said...

Upperstar's probably popular cause it's a hangout spot that's cheaper than the alternatives such a Coffee Bean and Starbucks. I only been to the one in town, and that had alright food. My brother had tried the Damai one, and he warned me off going there.

And thick crust pizza is always fail!

Fooman said...

I ate there last month. No, I don't understand the appeal either. I always thought of upperstar and a drinking place.

Hazza said...

All the dishes looked quite good actually, even the nasi lemak. They did look small though. Is that the reason for the reasonable price?

TeaLady said...

Isn't it awful when expectations are high and reality bites.

Terri - excited to see my blog on your list, but you you do me a favor and change the address??? http://www.teaandscones.wordpress.com. I have better luck with postings there.

Shan said...

Weird I've left two comments on your blog and none of em have appreared.
Must post this dilligently. Must be due to the new computer.
But what I wanted to say was that the main reason why the first Upperstar does well is simply because of the well priced beer and the fact that people use it as a starting off point for a night out on the town.

Can't say anything about their food as I've never tried it. And now I'm glad I didn't.

Anonymous said...

I think that not everyone is as high class and fussy as you. How can you say that the food there is fit for dogs. as if u are saying that people who eat there are dogs!! what a rude thing to say. even if the food taste bad for u and ur family, u shouldn't describe it as fit for DOGS!! just say that it is bad, not tasty, etc.. should describe it in a more polite way eventhough u didnt like it.

If u want "five star-food", u should go to high class restaurant everytime u dine out. save us, kk people from humilation by ur blog. what did u think u get from upperstar when u eat a RM6.90 cabonara? a real italian food as u have eaten elsewhere at oversea? come on la. be realistic. people go to upperstar for the cheap food and drinks. not expecting real italian food being serve there. not all people go there and imagine that the food there is their last meal, then they can finish their meal. it's a very RUDE thing to say. there's people out there who can't even effort that kind of food. and u describe it as ur LAST MEAL!!

ur comment is an insult to us, kk people. outsiders will think negatively about kk people. if u really dont like the food here in kk (alomost in every blog entry of urs), i suggest u migrate to any country u desired that u praise a lot in your blog. save us the humilation.

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

a feast,raina: u have been warned

fooman: yes, growball cinema, i've always wondered about tt. sounds like wishful thinking...

bryan:tt's what my son told me, the prices r reasonable. i was out-voted on the thick crust, have to play nice sometimes n give in

hazza: looks good to u??..

tealady: i have made the change, great tt we r linked now:)

shan: i was waiting for ur comment :0 hey, will do the post on Borneo's marathon soon. having some prob with my yahoo a/c--can receive mail but not send out.

anony: well well well, see who's here again, anonymous-hide-ur-ass who doesn't dare give ur real name. u r the one who attacked me on my supertanker review, judging by ur tone. let me tell you, i am prob one of the few bloggers who choose not to moderate comments bc i think ppl have the right to express their views,yes, even meanie u.

this blog is for ppl who want to eat good food, not necessary expensive food. as for ur comment tt my review will make ppl think negatively about kk, it's only ppl like u who r narrow-minded who would think tt.if i read a bad review of a restaurant in Kl, i wouldn't condemn the kl or the person who wrote the review. surely sometimes there will be restaurants tt serve lousy food? so i should just use words like 'bad', 'not tasty' etc. this is the way i write, n if u don't like it, just don't read this blog!

i given bad food reviews most of the time? it shows u have not read all my reviews. do u know how many ppl thank me for telling them about welcome rest? or is tt too high class for u again?

is kk food all tt good? n if it isn't, is tt a citizen's duty to defend the lousy restaurants, a u seem to think so? i can't imagine what n where u eat. if it's dog food to me but not to u, by all means eat it. it's a free country. u obviously have don't believe in freedom of speech n live n let live. if upperstar offers
carbonara tt doesn't taste like carbonara, i have no right to criticize it just bc this is KK???u r incredulously ridiculous!!

u also seem to have a prob with ppl who have eaten better ("..u have eaten oversea (sic))", n what is this about telling me to migrate just bc i gave a bad food review? u r such a narrow-minded, mean n 'xiao chi' person, getting personal n abrasive over A FOOD REVIEW! YOU should migrate to the moon n leave kk a better place for us!

