Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Perfect Valentine's Day

Woke up to a passionate kiss and hug. "Happy Valentine's, darling! I love you now more than I did when I first met you..." He then grabbed my hand and put it on something. It was a powder blue bag, one that no girl will not recognize.

I opened the bag...inside was a blue Tiffany box, wrapped sweetly in white ribbons. I tore it did he know, my dream ring, the Tiffany Lucida, at least 3 carats there! Okay, it's only 1/4 of Rihanna's 12-carat ring from Chris Brown, but hey I don't need the throttling (low blow I know, but you'll understand the mood as you read on).

That would've been perfect. Nice. Nice dream.

Hub always sent flowers, no fail, until some years ago (2003 to be exact) when I told him to get me flowers after Valentine's (when prices return to normal) because being old lovers, we don't need to compete with the young ones. To say he was relieved is the understatement of the century. So why was I a teeny weeny bit upset when the door bell rang this morning and Yi got a bunch of lovely FTDed red roses but not me??


We used to dine out too, until one year it got so silly I told him we'd better stay home than do the commercial romantic dinners (2005 if you believe me, so we don't seem so pathetic). What happened was there were so many couples waiting for tables at TA Beach Hotel that we were sat two feet apart around the swimming pool, and there was Paul the architect, Nancy the pharmacist, Wong the dentist and all their respective spouses and it was too awkward all night, knowing we were all watching each other ("Wah, so and so was so romantic, did you see how he looked at her when she talked??" "So and so's out with another woman on Valentine's, the jerk!"). And anyway I could never keep a straight face, or know where to look, when those wonderful Filipino singers come and sing at my table.

Which leads to why when my niece was here this morning, I told her to never compromise Valentine's Day. Like her aunt did. Sigh. Girls, DO NOT help him scrimp on you! Because if you do, you'll be like me. Look what I ate for lunch on Valentine's today.


Dinner? Dinner, since I said I didn't want to jostle with the young lovers, will be two types of risotto--one cooked by Wey and one by Yi. They are at it now. Wey seems to be quite confident and so far is ahead--I think we may actually get to eat dinner. Yi, well, she's still running in and out, disturbing me as I write this, checking Pioneer Woman's risotto recipe. They think that secretly I mind not eating out, but I really (swear) am looking to not having to dress up, make up and dine out. Why, I want to stay home and watch DVDs (Slumdog Millionaire, The Reader). Did I tell you what Hub really bought today?

He bought a new DVD player an hour ago. Yup, that's how romantic he gets on Valentine's. Serves me right.



Make believe Valentine's gift...Happy Valentine's, especially to all the ladies out there!! Seize your day!

p.s. Just in case anyone wants to know, I made the Tiffany petit fours using a swiss roll and glace icing.


Precious Pea said... like you. Told Hubby to stop buying me flowers on V-day and he did. And guess what? I was busy making yong tau foo whole day for family dinner with aunt, uncle and cuz. How romantic hor? Hehe...ermm..but happy to say, he did buy me something today...a fishing trip to Krabi!

Hope you enjoy your risotto! Happy V-day!!

triShie said...

wah...Tiffany's!! a girl's bestfriend!!! and i like that blue cake...a fun post!

ganache-ganache said...

haha, u r so funny ! Hope you have a great time over risotto & DVD ! Coffee next week before you fly off, which day do you prefer ?

Anonymous said...

happy valentine's day! with kids cooking guess it is a different kind of sweetness attached.

When greg told me the price he had to pay for the the roses, I told him no need to buy flowers next time but (big hint hint) if he doesnt next year, he may be in trouble hahaha...think he got the last bit of the message loud and clear.

Terri said...

You are so right! Never, EVER, tell him to stop buying you flowers because he WILL! Sad, but true. I can't wait to receive mine today! Happy Valentine's Day Terri.

Plain Jane said...

haha your post really made me laugh..the flowers stopped for me too cos I told him they would be a waste of money! *sigh*...:-)

Mandy said...

just to make you feel better, my V day isn't romantic either. No gift, no flowers but I spend the day with a married man at the back of a bakery, while his wife was in front manning the shop. :p

Ok,I was staging with this incredible award winning baker in his kitchen, and his wife was totally aware of our professional relationship.hehehe......

Zurin said...

I agree !never tell them to stop buying flowers and everything else! been doing that like a fool that I was. btw..u made teh cake so who put the ring in? does that mean u knew u were getitng a ring b4 valentines? just curious:}Happy valentines belated!

Anonymous said... box white ribbon...wish i had one. happy belated vday!


Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful idea- have to drop my hubby hints next year :)

Anonymous said...

the flower giving tradition dies on young lover like us..i prefer something practical! like ehem diamonds, and ehem cash

i dun mind the little blue box too!

wmw said...

Wah, I thought the ring in the cake was the real deal!

terri@adailyobsession said...

pp: a fishing trip to krabi is romantic :D!

trishie: i just saw the green color seeping into the cake...good thing nobody ate it (bc it was too sweet)

ganache: anyday, call me!

nee:yes, it was very sweet n we had a good white wine n even my mom liked the risotto :)) yeah, make sure u get flowers next yr, skip one yr is okay

terri: men! u r blessed! n smart :)

momsie: so we can't complain..

mandy: sounds totally sneaky!! :) i'm kidding. i wish i could do a proff baking course. can u give a class when u next come back?

zurin: what, i made the cake n put one of my old rings in :(

rina: you can, just buy it!

jeri: make sure u do tt; don't let him off!

kampungboycitygal: good idea to save on the flowers n buy some jewellery instead :D

wmw: i said so, dream only

Anonymous said...

wow nice flowers

TeaLady said...

Ya Know, Terri. Sometimes just the fact that two people are STILL TOGETHER is all they need on valentines. I also got roses. Love can make you happy.

Anonymous said...

My friends knew me, anyone who buys me flowers in Valentine's Day will be scolded doesn't matter he's a millionaire or not! I actually appreciate more for surprise even small small one e.g. a pc. of my favorite cheese cake or ice cream in ordinary days rahter than any special occasions

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