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

anony: FYI, the launch of this blog was prompted by a lousy meal at Delifrance (1st post). i felt i should warn ppl what they would get, good or bad. but if ppl want to try a so-called bad restaurant, they have all the right. i don't mince my words either, so again, this blog is not for ppl like u. btw, try saving up a little n eat better so u won't feel bitter about life??

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

ha speak of Upperstar, Damai
10 of my collQ went there,11 came & warned me not to eat their food! 1 actually warned me twice! hA!
no doubt, ur post speaks the truth

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

"If u want "five star-food", u should go to high class restaurant everytime u dine out. what did u think u get from upperstar when u eat a RM6.90 cabonara?

no.1 : Wrong concept!! High end restaurant not necessary serve good food.
no.2 : Even we pay RM 1.50 for a pack of nasi lemak, U still have to cook it to the best!

WoMbOk™♂ said...

Carbonara with peas is just wrong. That alone should be enough to traumatize.

WoMbOk™♂ said...

Oh and anon. @15.05.08, take a chill pill man. Geez.

Shan said...

Hi Anon - You have to be able to respect Terri's right to voice her honest opinions about her thoughts on food - on her own blog.

And this is what it is - Her Blog. Not yours. However if you get your own blog, please by all means let us know so we can visit you there and return the favour.

I know that you may not be aware of it but the reason why so many people visit Terri's blog is also because of her Integrity (big word, need a dictionary?). Her opinions on food are her own and it is clear that you've missed the times that she has praised local food. I'd like to know where were you then? Keeping quiet?

I'm proud to be a Sabahan living in KK but what irritated me about your post is how you generalized so easily and flippantly.
I had to wonder how a foodie review reflects an entire city.
People will think KK people are bad if we complain?

You may need to explain this in greater detail.

All this anger with Terri over a food review?
I dread to think about what you have to say about more important things like infrastructure, the poverty, education and development levels in Sabah? Depletion of our natural resources? The decline of the Pygmy elephant, Sumatran Rhino and Orangutan? The pollution of our waters?

Please put this into a bit of healthy perspective.

And as always with Trolls (because that is what you are) - if you don't like it, there's the door.
Now why don't you leave this to the grown-ups, okay pumpkin?

Hi Terri -looks like you've gotten someone's sweaty knickers all in a twist. Haha :)

triShie said...

i wanted to leave something here earlier, but didn't know what to say..everyone else is sooo good at their replies. so, can i just say:



triShie said...

...i meant, more specifically:

ps: i call it hunger-hunger...dunno why...rofl!!

pps: sorry, terri. boo-boo me has struck again... :(

Anonymous said...

Ai yoo yoo....please dont turn this blog into a spitting match.

So whoever anon is obviously cannot take the heat and any straightfowardness. So anon, you are better off else reading half cook half bake half say half half half blogs.

We all LOVE L-O-V-E hungerhunger.

Moodie Foodie said...

I'm not getting myself into the argument so i'm just gonna say "I KNEW IT!"

But back to speaking about Upperstar...everytime my friends have suggested we go "meet at Upperstar" I've always had second thoughts about it and never end up going coz I don't like dim places. But I guess it's a 'cool' place to hang out for the 'chinabengs' (a term high school ppl in kk use), compared to the high-end hangouts like coffeebean, starbucks or san francisco coffee (which B.T.W tastes AWFUL!). So technically, everyone who go to Upperstar only go there for the cheap drinks and BE SEEN. Not really the food, unless they can ingest it for the price they pay...(many of whom dont consider the taste factor, but more the affordability factor since most are struggling youngsters)

irenebui said...

my support 2 u terri. enjoyed yr blog tho i'm a lousy cook n don think i hv good taste buds. u hv o d right 2 praise or curse. freedom of speech, after all, it's juz a food comment...

Danny Ng said...

Firstly, I believe her expression "fit for dogs" does not literally mean that. More of a metaphor to express the depth of her disappointment with the food. For example, the expression "I could kill for a bar of chocolate" does not mean that literally. Please don't take it personally.

Secondly, expensive food does not necessarily weigh itself out in terms of quality. Whenever I go to Malaysia for a holiday, I always go for the cheap mamak food which costs less than RM5 and they taste great. Most of the expensive food you normally pay for are the services, ambience and perhaps location. Some are great, some aren't. As for the "last meal statement", see previous paragraph.

Thirdly, for you to make a declarative statement such as "ur comment is an insult to us, kk people" is bold. Since when did you represent the general concensus of the people living in KK? Do you think she should "lie" and give a false perception to readers on what she really thinks? Perhaps by reading this, there are some great lessons to be learnt through humility and transparency. I am sure she loves KK a lot.

Lastly, she has been bold enough to offer her time and effort providing valuable insight into her thoughts with transparency and truth, rather than masquerading something to gain the popularity of her readers.

I find that your comment lacking in thought and value as it does not serve a great purpose. More like
a child venting fumes behind a keyboard and a monitor. Anonymously.

Danny Ng said...

By the way, that was directed to the 2nd anonymous


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

wah, i'm overwhelmed. d last time this happened was when anon left a comment on my supertanker post, calling me/my tastebuds dumb, n i wanted to give up blogging. i'm not making money frm this, it's just a hobby n something i enjoy doing. then with this comment, my skin got thicker n i didn't want to play nice (borrow dixie chicks' term) anymore. n now with so much defence frm u all, i realise what i'll miss r the friends who come visit this blog n i shdn't close this blog on account of one bigot chinabeng (borrow, moodie. u r prob right tt the ones who go to upperstar r the chinabengs who can't tell a pie frm a tart).

just in case i've given the msg tt differing comments to mine r not welcome, pls don't think tt! difference in opinions is not disloyalty. i welcome comments tt correct me, n i have seen comments on other posts tt r nothing but praises n i thot, it'd be nice too to get some diff comments, such as advice n suggestions on say, how to improve on a recipe.

but when ppl become abusive n tell me to migrate, tt gets more than my feather ruffled. i hate ppl who try to win an argument by throwing this : if u don't like it here, migrate lah! well, let me tell whoever again: i am not only not migrating, i want to dig my heels in n stay so that this place will be diluted with sorts like u. i want to stay put n change this place, not run away. if upperstar's food is horrid, i will say it is horrid. if our roads r bad, i'll say they r bad, if the bldgs r build oblivious of setback codes, i will point tt out too. if the PM is corrupted, i will say he is corrupted. i am sick of ppl, esp the politicians (n i was reminded of how they love to tell the minority races to migrate if they so much as complain about anything in this country) of using tt statement to anyone who dissents.

thanks to all who didn't get my throat just bc of a bad food review, n in fact supported and defended my right to say what i want to say. U all rock!!

red | hongyi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
red | hongyi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
red | hongyi said...

I was going to present a mini essay, defending my mum, but it looks like you all have done that already!

Dear anony, offending you truly isn't my intention. But I have to say that I find it rather interesting how you can be so judgmental about my mum without reading through her other posts with thoroughness. My mum had good things to say about small kopitiams in KK, and bad reviews on several restaurants in China and Melb. About suggesting to her to 'migrate to any country u desired that u praise a lot in your blog', and her seemingly only wanting high-class, 5-star hotel and expensive food... I can in all honesty tell you that when it comes to dining out, a very expensive, classy restaurant is usually never on our list, unless it is a super rare occasion (like my parents' anniv.). My parents are careful when it comes to spending money. They're definitely not the showy, splurgy type. I'm sure people who know them and watch them on a day to day basis can vouch for that!

trust me, my mum can take constructive criticism very well. But if you want to be rude and mean to her, man...you're messing with the wrong woman, and her legion of supporters.

ps: Sitemeter logs IP addresses of all visitors.

Anonymous said...

Ayoyo still on this UPPERSTAR topic???? Well every time we passby Damai Upperstar i saw the decoration is very welcoming. Was thinking of going this weeek to try it out with my friends specially on the TALKABOUT food ..If the food is good we don mind the price...PEACE NO WAR... ENJOY THE FOOD.. YUMMY YUMMY ..As the saying goes "Selepas makan akan jadi tahi juga"

Anonymous said...

r u the same anonymous? if u r, i think u need to read a bit of english literature ^_^


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

children, children, enough! no more fighting. i get it at home n now even on my blog??

on the other hand, yea, push my comments to 1000 like Kennysia's.

anon 5:12, do try it n let me know ur verdict.i mentioned upperstar to my hub's SIL yeasterday (she doesn't read blogs) n b4 i could even tell her anything, she went "No, no, don't go there, the food's terrible!!" i felt immensely vindicated.

anni: why english lit?

Anonymous said...

welcome to real life, where not everyone will love what we do and we cant control it.. just like celebrities, when ure out there, then eventually gossips and bad things will be said about us.. and we can do nothing about that. so, chill out ppl, this is the REAL WORLD!

p/s: im not the same anon.. pls dont trash me.. =)

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

anon 2: yes, i can do something about it. its called coments moderation and i can choose not to allow publishing of any comments i don't like so there.

Anonymous said...

eat what you pay.. that's my only comment.. kuang3x..

Anonymous said...

dear anonymous on May 15, 2008 11:16 AM :
i LOVE the comment you left, you have really got your point.
but, i just wanna remind you that fit for dogs doesn't nessary have to be insulting.
if you want to know, i m eating rm3, 10 pieces sausages, and my dogs? rm8.9, 4 pieces of small, short sausages. i am eating rm1.5 snack for 80g, my dog's 80g snack coast mr rm7.9, and that is after discount!

chai said...

weell, a man's food may be another's poison BUT I can tell you it's really popular and crowded and I've been there just yesterday for lunch . I had nasi lemak king (RM 6.90) and my daughther had butered chicken rice. My taste buds are just like anyone's else. I would say the food is good, and the price is very, very reasonable, service is good and ofcourse the beer is cheap. I can't ask for more. Keep it up and I will return for more. I guess those bad coments could be jealous and from other food outlets.So don't take at heart . The best review is the crowd that you get every day. There is really no need for any food reviews.

terri@adailyobsession said...

the food in upperstar is BAD BAD BAD. only ppl who don't know the diff betwenn good and bad food think the food is good. as for the crowd, like i said, there are those who go there for the cheap beer n those who like the atmosphere. a lot of young ppl like the food n atmosphere simply bc tt's the most affordable 'western' food they can have n coolest place they know. "hey, it's western" "hey, it's got pictures of rock stars on the wall, like TGI" well. i think ppl who have better taste in food n standards will never like the food in upperstar.

and you shdn't be feeding your daughter such bad food--she deserves better. unless tt's your standard. too bad for you n family if so.

Anonymous said...

I quote "the food in upperstar is BAD BAD BAD. only ppl who don't know the diff betwenn good and bad food think the food is good."

What kind of people are you actually referring to when you said that? I used to be read your blog a lot and this really surprise me. People have different taste bud, what bad for you maybe taste wonderfully fantastic to them.

For example some people may said fried roach is a bad food but to others it maybe their supple diet. Same goes with Durian. Western people often said it smell like a rotten flesh but to us, the smell is wonderful.

I have read all the comments in this entry. What started off as a food critics slowly becomes "who's right and who's wrong". I wonder what Upperstar will think of this?

Are you saying all those people who flock to Upperstar has terrible taste in food? I doubt. I have read other food reviews and most are satisfied with the food served there.

Finnegan O'Neill said...

Another quote "and you shdn't be feeding your daughter such bad food--she deserves better. unless tt's your standard. too bad for you n family if so."

Don't you think the above statement is too much?

Bashing other people's opinion as well as what they want to feed their kids?

All of this really amazed me that I took the liberty to forward all the entry and comments to a food review magazine in Singapore. I will let you know when it will be published.

And don't bother to delete this entry. Everything can be tract back to Google cache.

terri@adailyobsession said...

finnegan honey, if you think i will delete ur comment, i would've deleted the others which are more vicious.

as a mom i teach my kids to be cautious about what they eat esp now tt there's so much choices. commercial pastry,trans fat-filled food, sausages, brightly colored food--all these r found on upperstar's (n to be fair, many other restaurants) menu. i was merely advising ppl, like i would advise my friends, to not feed their kids such food esp on a regular basis. they don't have to take what i say as the gospel truth if they don't want to.

i have been back to upperstar many times, mainly for their beer.n for their free internet. never their food. i can understand why they are popular: cheap drinks n cheap food n a noisy happening fun atmosphere.tt's how i see it n i can't say so on my blog?

why is it tt u make it a point to write to me about me bashing other ppl's opinion but not about me being bashed (telling me to migrate etc)?

everybody is entitled to their own opinion n tt's why i don't moderate my comments. like i said if you like the food in upperstar, go ahead. tt's your poison not mine.

terri@adailyobsession said...

anon 11:15: hey, there will be ppl who love upperstar's food n ppl who hate it. yes i think tt ppl who love it can't tell the diff between good and bad food but then again ppl who hate the food i love can freely conclude (if they want to) tt i don't have good tastebuds too. tt's what is so interesting about reviews and opinions about subjective things. you don't have to stop going to upperstar on account of this review bc i still go there--only for their beers. if you like their food, go ahead. what's there to get so upset about?

terri@adailyobsession said...

to all: first of all, i want to apologize to chai for saying "and you shdn't be feeding your daughter such bad food--she deserves better. unless tt's your standard. too bad for you n family if so." it was rude, even if i did mean what i said.

n to the 1st anon (who may also be the subsequent anons, too chicken to reveal her/himself) who said i described the meal as my last (which i didn't n if i dis so what?), pls read the post again. i said i had to imagine the meal being my last to be able to eat it. pls don't twist my words.

finally, to all readers whether they are pro or con upperstar, pls remember tt this is my review n it you are free to decide how upperstar fares.

and oh, to finnegan, i reapeat: you have no right to send my review or use it. have some manners. u aren't any better than what you accuse me of n i can't believe tt you are reviewing restaurants for a magazine n you take sides and offence to a bad review of restaurant tt you don't even know about!

Anonymous said...

'Upperstar's nasi lemak, although bad, was still better than AirAsia's.'


thank you terri for your humour and wit. and thank you for holding up the standards in KK. surely we deserve better food than what's offered in Upperstar!

When I think of Upperstar, I think of fried stale fishballs and fries. Can someone say ew?

It is a place for cheap drinks and for being seen. Not the food.

Finnegan said...

I didn't "use" any of your blog content, nothing is guaranteed to be published yet.

I was amazed by the various responses on this entry that I "forwarded it" to another food review media (like recommending a blog to another blog)

It's up to them whether they want to feature your blog or not.

If they do actually want feature your blog, then of course appropriate credit will be given to you as well as a link back to your blog. But after reading your response I doubt they will feature this blog, so you don't have to worry. Nobody is going to steal anything from your blog, actually I do acknowledge the effort and time you have put in this blog. If you are paranoid other people might simply use your blog material, then I suggest making this blog as a private blog to invited readers.

Anyway, my apologies for the misunderstanding. In fact, I did manage to dine in Upperstar, both in Damai and Lintas and enjoy my food. So your assumption is definitely wrong.

And I'm glad I stood up for Chai. He/She was just giving his/her honest opinion that he/she enjoyed Upperstar food.

Like any other parents, I bet Chai knows what best for his/her daughter without other people telling him/her off about his/her child nutrition or health. What you said was indeed rude, and I think Chai will absolutely appreciate your apology (if he/she still following this blog).

BTW, the purpose of my food review/research is to promote on various media of the topic of Good Etiquette in Food Blogging to all food bloggers out there.

Even if a food is that bad, there is a thin line between constructive criticism and a company business defamation.

Anyway, that's all from me. I won't be following this blog anymore, so you don't have to response to my comment. I think it will just make things murkier than it is.

Thank you.

terri@adailyobsession said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
terri@adailyobsession said...

finnegan: you stood up for chai? i am amazed at your guts.lol. seriously i think you are arrogant and rude and you owe me an apology for coming here and accusing me of my own opinion when i make it clear tt everyone's opinion is welcome and i don't moderate comments which is what most bloggers do. i am very happy that you aren't coming back to this blog so do stay off.

and about how i critic my reviews, this is my style. i do not believe in free meals (and i do get offers, here, kl and singapore) but i don't take up the offers bc i don't want to cloud my judgement. i don't make money or favors from reviews so i can be honest. and i certainly will not be one of those bloggers out there who report that every meal is "good" and "not bad".

you are prolly related to upperstar ppl so i can understand your huffing bc you can't take the truth. lots of ppl can't take the truth bc if you look at the comments, the majority of ppl don't think much of upperstar's food n go there for the drinks. those who do, like you, have different standards hahaha.

goodbye. finnegan. o neill indeed.

Linsareta said...

hi! Upperstar, well, I've been to the Lintas branch and the city branch, never been to the Damai one before; all in all I've dine at Upperstar 3 times. I wouldn't say that Upperstar food was bad, though I admit that their grill salmon was not up to my expectations; I did enjoy dining there. I also like their drinks, and my friends are totally crazy for their mango juice. I just have a question to the author of this blog, not to be judgmental, just a curiosity question, as to why is it a 'no-no' if there are peas in Carbonara pasta?? 'Cause as far as I know, yes, traditional Carbonara do not have peas in them, but in other Anglo/Franco variations of Carbonara do include them or broccoli, or other vegetables for color, which is a quite common thing to do in all sorts of recipes around the world (I meant the color adding so as not to confuse anyone). So, why shouldn't there be peas in Carbonara??

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